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Monday, October 31, 2005

28th oCtober "officially" marks the end of my Year 1 (that excludes PW though) Year 2 will oficially start for me at late november. i guess. dotx. hahax.

<--A year has passed. i remembered how i actualli hated to leave my secondary school to now that i have actually passed 1 year and moving on to 2006. though it is not december yet, i thought i should round up the whole school term of this year.

-->2005 has been a tough time for rebel. i guess so, at least. where the group was officially formed at year 2004 ( i think) and soon after, we got divided by the divison of 5-3-2...5 SR, 3 PoLy, 2 NY.
i was realli upset that time. cox i tot it would drain friendships and all that...(k that is not the main point anymore.)

-->reBel has went through its ups and downs in 2005. recalling all the blogs that i have ever tagged about rebel, it is definitely inevitable the times we meet are lesser. so much lesser that every month it was just right for me to make sure myself to ask "how is XXX doing?"...it is realli nan de that rebel (full strength) gathers together. above 5 would already be veri good sometimes. the feeling of gathering is already something nice. even though it meant to do nothing. i start to realise the meaning of scaring to drift apart. i don't want it to happen. under rebel, there are some people whom i will clique most with. i was rather sad when i realised that i was not able to be around them when they felt happy and sad at times. the past 4 years, no matter what happen, at least after school, i will know how they feel and how they are that moment. for now...it just seemed too difficult. but thankfully, everyone had tried their best to meet up this year of 2005 and i must say that there were gatherings where the full strength turned up. but it has been rather months that we have ever do so. when will it be? looking forward to this schoold hols...something that will refresh our strong friendship bonds. everything will be better for this hOls. CONFIRMED. CHOP. SIGNED (dotx)hAx.

-->i feeL expecially bAd when i hear my close frienDs who told me after a few weeks later that they actually felt sad or watever wks ago either through the phone or personally and i realise that i actualli didn't take the effort to ask them how they were feeling this few days. sometimes, you just feel so down when you cannot do anitink to help your friend when they are feeling depressed or sad. You just stand there and watch. as if you are like a woodblock. recently, this feeling gets stronger. (dotx) okie. aniwae, my gd friend told me that he actualli was veri sad 1 moment. and i realised that i actualli didn't know abt it after he told me. another incident. i onli knew she was caught in her own world and no one informed her about what happened after 2 days. suddenli i feel so lost. but isn't this natural? imagine ur clique had so mani similiar commitments previously and now, remaining not much...and formation of new cliques... blax blax blax...the conclusion is that me myself will feel so bad that i wasn't aware of my veri gd friends feelings.

<--AnyWay, i kNow that reBel will stay Strong and even stronger for the coming holidays. though the 10 months had not been easy for all of us, where we previously practically met almost everyday, but i believe this coming holidays will be a strong medicine to cure the awkwardness. definitely!!! think we will be meeting this friday evening. hope that full strength can meet. feels so much like a small family with 9 siblings! hahax. so much right. (dotx)...guess i will have fun this coming november! : )

-->As for my reflections to each of my siblings this year of 2005, don't think i will blog in here(give 'em individually?) haX....aniwae still got 2 more months before i caN conclude this year...so this just acts a small one... i guess my blog will be 400 pages long @ 31st december 2005....hahax.

<--okie. that's all
-->rebel forevA friEnds
<--smile always
-->take care

Sweet-ed <3
1:13 AM

Saturday, October 29, 2005

yesterday was one of the worst scenarios that made a new lesson occur.

<--life is always unpredictable. u don't know what happen to u the next moment. yesterday was the release of results in my school. okie. a bit disappointed but shld blame myself also cause i did not put in much more efforts compared to my mid-year. so, to compensate for it, i think i will realli not just play the whole hols. most probably get into gear by midst or end november, and ya, start assignment and revision. but at this time, having fun seemed to be the priority. hahax.

sometimes i think a test can reali create havoc in people's life. realli bad. from O levels to promos, thing have always never been going great for my friends. i don't know why. just wondering whether i brought the bad luck? hahax. our class was going a bit dotx tat day. after the honour roll results came out, principal talk finishes, we went to our CT classes. den bad news came one and one rolling....

