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Thursday, July 11, 2013

today. or yesterday i would say. was a rather complicated day.
i didn't had the courage to watch my friends graduate although 1/2 the time i had to self-blame myself for well...i could have probably chosen another path. the fact that i feel so much closer with my current batch of Uni friends unexpectedly makes me feel even worse to see them going to their new phase of life [together?]. it's like...i have to re-adapt everything. once again.

complications apparently arise from many different issues. i don't know what really makes 25. or what really makes me as a person. I have never tried to recognize who I am or in fact I am already who I am. There are certain rules and regulations that seem to bound my life, there are certain boundaries that I will never cross, there are certain habits or lifestyles that i wouldn't choose, and there are certain people whom I will never want to interact with.

complications also arise from love. sometimes, i really wish i had the capability of being emotion-less. When things start to get questioning, it becomes taxing. Taxing to either parties. When emotions are drained, I can't help but hope to be like a cold-blooded murderer. No doubt I will be stabbed and hated for life by many,  I guess this OS is hidden by many. We all wish the one that we liked would be the one we would love and everything would just be smooth-sailing. About having good looks, good character, good personality and good behavior...that was what i believe most people would have thought and looked for. Slowly after, you realize that all the good things doesn't add or equate to a good partner. Everyone is seeking love. True love. But in reality, how true can love be? Yes, i adore those family portraits. i still find couples sweet.  I do believe they live happily ever after. But being skeptical is not without reason?

If everything could be understood without explanation, i guess that would be wonderful...

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
12:35 PM

Monday, July 08, 2013





Sweet-ed <3
7:52 AM

Wednesday, July 03, 2013


希望每个人都能了解自己的处境,几乎不可能。长大之后,大家各自有各自的忧虑与烦恼。每个人都有不快乐的时候,也有不快乐的权利。但,我希望,有一天,有人也会知道我也有 沮丧崩溃的时候。要躲在黑暗的角落放肆地大哭如此可悲。但,或许更多的是自作自受。 经过了几番劝解,仍是忠言逆耳。人到如此,或已无可救药。惟有自救。

自救这段路很辛苦,也必须拿出一些勇气。 如果对身边的每一个人都用尽那么多力气,或许我真的会疯掉。我还没有领第一份薪水孝尽妈妈呢~



Sweet-ed <3
10:58 AM