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Saturday, November 24, 2007

i finally can blog...this computer a bit weird. LOLZ ~~like very long never blog already. todae has been quite a happy day cause it has been since quite some time that i meet hf, ps and serene already. i thought will be a bit "gan ga" cox a bit long nvr meet le...but then i was veri happie that all of us are still the same, as crappy and funny. emo at times too. lolz. heard from hf abt a some ppl...some are doing well, some are having certain problems...but i think all will be over. aniwae, kaijia said she would organise a class outing de....lolz. waiting... : )

cycled pretty fast though i was still the slowest out of the 4...but there were no clashes la. just some bruises here and there...!! hahaz. this is the 1st time i cycled in the evening. the kuai gan is quite good, especially at the jetty there. woohoo! veri nice. but then once you finish cycling, you will find yourself in loads of sweat and veri dirty. lolz. we crapped at mcdonalds from 8pm all the way to 11pm. hahaz. talked from A to Z. i like this kind of gan jue cause everyone was spontaneous. but then a little cha qu came in when someone asked me to take photo. hmmz. i am not going to talk too much abt it but it sort of a bit made me change the perception of people, once again. it is quite sad to realise that Singaporeans (or maybe not) can be so unfriendly. be it whether they are the more or less fortunate ones. i was okie at first, but then i was a bit disappointed and angry when i saw their behaviour. i mean they dont have to thank me or what...but that doesn't mean they need to give me "Bai Yan"...cause i never even "Qiao Bu Qi" them...i still smile at them lo. wa piangz. okie. i said i wanted to stop. hahaz.

reached home at 12am exactly. loads of food awaiting for me, causing me to feel very full now. recently, i am getting fine. hmmz. try to see things in a broader perspective, acting blur. sometimes, acting blur is a good way of making life simpler also.

i watched Hero already. it is quite a good movie, but that is provided you like the style of Japanese shows. a bit draggy but well, the plot is there and the cast has veri good acting skills. definiteli.

went to the library and took a few books to start finding out what my interest is. though it is a bit too early but it beats doing nothing. then i read this 散文by 朱自清called 憎。

there is this paragraph which i thought was quite nicely written:

至于残酷的伴笑,强烈的揶揄, 那简直要我全身都痉般掣动了。。。

it is veri practical, and it veri realistic also.
sometimes, choosing to be silly or pretending to not know is good too.

it is one more month to christmas exactly!!! : )

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
9:25 AM

Sunday, November 11, 2007

like very long never blog already.
today, die die must blog.

for those who understand what i mean, this is a significant date.
We just have 1 more year to go! though no one say it is short, but at least we are halfway through.

hmmz. and i guess another twinkle, we will be in 2008.
wowz...all of us are moving on to 20 already. need to become young adults, take up more responsibilities...more emotional problems to deal with, bascially it is all an addition, but i guess we can always perceive it another way?

haven done anything much this year. no achievements. even if yes, they were considered fruits that i worked hard for the past year. will gradually start to broaden my knowledge so that my brain will not rust. 1 year...passes unexpectedly sometimes.

will find sometimes life a bit tiring. but i guess we all have that points. as time goes, we then realise who are the ones who are true to you, who are those whom are not. but i am lucky still.

actualli i thought i could post something long todae, but well, it is a sundae. lolz.






smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
5:31 AM

Friday, November 02, 2007

it is not very often that i get to do a long entry. however, i am going to do so todae because firstly, i have loads of time as i am on duty again...and secondly, i felt like doing so at the same time too. was readling entries that i wrote in the past. i think i have realli changed a bit in terms of the way i portray myself. to a certain extent baz. ORD date is still a bit far, but i was thinking of doing some stuffs to dE-rust my brain. need to think about it...lolz.

if you haven realise, this is already November.

and there is not much to sort of record at the end of the year. unlike previous years, i would have tons of special things and achievements that i would be quite contented with. this year is filled with lots of emotional changes instead. but well, it hasn't end yet. so i hope it will have a good ending. (k. a bit cliche.)

19. actually, at such an age, you can be considered young, but at the same time, it can also be considered as a young adult. depends on a person's perspective and the environment you are living in. i must admit i am a person who gets confused easily.

i am actualli quite upset sometimes with my family. though i must seriousli admit that my relations with my siblings have improved tremendously, as a whole talking abt the family, it seemed to have sunken. daily misunderstandings are only creating mroe frictions between my family. and i am like the acting bridge. it seemed like a long lasting game that will only end up with losers. sometimes, the bridge is very tired also. But well, i guess if i don't keep going on, worse things will happen. Moving out will be the last thing i ever want to see. Yes, there are reaons why we should be angry and disappointed. but at times, i thought it seemed to be overboard. Playing "ni zuo chu yi, wo zuo shi wu" is the fastest way to cause aggrevation of a situation and unfortunately, people are doing so. yes, i want to move out. but that is probably when i find a job, have a girlfriend, and when i have a stable income. in fact, i am not too stupid actualli. but i still find it selfish that a lot of people only think for themselves. it is too practical. sometimes it is not i don't want to answer, just that i am veri tired of doing so. but then again, it started partially because of me...well hopefully one day things will be fine.

why must we stand on side and not look at the other side?
why do you need to lie when i am just standing in front of you?

On a happier tone...
i am glad that i overcomed an obstacle again. : )
it is day 28 if i am not wrong! jiayou.
er. this weekend i think i have nothing much to do.
saturday will probably go my grandma house and "zuo ke" if nothing goes wrong.
sundae i will pop by the library to find something to do.
and there goes another week again.
but i doubt i would want to touch the computer again until saturdae night comes. i am already in front of the computer for at least 7 hours. can't put in my lyrics here now cause this computer has no chinese settings. sianz.

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
12:29 AM