(a) GP teacher leaving
(b) Our CT teacher not teaching us anymore
i tot tat was bad enough....cox teachers kept changing...den the next bad news came.....our class got ppl did not do so well for promos and got pulled down. hmmx...den the sadness came. it was not so deep initially. it was when the our CT teacher who was going away next year asked us how we felt in this class. den started to ask about whether we made ani gd friends...he asked me whether how i felt, den i just said okie lo. i didn't know what to say. 1 year seemed too fast. realli too fast for us to understand the class. just like what Xiao Ying said " ge ren shi hen hao, ke shi not united"....quite agree still. (ok, i side track) so the atmosphere got more sad and sad and when one girl from my class suddneli breakdown, the next 3 finally cannot take it and cried. as for my clique, except for me, the rest were crying. it was not becox i didn't want to cry...or whatever. i jux did not at that moment. crying would not have helped me. or was it because i didn't know what to feel?hahax.

<--i guess it is always when something bad realli happens then the whole class realli gets united. is this a blessing in disguise? but the sacrifice seemed to be too big for it to happen. ppl start to sms me and ask me abt how my clique ppl is doing. that is actualli a gd sign. actually, our class is veri concern abt one another de. but, i realli hope this is not only for 3mins and that it did not arrive too late. i realli don't know what to say to those "victims" but what i just want to say is that the world still revolves lo. i noe that this is a HARD FACT. but this is REALITY. except for that, i realli don't know what else to say. some ppl might say mabi i haven went thru such torment so i don't know. BUT i can just say "XIAN SHI" is like that de ba. can we do anitink much? i don't know. i rather stand aside and let the person cry out loud. at least she forgets all her problem. at that moment.

-->next wednsday my class got outing. i do hope that it will be great and memoriable one. just that i hope i don't cry that day. haX. later it becomes too touching. ( :)

<--holidays le...time to contact my secondary sch friends whom i have lost contact this yr. even those who are in the same school as me. some friends whom i shld take an effort to mantain a gd friendship and worth cherishing. i just tried to kept one friendship going on todae. my happie rebel gang is still going strong and we will stay foreva even if problems come about, right? hahax.

<--that's all
got to be busy?
busy...playing! :)

that's all
take care
smile always

Sweet-ed <3
10:37 PM

Sunday, October 23, 2005

"stop talking about the past...just keep it to yourself...no point dwelling on the bad memories..." that was what one of my classmates told me yesterday.

i suddenly realized what she said made a great impact to me.

why do i have to talk about all those unhappy memories that i would have in primary or secondary school and tell it to my present friends? what is the point of saying things which are in the past? Or am i trying to destroy their image? gain sympathy? (so evil...) maybe i should stop doing all this. why not just look forward to the future...even if someone hurts me before, maybe i should not remember them...what is the point of making myself upset. even if i were to mention, that were be all the happy memories that we had passed through right. i believe.

or is it because my mind remembers all the past? even so, i don't have to tell people. hahax. hmmx. mabi i should really practise on how to keep some private things to myself. be it bad or good. my friend was right. the past might play an impact to you, but life still moves on. even though you dislike that person or whatever, the world still moves around. and u dislike a person because of an incident? i realise that once someone creates a bad impression to me, i cannot take it liew. mabi, i shld change such perceptives and only built on the person's character after i really know him/her. being extreme seemed not gd to both parties.


OkiE...so here i go on to my daily blog routine....

have been rushing on with project work. which i guess mani ppl are "crazi" about. hahax. but no choice. just hope that it can pass quickly. don't hope to do another time. luckily, i have veri hardworking grp members, so things are going much faster.

nothing much happened this week. no big events. life can sometimes just be very peaceful and simple. holiday assignment coming up...initially my saturday was booked and wanted to go to somewhere important but taken over by pw....but i will definitely go there next saturday (provided i don't have PW le) ...i haven been there for long. i just hope nothing goes wrong and everything is well. (plZ).

that's all.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
2:43 PM

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

oKie...blogging again. hahax. (heyX...can ppl visit my blog tag a bit..hahax...cox realise no tags recently...hahax. so bhb) k...

hMMx.as my previous blog would have said, i guess the 2nd important event that occurred had happened already right. okie la, i did okie for all my papers. hopefully my overall is balanced up lolx. (the baby sister is crying for the 4th time by the time i typed) think she is realli spoiled. hahax. i can just summarise that the receiving of scrips that day was a day filled with tension, excitement, sadness and a bit of happiness to some. not going to further describe because the main day to mani would most probably be 28/10, which is officially the last day of school. (even though we have lectures...)

