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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

ya...some ppl might think that i am crazi bax...blogging when it is 2 days to promos...ehX...thinking that i have completed studying?

NOPE...definitely not...after spending all my time on chinese....i onli started on 4 pathetic lectures of geography....and i think i have like 20 +++ more to go for both papers which will be coming next week....so i will have to muG extra hard this weekend after all my 3 papers are out.

hOpefully i can survive through the battle.
realli veri worried for my Geo now....: ( but no choice, look @ chinese....it is an inclusive of bascially 2 A level subject lolx when there is onli 1 grade...too baDx. i chose this route so i just have to walk it down all the way...can someone tel me how am i suppose to arrange my time schedule??? i am not so gd at geo afterall...i still need to memorise lolx....some ppl might be right now thinking that "huh, is he joking?" but realli lo...i am so afraid that i cannot even reach a "B" for promos this time...especially for human...den i will be so demoralised....!

BUT NEVER MIND! i shouldn't let them affect me right?? hahax. when there is a will, there is a way. i believe i can do it in 5 days...hahax. suddenli so optimistic.

k la.
everyone out there studying hard.
gd luck.

smile always
take caRe.

Sweet-ed <3
11:41 PM

Saturday, September 17, 2005

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很多时候, 我们都忘了生活在这个世界的意义...


weilian's webradio-->http://blognexgear.com/weilian/radio
smile always
take care.

Sweet-ed <3
10:08 AM

Thursday, September 15, 2005

*life is a process for us to re-learn again and again..."

-->fiNalli. blogging. hahax. and i onli can blog at such a time. too little time. actualli didn't feel like doing so. but if onli blog after promos, like too long lex. hahax. so forget it. might as well do so now.

*15 more days to pRomos*

better not mention it too much..later people get "frustrated". hahax. hmmx. working hard @ a comfortable pace though. as in from today lolx. so late horx. heeX : ) but no choice la. hahax. well, i see my classmate cry today. den becox stress. i tink i face the same problem as her. not realli stress, just that well, ya...it is realli not a gd thing to fall. especially with "falling" remarks. but, just hav to tel myself that dont think too much and just "jing li". though all seem juX too difficult. all my common tests just ended today. yes, only today. hahax. ok lolx. but i don't think i will do well for most of the papers. quite disappointed for pp geo. take it as a lesson bax. mabi shld not only rely on "bei" bax. heex : )


sometimes, i just feel weird. dont noe y. okie la, just want to say that in my "fan wei", not everyone i can get close to lo. hmmx. ya. i change about another person opinion easily. sometimes think she or he is ok. another moment, think another way. hahax. i realli hope that i can get peace sometimes. actualli i realli don want to be chatti sometimes. but when i see ppl look silent or sad, i just feel that i shld contribute to the atmosphere by talking. but sometimes...

i also need peace for my problems and my time.
i am not that fine and happi always after all.
some problems i guess some ppl will nvr understand.
it is even worse if they get the wrong idea.

but, for 1 thing i know, the only grp that will always stick with me will still be r*e*b*e*l. hahax. the other grp that i can trust will be my BIC...hahax. erNx...i tink i am a suey person. i prefer life in 1st 6 months now. don't know why. just more relieve. can go home earli. is it true that friends and studies cannot balance? beats me.

don't know what else to continue.
all of us must work hard....

smile alwayX
(take CarE)

Sweet-ed <3
12:38 AM

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

erN erM...if u had seen my blog 2 days ago, den quite luckie la...hahax...

erM due to some circumstances....deleted away lex!! :(

never mind!
i tink it was just to frustrate my anger...
if it realli happens again then
i would type in...: )

hoPe ya underStand.

Sweet-ed <3
8:51 PM

Saturday, September 03, 2005

hahax...finallie. at the time of 11:28pm...i struggled to type this bLog>>yes struggled...slept at 1:30 am yesterday and to wake up at 5:45 am for the yellow ribbon walk todAe...when it actualli started at 9am and we had to report @ 730am...hahax...shldn't have reach so earli lolx...

