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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Better Blog Down.
In case i forget all this things. in case i lose my memory one day...

i like friday, especially this friday.

4 interactors.
went for a simple dinner at long john silver.
we were wondering where we should go.
we are still the same. crapping some rubbish. here and there.

by 800pm, we had finished our dinner and thinking where to go next.
then we walked to the MRT. with the same decision again, we had decided to choose which station to go...so dotx. hahax.

den we took MRT to Orchard walkd through kinokuniya, eat again and buy food again. oh! just could not resist the temptation of food. then again we joked and crapped again. hahax. i guess that is what we are best at doing. talked about some interact stuffs.
thought the day was ending?

the night is still young....hahax.

at about 1000pm, we did something which looked stupid to some people. but i tot it was a wonderful journey to accomplish. we decided to walk from orchard to newton since there was still time.

in this phase, we crossed the most challenging traffic light we might have ever faced in our lives! hahax. within 20 seconds we had to clear the road. it was good for shuttle run! hahax. that moment was almost the wildest, the happiest.

then when it was 1025, we reached Newton MRT Station.
and i was saying don't your think we can walk to Novena?
Sandy interrupted and agreed to the idea...

and we walked again!! hahax.
the road was quiet. however the crap that the 4 of us made lighten the atmosphere. hahax. so bhb.

so we walked and walked. mervy took out his camera, took the night scenes and took us without us knowing!!! hahax.

then yiling was already very thirsty by then. i admit it was quite tiring, but it was just....sometink special. since we had already decided to walk. i meant. so we walked to Novena and by that time it was near to 2300 hours! hahax. so happie.

that almost an hour of walking is something really "nan de".

i realise how my interact club in secondary school work wonders.

i am glad to know them.

we will be meeting next week?

mabi den we can walk from suntec to toa payoh! (kk...jkjk)


smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
5:18 AM

Thursday, April 27, 2006

okie i have 5 minutes to blog.
and time starts now!!! hahax.

4 mins 59s...and tickling....

find that staying happy is very important.
actually why must i make life so difficult for myself ne?

already so stress le. what for make life even worse?


maybe, it is definite that i will face some obstacles.
some blocks (block nose)!

but i will still be happie! hahax.

we cannot change the situation we are in,
but we can adjust our emotions.
no matter how we feel, we can always adjust it.
this is just being glad, happy, relieved.

this is of course not being crazy.
of cox you don't have to put on a smile everywhere you go.
but happy comes from inside.


obviously, happy comes with a price.
the price is to spread the happiness!

3 mins 59 secs....

my blog veri boring hoh?
hahax. but i am just a boring person.
so no choice. you have to continue to read. hahax.

time flies.
time goes
time progresses.
but we can always stay the same
just don't be polluted by the society.
can le.
though it is difficult.
more importantly, no matter what you are facing now,
i believe we can still stay happy.
smile. : )

a song for anyone out there is who is feeling moody:

让我感觉被拥抱着...(最好是小叮当) 哈!


smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
8:02 AM

Saturday, April 22, 2006

seemed that we cannot stop chAnges.

we have our ups and downs.
happy and sad times.
sometimes, it is difficult to overcome.

but, i know what comes after the obstacle is the rainbow.
though it is such an old cliche.

but i choose to believe it.
and i will move towards my rainbow.
step by step.

this moment.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
8:08 AM

Friday, April 14, 2006


i need internal peace with myself now.

just some doses of happiness and satisfaction that will act as my motivation.

still have to continue with this route.

will continue to put in my best efforts.

wa...realli don't know what else to blog le.

i will be happy
no matter who tries to take away 'em.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
8:55 AM

Saturday, April 01, 2006

oh this week is definitely an unhappie week for me.
got to live with it. everything was bad. to me. but i must admit that i am realli glad that i managed to get it over all with my will. with my ownself.

today went to see uncle's new house. actually quite nice de. but then just a bit bored when i had to see an empty house for 1.5 hours and walked at the same place for '000 times. hahax. but then it is definitely more spacious la. i think it will be quite nice when everything is put there. by then, i will definitely go again. hahax. looks like a condominium lo! haha. : )

the little theme was that don't know what happened to me. i was standing at the rail of one of the rooms of my uncle's house. everyone was engaged in their conversation in somewhere else while i was listening to the radio. then i just thought about all and all which happened this weeks and then...

it is time to move on.
lessons ought to be learnt. it is pain.
but at least it is not critical.

next week is jm's bdae!
can go out again for 1 day!
get to meet rebel again!!


at least that is one of my motivation.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
9:21 AM