<--i still hope that miracles (not realli miracles actualli) to occur to some. i mean ya, it might look so impossible. yet, there is no point giving false hopes. i agree with that. but never the last minute, nothing is confirmed. at least u end off everything well....hmmx. i don't know what i am saying. but i hope all my friends can do well though and definitely be promoted to next year. and dont think too much before friday comes. (even though sometimes we just keep thinking abt what will happen the next minute...yA...hopefully it passes in a twinkling of an eye.)

-->don't be sad...to all my friends who read this blog if u did not do as well as expected (okie..i know i sound so un"me" and also like not veri trueful when i type this la)...but i am not trying to be a good boy here k. just don't know what else to say to those who are veri worried. want to help them but obviously know we cnt do anitink...it is just helpless.

<--no matter how the result would turn out on friday (28/10), get mentally prepared bax. i am not saying bad things will happen. but if surprises turn out, at least u cry for happiness. hMMx. and if realli cnt, den at least u will not feel so sad. (sorre, i noe i am in no position to say this) but....just feel like saying lo. aniwae, now will be a hectic PW week...everyone rushing with OP and WR...goSh...so crazy...and i cnt understand why i am getting more tired than never before... :( it is so tired and unlike me..even when i sleep at 11 +, i still feel so dizzy. onli afternoon den a bit better. think my brain realli needs a holiday from all the homework. don't think will run my engine so earli bax...most probably a week later? or too fast? hahax. ok...mabi november denX...
hahax :)

-->as for me myself...i don noe what to say to myself also. a bit complicated. hahax. this few days a bit saddened most probably by the atmosphere. (but i am not that good afterall as a whole...ya, because some bad tots were running in my mind during this period)...hahax. so shld stop this.

<--Lastly...to my "rebel" in SR: gd luck tml! hahax. : )

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
9:20 PM

Sunday, October 16, 2005

i tot i shld blog leX...cox i haven blog for a bit long...

-->todae is sundae le...this 2 days have been rotting @ home...sleep, eat and rest. feeling okie. everithink going fine. nothing has disrupted my peaceful life. at least, for now. as i have said, the previous week was veri happie cox got lotza of outings with interact, jc, rebel...so veri glad! hahax. ratna is coming back for hols soon! yea..den can tel her abt all the things she miss out.

<--pw is coming on its way. cca also coming...ya jux receive a message. suddenli have a fear for this cca. don't know why. it is just...haiZ. hahax. but i won't let the cca things affect me cox i a bit blur de. but all this are none of my concern at this point actualli. hmmx. okie. so better not talk abt all this 1st. -->who will know what would happen after monday? everyone's life and character will change, to a little extent. at least that is what i feel. reality is always cruel. as i mean that we are always changing, be it for the better and the worse. we are still changing. especially when something big will take place. we will nvr be able to predict what happen to us the next day, even at the next moment. ya, so because we do not expect things to happen this way, we change. (suddenli so philosophical...hahax)

<--but i just want to say let's not let what will happen affect anything. though mabi i have no rights to say this. but i jux feel that we muz be the same...though it is difficult. hahax. why do i sound so sad when nth has been announced? hahax. ya, mabi the opposite will happen. a miracle will turn out. but, for this "m" hours...at least we are still duh same. the happy-go-lucky and gd ppl. at least, for NOW. -->realise that as we get older, the building up of friendship does not come in terms of talking onli...and it builds on just gathering. it seemed that like that is enough. i think. cox i realise tat i have been talking less @ times (though some ppl find this statement is farnie) hahax...but it is true though. i jUx feel like that la. don't know how the rest thinks. i would not realli agree on maturity becox i don feel like tat at all. hahaX. ok, talking crap again. hAx.

<--(side track) don't feel like calling jc friends. which is what i normally do everi sundae. but jux don't feel like doing this wk. definitely not bcox of friendship stuffs. just feel this isn't the appropriate moment. don't want to say the wrong things again. sometimes what i sae i scare ppl will take seriousli. hahax. so a bit of sacarasm. but i don tink they will realli mind if they know that i talk like tat deX. hahax. my stYle. hahax. (so bhb) kkx. -->stOp here le la. gd luck ok. i don't know what else to say. see, i didn't mention anitink obvious right. hahax. did it. k. gd luck to rebel alsoX! hahax. and everyone!... : )