K...aniwae...den we had to walk 4km...but it seemed draggingly like 40km....yucks! and i was feeling so hot and smelly and dirty....that was my worst morning! luckily, afterwhich the 4 of us went to Causeway Pt and had lunch....wa! pasir ris to woodlands lo...think the whole trip took us 1 hr +++ to reach lolx...but at least the food there wAs nice...so it was worth the trip...Den me and SY had something veri important to attend to becox of soMeone! hahax......and we took another hour of train again.....wow....wat a train journeY....

*k...i side track liao...i am suppose to talk abt tEacher's daY!*

hahax....okie earli in the morning my sch had performances during this day and it was terribly below expectation...i tOt...hahax...soree la...but it was realli BAd...heeX : )
den at abt 9am the whole thing ended and dragged until 11am went to beatty to see all my teacHers>>Saw mrs singh! she was still the most friendly teacher i would ever see and mrs chow also! all veri nice teachers la! luckily there are such teachers in beatty to help to pull up the academic results and show concern over students lolx! hahax : )

deN it was rebel tIme!! yea!! the 10 of us + HH + TY went to PS (plaza singapura) and had lunch at mahattan fish market. i was so hungry by then as it was 2pm le and i tot i finished the whole set meal myself....(actualli not though) cox MQ forced me to finish up the 2 scoops of soup>>>hahax.ya, i guess he was so hungri la...actualli ate up chips and soup tat the others didn't want as they were too full....den me, MQ, WY were engaged in our conversation and we talked totally craps abt some pPlx...hahax.....and me and MQ were talking abt some more serious stuffs at the MRT journey though...so cannot always say i talk rubbish lolx...heeX : )

Den ruSh back home at like 3pm ++yes.....rushed home and quickly took a bath and den after tat rest a while...den 5pm +++went out again! yEs...for 4E1 gathering tHis tiMe though..>>>18 people turned up...and i was still quite glad....becox 18 is considered a lot le....and we actualli walked and dragged our feet from the marina control station all the way to...>>>the steamboat areA....ya....and we reached there only like 8 +++pm! haiYox. so lOng...hahax...but on the way chatted with quite a number of my classmates and obviously with MW, AC, JC and WY la....hahax. and there we went crapping again. ate until like 11pm +++...in the midst...mR tan came! yes chen lao shi came. hahax. deN he talked to us...i tink realli la he is the a veri gd teacher lo..till now, he still cares and remember about 4E1 and still stay in contact with us, trying his best to come to every 4E1 gathering and asking us how we are and whatever...realli veri "nan de"--tat's y i wrote abt him for my essay...hahax...cox he is realli a veri gd teacher! : )

anD all of us were on our WaY hoMe....hahax....initially was me, KY, WY, AC, JC, MW....at serangoon MRT control station at 11:20pm den after that....KY and WY went the other waY, so left the 4 of us....den when we reached the interchange @ serangoon...the 3 of 'em went the other waY while i walked on the road to my home which was like 500m at most! hahax.

walking aLone...i tot i could tink of nothinG...but it juSt camE back agaIn...yeS onCe again....4E1....reBeL @ the sch canTeen foR recEss...hmMx...wondering wheN will be the neXt time we all meet again? After pRomos i guEss...well, but i am realli veri glad le becox till now we kept a friendshiP that is valid and worthwhiLe! : ) "Xing Guang Yi Jiu Can Lan"...and i believe in that..becox no matter where all of us are now....in the end, we realise that there is something in common: all of us still miss 4E1 and for that, it is much more den enough for me to be hapPie abt. looking forward to december chalet..

as for REBEL, tink will meet ya soon! mabi can go other places...hahax.veri long nvr go K bOX le! hahax. : )

and aC, cheer up k?
hahax. friendship will always remAin strong.
though there were at times i were uncertain abt it.
bUt i guess
doN't think too mUch

smiLe alwayS
taKe care

Sweet-ed <3
11:50 PM