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Sunday, January 31, 2010

week 3 of sch. going to week 4! = )
modules are tougher. as in much more readings.
so i am seriously grateful for clearing my english mod.
i hope i can stay healthy despite the piling packs of paper on my desk.
i probably need 1 big room for all the books and readings i have. ha.

had buffet @ laoXX. it was quite okay. mabi i was not feeling realli well, so i tot it was juz acceptable. the variety was quite "limited", but given the price, i think it is okay.
i guess i probabli haven been sleeping enough. so i am having this flu bug that pestered me for a few days. i hope i can recover soon.

life is ya, quite tiring. i do agree with that. but i tot we shld be optimistic though. coz holidays is coming! ha. isn't it gd to think abt happy things? lolz.

take care everyone then.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
7:11 AM

Monday, January 11, 2010

1st day of school.
the usual people, the usual scene, the usual stuffs to expect.
but i hope i can try to be more self-disciplined.
so i decided to run at those really unusual times.
not unusual, it is just those times where there is no traffic.

it is good to be alone in the right place sometimes.
took a bottle of pocari sweat from the freezer.
this brand just reminds me of BMT. if you get what i am trying to say. haz.

being alone makes in the right place is really not a bad idea.
for sometimes, you can forget about the people you want to forget and to remember the things you want to recollect. nah. not living in the past. i mean to appreciate the happy things around you.

oh~being quiet is not being anti-social by the way. ha~
though i think i am having quite a good balance. heez.

i hope things will turn out better everyday. = )

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
9:42 AM

Thursday, January 07, 2010

probably 1 entry before sem 2 starts.

> how does it feel when people close to you are not feeling happy? to a certain extent, i thought it felt really bad, especially those whom have watched you grow up, and they, have probably grown old. sometimes, it is just amazing how people around you change and become self-centered. i hope i will never be one like that.

>>life has been good. enriching. and a journey that you are full of expectations. yet at times, you don't want it to move on. this has nothing got to do with being ironic. i guess everyone have different perspective in their lives. the way they view the world, the people and even each individual. yet how often do we try to understand how someone is feeling?

事实上,它并没有任何的杀伤力,取决的是在于读者自己的想法。因为想法不同,因为对作者的了解有分别,因为本来存在的一些观点,因此一篇没有任何意义的日志也可以被胡乱解读,然后按照自行推理,接着就是无止境的误会。 一个家庭的伦理悲剧,往往不就是因此而展开吗?


〉〉〉〉〉因为受到现实的影响,我觉得结婚这两个字是很没有重点的。因为受到现实的影响,我觉得当一个人老的时候,要幸福地生活着的机率只有百分之0.01%。 因为受到现实的影响,我觉得在社会上重视你的人永远寥寥无几。的确,这是很悲观的想法。所以我只好更努力地调适自己的心境,把世界看得温暖一些。


smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
8:03 AM

Saturday, January 02, 2010

happy 2010! i hope this is not too late. haha.
2010 has always sound far to me 10 years ago...
and yes, i have reached 2010 finally.

the last day of 2009, i had a lot of fun with my wonderful grp of friends at joc's birthday. quite a wonderful way to end despite the fact that i didnt receive much new year greetings. ha. (not that i really mind, just that well, the festive occassion doesn't feel that right after all.)

life has been great for the past 2 days. how great? sleeping for 10 hours right after chalet. dinner. followed by another 10 hours of sleep. hahaha. not too short, but not long enough to called hibernation.

2010 just sounds special. i wanted to give myself a "jab" to liven up my spirit. but i guess any change to my image would be disastrous. (like dying my hair...UNLESS i can go laser.) hahahaz.

i am glad that i have looked forward and left the unwanted behind me. what i hope to achieve in this incoming year is probably more work and academically related. things that has nothing got to do with that...i don't have the time for them. = )

semester 2 is about to start in 1 weeks time.
hopefully things will turn out alright.
though i need to agree that it will be simply just reading for me.
haha. (probabli getting more anti-social). bleahz.

to everyone, enjoy ur last wk of hols before sch starts.
if you have the money, shop till you drop!!!

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
9:25 AM