<--take care.
-->smiLe alwAys

Sweet-ed <3
4:08 PM

Friday, October 14, 2005

realli verY "free" this week...hahax. when a lot of ppl have started project work like veri slack hoh....:) but haiX...won't be so free from next monday onwards le...it will be lessons and Project work all the way...(yAwnZ)...i think mabi i will have different emotions that week (lamex, everyone got different emotions @ different times mah..)

toDae did nothing much la. went to sch and help out LEP de stuffs....until near 1pm then i rush to meet lunch with my friends (who they are rach, mervy, jm,elf) and den i eat until like 230....den we went to a realli ulu place to bowl...okie la...i bowled 1 game only and realli veri tired lolx...so the score was bad like 28 pts...but i got a bit more quiet @ the end of session when they were in their "n" games...hahax. becox realli veri tired. didn't feel like talking. BRAIN REALLI DRAIN.... so i onli pLAYED 1 GAME lo.

deN i was so tired tat when i reached home, after the realli nice dinner with a lot of fatty meat (hahax), i slept straightaway...but i told myself cnt sleep for too long cox want to watch "yu le bai fen bai"...so i was like sleep until from 7:50pm to like 11:15pm....hahax. still veri long...think later will sleep even later lolx...no choice...i am a fan of "Yu Le baI feN baI"... : )

tml is open house....
think will be busy...
slacking. hahax.
k la. joking...think will be helping out lolx. (aniwae, attendance is compulsory)...

initialli tot could meet for interact dinnEr.
but don think can liEw.
a Lot of different scheduLes.

-HoPe that i caN be veRi happY this weeKenD firsT-

(shld stop being a pessimist liaoX.)
later fall in2 depression? (won't la...hahax)



take care
smile always

Sweet-ed <3
12:04 AM

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

am realli veri happie todae...finalli i got to meet all 10 of the rebel! yea!

all 10...it was like so long that all 10 of us have met...( i mean 10)

so, how was the trip?

ok...first, me and elf, mel, wy, mw the 5 of us met a k box lolx...den we ate lunch and sang at the same time....hahax. den initialli me and mel and elf all don wan to sing like acting shy..but later when wy and mw come in....wowx! everything was back! we were all singing all over again with many songs...especially the favourite song of alvin---by ern erm...selina.ya (Guan bu Zhao)...diaOx. den melissa sang "ming tian jian"...aiYox..actualli she can sing so well la...still pretend pretend. hahax. her high note can go so high. haX. den wy also tried singing her angela & evonne song....hahax. i tot the k box was like...i don't know how to say la....it is just different lolx. when i join them, i won't be afraid and bothered about so much. it is realli different. something gd definitely.

deN we sang over until 230...and the ppl still don wan to chase us out...hahax. den we finally stepped out of k box. and i realised that the supervisor was looking at us. i think only then she realised that we had over-timed. and she was looking at us with a weird look. pls la. i mean their service...hahax. only 140 den serve people food. gosh...and we reminded them 3 times before they even realise. so, they should not be angri with us lo. haX.

it was den the 5 of us heading to novena...to rachel's house! we met ll, jm and rach @ kfc den headed to her house...hahax. initially a bit like rotting...deN 4 ppl went down to play tennis. i didn't feel like going down, so i practically sat down and watched a movie. ll wanted to watch but i saw her dozing off 1/2 way. hax. den after i finish watching, went to rach's room...den from downstairs saw them playing tennis...den 1/2 way came jocelyn! 9 ppl were there then. heeX. i don't know lei. den i started talking to melissa craps lo. though it was realli simple, as in our activities, but it was just so...i don't know how to say lo. but i am realli veri HAPPY. obviously that was not the happiest occasion.

it was only when the 10 of us met! hahax. mervy waited @ duh red ring...where all 10 of us would be in the previous 2 years...den the 10 of us took a photo and the tpc interchange. den when we were about to take the 2nd photo, suddenli someone come to tel us ( i tink is their supervisor) say we cnt take photo. lolx. sianx diaox la. then all the way elf was speaking with a "cantonese" tone with "xiao S" pattern...haX. and we took a photo! still in the end. ok...den jocelyn got sth on...so she left first...but hahax. she still nvr change la. still so farnie and erm...well "pretty and cute". hax. so the 9 of us went to chomp chomp and eat lo...wa...the food dere realli veri nice...and on the way we talked a lot of rubbish...and everyone was crapping, i guess.

