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Saturday, May 31, 2008

this week and last week had been well, i would say, quite a hectic week. my complexion is going downslope once again. *argh*...and that is really because of interrupted sleep and probably loads of mental stress. seriousli, i can't be stress. once that happens, my hormones would al go into wrong pieces.

***aniwae, i attended my 1st funeral in since i am born. a lot of things to do. i realise. or probably because it is my religion. there are some rules you can't break. erz...but i have seriousli broken a few...but for 1 thing i don't understand, why are we always onli nice to ppl when they are like...???hmmz. i guess i am trapped inside this kind of warped idea too. but i still give my basic respect and ya, try my best to follow as much as possible. a tinge of sadness did came down...but i was just wondering was it because of the atmosphere or am i really feeling sad. eRz. and well, my dad is back. so things start to change a bit here and there. sometimes even making me feel tensed up...***

***went out this saturday (which is today)...with my clique. erZ...it was veri fun because we went to this place with golf called liliputt...it might sound childish but okie la, quite new and interesting. though a bit tired after that, it was fun to take photos as if we are tourists. hahaz.

i discreetly did something that i could not have done. hahaz. because it was already half-way planned. photos to be uploaded...and that is i went for my friend's birthday! (my clique de...!) but it is not the exact date...hahaz. so shld be okie. it was mervy's celebration and this is a snap shot a group photo...just one! this is what i call simple happiness. just by going out with them. = )
smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
9:33 AM

Monday, May 19, 2008

i am finally 20!!!
1 more year to adulthood.
but i am not a teenager anymore.
more like a transistion. or probably in the middle of somewhere.

this 20 is a bit different.
changing some of my perceptions in life
reflecting on how my 19 has been.
i will continue to learn to grow.
learning more to appreciate the happy things around me.
not to take things for granted.
and be good to those who have always been there to put in much care and concern for me.
i will continue to work doubly hard and probably achieve some things in life.
i will try my best to do things that keep my battery going, and stop having negative thoughts.
there are too many great things in life that are ought not to be missed.

thanks to those who have always been giving me so much support and care for the past years of my life.
it is really touching. and much appreciated.
and as for now,
let me enjoy the fact that i am already a 20 year old---kidult! = )

take care
smile always
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
9:22 AM

-my 20th birthday! hahaz. 20th already. i like the design of the cake a lot! = ) -
-random singing at the big k box room...really big!-

-all of us tot she is pregnant...hahaz. with a flat tummy.- lolz.

-demonstrating violence unwillingly...hahaz-

-nice smiles!-

-at la mei zi..the steamboat is not bad though i ate a lot meatballs mainly in the end-

-the group photo!-

-the 4 guys...-

-another group photo! = ) -

my 20th. oh ya 20th bdae celebration was at kbox from 7pm-3am. hahaz! realli quite high and low. high with high songs and low with sad songs. but it was really entertaining and fun. appreciated that much of the cake, the presents and the presence. it has been long since 10 people are together once again!!! really loads of thanks! and i am not old! hahaz. long live 20!!!
smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
3:43 AM

Saturday, May 17, 2008



在这样的情人节,她并不像胡思乱想。 可是她的脑力却不断闪过了好多有可能的画面。



"Storey 16"











“你怎么没有给启明一个解释的机会?” 希敏难过地说着。

You have 2 voice messages.

"1st message"


“2nd meesage"


“他真得很爱你的。”希敏一边说着, 一边拿出了启明刚完成的相册。

"our first date..."
"our first anniversary...."
"your first birthday..."
"and our 1st...wedding anniversary?"



如有雷同纯属巧合 = )

smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
9:43 AM

hmmz. todae i went out for 1/2 a day, i guess.
and i am really happy today = ) ...
i haven been feeling this way for that long.
and i am really glad.
glad that i said so many things that i kept to myself,
glad that i have such a wonderful group of friends around me,
glad that i don't know what else to say.

how i wish this stays forever... hahaz ok a bit cliche.
the day has been really great.

smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
9:29 AM

Friday, May 16, 2008


















smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
7:57 AM

Saturday, May 10, 2008

-->er. can you see? this is my broken tooth. lolz. "drilled"...urgh.

met up with my clique today to watch 死神的秘密。。。i think it is not bad. the starting a bit slow la. but as the thing progresses, it is actually better. i would give it 3.5 stars la. the ending is quite sad and also veri special. simple. nice. heez = ) adjectives very limited. <-- went to ajitei for for dinner but eat tofu only.


今天,他们决定在家里自己煮晚餐。 袖珍正在厨房烹调他最爱吃的意大利面。














“他有什么事瞒着我吗?” 袖珍拼命地不去想,走到了厨房,并没有听完启明的对话。




“噢。。。” 袖珍更加怀疑了。。。


smile always

take care

(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
8:28 AM

Sunday, May 04, 2008

i think the whole climatic situation in the world is getting really bad. i am feeling exceptionally hot la. okie. aniwae. i suddenli thought of coming up with a little story. i mean just suddenly feel like writing a story. see how my brains are still working not. lolz

this is my 1st story. chapter 1.




“好啦。我知道。但我还是有一点实力的! 可别看小我!” 袖珍虽然怎么说,心中却非常地感激男友的细心体贴。

袖珍应该算是很幸福的女生。不仅有了那么一位要好的朋友希敏, 而且还有一个已经交往块六年的医生男友。现在有终于考上了她梦寐以求的大学。难怪她现在已经笑得合不拢嘴了。



“我相信你明年一定会成功的! 不要气馁!好了,不和你多说了。我和他还有约。难得他今天早下班,我一定要立刻把好消息告诉他!”





袖珍难以掩饰兴奋的表情,急忙地说道: "我被录取了!”

“真的吗?” 启明紧握着袖珍的双手。 此刻的启明开心得差一点手舞足蹈起来。


“傻瓜!这是什么话。我当然会抽空找你啊!" 启明一边说着,一边把手举起,好像要做个发誓的手势。


“那今年的情人节我要特别难忘的! 要不然还得等三年。。。”袖珍故作撒娇地说道。


“我上个厕所, 很快就回来。”



“在笑什么啊?" 启明从厕所回来时说道。








smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
5:01 AM

Saturday, May 03, 2008

this is probably my MOST boring saturday out of camp.
er. okie i am exaggerating.
possibly because i didn go out.
i had loads of time with myself though.
but i did meet mw in the morning still and had lunch also. lolz.

but after that, i was like "huh?" what am i going to do next?
so it was time for money-spending! hahaz. not realli to that extent la.
i travelled to vivocity. alone. yep. alone. to get a book that i wanted but was already out of stock. i wanted to read the book called 死神的精确度。But well it was Out of stock. as expected. because it is going to be shown as a movie in Singapore in May and the main cast is Takeshi...but i was attracted to that book because of the critic's viewpoint. It seemed nice. a few stories combined together...and because it was Out of stock, that meant i had to find one book by myself. i wouldn't want to go home empty-handed...so i finally grabbed one. it is my 1st long book after finishing all those 视觉系books. hahaz. and i have started a few pages. hmmz. quite refreshing. and i think i will like if it continues this way. lolz~ will talk about this book hopefulli by the next entry. heeZ.

okie. nothing much to update already.
and i am going to 20 soon! = )

smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
5:33 AM

Friday, May 02, 2008

todae is a boring day.
er. stayed at home most of the time.
hahaz. but past 2 days was quite fun though.
okie. more to update tmr night.
i am not updating at the right time. = )

take care
smile always
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
8:01 AM