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Friday, February 19, 2010


所以,纯粹想把视线转移到一个不知名的角落,然后和那一些不该存在的残念一样,渐渐地,随着视线的转移,慢慢被抛出脑后, 一并离去。


smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
11:04 AM

i just don't feel lk slping.
there are a lot of great songs recently though.
eh. eh. eh. do stay happy everyone.
put a smile on ur little face.
that makes the day wonderful. = )

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
11:01 AM

erm.it is 254am and why am i nt slping!

Sweet-ed <3
11:00 AM

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i am getting really tired easily nowadays.
i guess it is because of the fact that i am trying to get things done but i often take much more time than i thought i would take. i need to CONCENTRATE AND FOCUS!!!

ok. ha. chinese new year was realli an "essential" break. i needed that to catch up with certain things that i lagged behind. but so far i have not really done much besides going out and that is not a really gd sign. haha. new year's eve was great as i caught 2 movies in a row. anyway, 72 tenants of prosperity is quite funny (provided if you like HK stars though). Valentine's Day is quite sweet (but might appear to be a bit boring in the front...but the all-star cast would be worth the ticket. i like the ashton kutcher and jennifer garner couple; it just reminds me of well.. some things.ha.)

the first day of chinese new year was at grandma's house. had a simple yet fantastic dinner. ha. gambled a bit with my primary 3 cousin and ended up losing. haha.the 2nd day of chinese new year; my sister (who agreed with my suggestion and was the one who paid. haha.) treated the family to another dinner @ a restaurant. that was realli good. but i thought it was a bit too pricey. (can't complain, since i am not paying. haha. but i guess everyone enjoyed it la.) the third day which is just like 2 hrs ago, had simple meeting cum reunion at melissa's house. i wouldn't call it "reunion" cause we don't really meet like once/year. hahaha. we meet like once/mth? lolz. it has been quite a few years since we have been to her house and it is really great that her parents are always very accommodating. (ok, not singing praises.)

and that sings to the end of chinese new year. finally the crowd will leave. and i will get to fill up 1 bus by myself! haha. cause it is recess week! = )

i think i need a longer break though.
i guess everyone wants it huh. hahaha. DREAM ON la. wake up from ur idea. ha. (ok, i am mad.)

before getting geared up again,
enjoy the rest of the week!

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
9:45 AM

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

~urgh. i see 22 coming its way.
~never mind. it is just unavoidable. ha.
~but my heart is still young.
~so i like to think of the good things in my life and well, pour away all my sorrows probably after talking to someone or eating a lot of food.

~i guess i am being silly. silly in doing silly things that probably never gets understood. it is a trap, sometimes. sometimes, i can hear the wall shouting "hey! this is reality. you are not leaving in dreamland!". but i just refused to wake up, going away with the idea that the world is filled with colorful flowers. so it is perhaps just normal to have really wonderful things in your life. your friends, your family, your career, your health, your everything. haha. what an ethopia. but i guess this can be called the silly theory. it is quite upsetting when i get to realise that in fact, no one will be there in actual fact when you need help. is the world getting more realistic or cruel or am i being too paranoid?

i am having this really pessimistic theory that no one is trustworthy and that is really bad. thinking about all this, i wonder whether i am really living for myself? sometimes i just feel that nothing gets appreciated to whatever that has been done. and that makes things really messed up. i am really sorry to offer such a upsetting tone in this blog entry. but well, i might be overexaggerating la. you know, sometimes in life, you need a channel to vent off things. so,ya,, you can choose to exit. lolz.

i should be more considerate. i should be more optimistic. hey! stay neutral!!! (that is something that i am always trying to tell myself. it is just so difficult sometimes. u noe, tug-o-war. ya.)

but after all this spills, tomorrow will be fine again. i know what i am working for. at least i know what i am working for. that keeps me going on. yea!!!

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
8:18 AM