we finished dinner @ abt near to 8pm baX...n during eating, i think we realli crapped a lot. (sorry ah, keep using "crap" cause i don think the conversation will be of ani serious..so didn't type in)..hahax. aniwae. so, near the bus stop at the bench corner, we started taking photos and until about 10 mins later, rach, jm, ll left taking 73, left only the 6 of us. den me, elf, melissa, mervy,mw started talking about the past...i think we were laughing all the way...jux can't imagine how we were like that the past 4 years. hax. where some ppl had different behaviour and actions. lolx. den melissa say next time bring the letters. (ya, i think i will bring all the past letters next time) it will definitely be veri funie and nice to read. hmmX. i realli liked the part where the 6 of us crap. we shld have started talking abt the old days when rach, ll, jm was here...but nvm...still got lots of chances. definitely...and rachel also got say mabi can go bowling next time...ya, veri long nvr liao..though i don't realli bowl well. hahax. but nvm la.

den after that the 6 of us took bus loX. den on our way again the same thing la. den laugh and laugh. then we reached the bus interchange finally and afterwhich we send people one by one off....hahax. i tink melissa say "bye" that time..actualli i felt a bit weird. like a bit upset suddenli. i mean me. i tot she looked sad. ya, who knows when will be the next time we 10 of us will meet? hahax. but aniwae i am veri happie for her lolx....with what she is having now... : ) i guess she must also be satisfied with life this way bax. and den me and wy talking on our way home...den say must see whether still got retain letters from all rest of the ppl or not...ya, i think i will bring them next time....

all our activities realli not veri complicated.
not veri complex.
actualli shld be considered veri simple.
but i don noe why.
it just feels so different.
like a family.
a small family.

will be waiting for the next time that we meet.
hope it will not take so long. anymore.
at least by end of october? or earli november.

all my moods are back... : )

-take care-
-smile always-

Sweet-ed <3
9:59 PM

Monday, October 10, 2005

ok. today was happie with the first outing this week. this makes me look more forward to tomorrow's outing. hahax. though it is 2 different groups entirely.

ya...today went out with serene, hf and ps. hahax for cycling. initialli i was supposed to meet them at like 12pm. but i slept until like log until 12:15pm and hahax, i quickly called serene and realised that no one had reached there. so well, lucky me. den at about 1pm plus den i went down lo, den see them eating mac...1/2 way thru la. den i ordered also. and obviously again i finished much earlier den them even they were 1/2 way before me. hahax. ok, nothing much happened in mac though and we talked till like 2 plus la...before we moved on to east coast....

the journey was long and i tot it took almost years...luckily with conversation, the journey didn't seem so long. all the way, i was so nervous that i could not ride the bike. and i had imagined what would happen if i knock into hundreds of objects. ok..den we reached there and started riding at 315 pm....yes confirm is that time. hahax. den we ride and ride.....hahax. den on the way...kianGx....my bike the gear loose....so sueY loX. so got one uncle help us repAir. den must realli thank him...if not i think we will stay there until dawn baX....with a bike like that. and we rushed and dashed back to the bike shop by 508pm....heex (So exact) : ) but that was not the end...cox we went to the beach and crap a lotx.....at the rocks....deN some ppl keep pronouncing wrong words from "xue" to "xie"......gosh....hax........

i tot it was realli a happy outing, at least...: )
: )

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
11:19 PM

Sunday, October 09, 2005

had almost a full day of break...didn't know what to do...just didn't feel like studying...my brain has drained a lot previously...so it was time to give it a break and stop absorbing anything that was tough for it...hahax.

still have to head for project work soon after my short break...so better take this period to enjoy...even though i know i am going to drop a lot of $....hahax. (what a word)

i have given my brains some thoughts about some things here and there...especially what happened to me this whole year...i realise that there is so much to change about me for the better. hahax. so much. haven't really been veri happie this whole year....(but that doesn't mean i am complaining, becox i still have some happie moments) smileX.

ya, think i will be busY going out this few days to play.heeX. i tink i get angri and upset easily. mabi i should stop being so stupiD. only makes me worst and more pessimistic. mabi i should stop thinking so much. only makes me feel bad. mabi i should treasure what i have around me now... ...who knows what will happen tomorrow?

i wish that i will not get angry at least till the end of the year...even if i am, it will be less than a day. i wish that i will not get sad at least till the end of the year...even if i am, it will be less than an hour.

to think of it, actualli i shld be glad that life is not as tough as i always thought. just that sometimes we tend to get too emotional over things that we don't realise the extreme that we have reached. mabi we should realli let go of some things that we cannot keep and move on with life so that things will just get smoother. mabi i should stay happy no matter what happen in my life. but...that's just easy to be said, difficult to be done..

