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Saturday, October 27, 2007

yes, you are right todae is sunday. might be wondering how come a person like me would wake up so early. probably there is something really wrong going within my brain, well, if not...then what else? hahaz.

okie. actually it is because i am on DUTY. but i was still a bit happy though cause i can finally see that i am counting down to 379 days when i actually opened up my blog today. : )okie...not going to talk about this too much though.

if i am wrong, this is the very first time Singapore shows Doraemon Movie ever since i love doraemon from 1998 onwards! hahaz. i have been like waiting for so long and i am not going to miss this show. the cover already looks so cute and touching!!! : ) (will upload the photo soon....when i reach home...cox this place cannot dl) lolz.

I HAD A VERY FUN OUTING WITH REBEL LAST NIGHT! lolz. i think i haven laughed so heartily for tat long oredi. i laugh until i cried when all of us talked about the past. (just a bit la...those jin dian stuffs) hahaz. okie. so i am expecting myself to make a gd movie then! hahaz. i am very glad that i felt that we were veri together again. hahaz. i guess our next major-get-together will be end nov or early dec, when some finishes their A's and mervy comes back from his exercise. take care and gd luck to them!

i still haven upload the lyrics. will probably do it tonight since i simply have too much free time to spare. lolz. no choice la. my friends say my blog like veri emotional. actually i think it is okie la. furthermore, isn't blog supposedly to be a place to vent our emotions? lolz. but okie la, i will try to keep myself to be optimistic.

oops, there is no fourthly to talk about actually.

okie, that's all for now.
it is onli 915am in the morning!

take care
smile always
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
6:06 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2007

i loved my saturdae yesterdae.

i think i went to a heritage tour with mervy and yl and the rest. ok, i must admit i was really boring to me. but then the visit to different chinese temples was special. for at least, i haven went so mani in 1 shot before.
it was around 3pm when i left and i went to my grandma house as usual saturdays tat i tried. anyway, i realli love my grandma's cooking. i ate 3 bowls of "rou geng cu mi fen"! it is really excellent! hahaz. i thought it would be like normal and after that watch tv. but around 800pm like that, i was standing in the kitchen, my grandma and grandpa started talking to me as we suddenly shared a common topic. we chatted about 1/2 and hour going 45 minutes. it was the very first time i felt so interactive and so glad that i was talking to them. i just felt very touched at that moment. hmmz. and grandma and grandpa laughed so heartily. lolz. hahaz.

sundae was a usual day. met rebel. almost spend the whole afternoon at a function room. lolz. still fun though. den the 4 guys in the clique went to eat BM at tpc at around 8pm. not too bad cox i tot i laughed a lot of times heartily too. veri long never laugh like that le. felt so stressless. den oredi decided wat to do for christmas .ahaz. hope it can be successful. den it will be a wonderful thing!

i thought of some lyrics to write....but u cannot consider tat lyrics.
and there is no tune. how i wish i am a compose...lolz.

will put up the lyrics soon

take care
smile always
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
7:09 AM

Sunday, October 14, 2007

-this week wasn't an eventful week at all. it was quite boring, to put it. but i think i would need to get used to it sooner or later. lolz. - met hy, ly, mw and elf sat nite, and rotted by watching tv at home on sundae. didn't realli feel like going out. tuesday want to take a break. just want to be kept alone on that day. that day belongs to me.-


-how i wish. if only i could change 1 thing in my life now,what would it be?
if i could restart eth over again.
i guess all of us have certain pillars in our lifes. family, friends, an interesting working life...
but why do i feel like they are all falling...


why must we wait until when we are about to lose things then we begin to cherish things? so must we really let something happen to salvage a situation?


i will still achieve and ascend though.
and let all this get off from me.


i can still see some twinkles.
that are always there.
no matter how bad i feel.

: )

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
6:38 AM

Sunday, October 07, 2007

day 3.
i have decided to give myself 1 year to find back myself.
work hard, do something...
it is not easy though.

but i will do it this time with loads of determination.

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
8:04 AM