but it beats better than NOT TRYING, i guess. i should get happier so that my brain don't get damaged and paralysed at the age of 20. hahax. i should stop following ppl's views. mabiX. and stop saying the same things as people as if i am a copiecat. hahax. mabi it is time for me to say what i want. but i realise that is not advisable. so, alternatively, i guess i will just say my opinions to a certain extent.

the neXt thing i thought of changing for very long...i think it will be veri difficult. that is, don't talk so much and become a bit more quiet. but the problem is i am veri quiet in my family le laX. so normalli i go school i will tend to talk quite a lot deX. but, i realise that this is not someting good. people also need peace bax. but then that will lose my own element. as in, that is how i behave. (so contradicting) somemore, i dislike the atmosphere when no one talks. it gets so weird. so i was thinking to make a decision. and i have decided to keep to my own element! hahax. (lamE..dotX) but then, only talk at times when i feel necessary to add in the element. if the conversation is still going on, i might as well spare some thoughts and peace for my little brain...(hahax.) i will still talk with some sacarsm plus fun at times...the usual me. hahax. (but please don't be offended...i am always so afraid that what i said which is meant to be casual and just joking....is taken seriously) but sometimes, i think my words can hurt ppl. so, yes, for that, i think i must also learn to stop. getting rid of the extra sacarsm but keep the fun part (sounds difficult)....in conclusion, to be less "san ba"...for the sake of my brain also. hahax. i am realli thinking of how difficult it will be for me....(but i will tell my friend to keep track)...but then if i am not like that hoh, then how can i be the usual me?? (so contradictory!)


and i shld go out and play more often at this period. (as in sports?) hahax. some ppl laughing le ba....hahax. ya, sounds so impossible. hahax. but can TRY la. aniwae, i am not a sports-idiot for goodness...hahax.


think i can end off here leX..

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
3:17 PM

Friday, October 07, 2005

thought how i shld started. den felt that might as well write normally. so, okie.

and the gd news is that i have ended the battle...yes, finally, saying a big goodbye to promotional examination 2005 over...(hopefully it will be the last too.)

-->it all seemed so fast how time tickles.....from how nervous we got for exams all the way till now...when exams have end and people start to think whether what would happen to them after the results was going to be announce. It all seemed to be in a twinkle of moment. that is LIFE, isn't it? hahax. i have actually passed on with 17 years of life. yes. but i am still happy. : ) definitely.

-->todae had a talk with the 2 ppl from my clique. hahax. den we talk from tian to ti...like never end dex. got craps, got serious stuffs. mixed lolx. basically it seemed to have arouse on the concept of the"R" word. sometimes, when people start saying this word, i realli don noe what to tell them. if i say that, i think i will be killed/punched. hahax. not trying to be *P*ok. but just want ppl to know that we will nvr know what happen in the future. so, we just got to wait and see. and for friends out dere who are realli worried abt "R", at least enjoy urselves during the 2 wks break b4 thinking abt all this frustrating tots. (wondering whether some ppl might think i sound so fake...) but anyway, i still hope that all my friends are promoted (obviously hoping it would include me.) : ) we went on talking though....and what was in my mind was TIME. how time passed. it must have flew over my eyes. it is now at the midst or neaR the midst of october...you just cannot imagine that.

-->i remember how i didn't manage to adapt to JC life w/o mani of my gd friends till now...that i have a small JC clique. i am glad abt it. actualli. :) too bad, still cannot round off the year. hax. 2005 has not come to an end...so abt a conclusion of my "yr end report"...still have to wait. (hahax.so bhb. as if ppl wan 2 c).heeX. everyone have their own story-i guess. at this moment, i realli don noe what i shld continue to type actualli. (partly becox my typing annoyed my brother who is sleeping.) haX.

-->mabi i shld be contented with simple happiness that i enjoy. mabi.
-->but it can not be taken for granted. definitely.
-->if not my life would change. drastically.
(hahax. so poetic).

-->that is why doraemon is my favourite cartoon. always, i guess. because it can solve all my problems and worries. hahax. and what a nice friend it would be to have. lolx. hahax. simple happiness is most impt. i guess.

k la.
end here liew.
a short blog though.
don't know what to focus on.
exam needs rest.
will give a proper blog soonx.

take care
smile always.

Sweet-ed <3
2:17 AM