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Saturday, September 27, 2008

-->september is ending. october is coming <--

but the end of this month does not seem good.
okie the month has not end yet. so i hope things will turn for the better.

hmmz. how i wish i can talk abt how i feel abt my 1 yr 8 mths now...but wait.
let it put to an end first. besides, i still have some more days to go.

this few days has been not veri good for me.
no outings. okie that is nth to complain abt.
i tried to start running more. actually probably not a lot compared to many. after that day, i actually sprained by ankle. and it seemed to getting worse everyday. but i still walked rather naturally. of coz...only 1 friend managed to realize.

i lost my beads. my beads that my aunty bought for me since the day i stepped into the army and i have no idea where it was placed at. and i am actually quite sad. because it has given me a lot of hopes. probably because i take it as part of myself already. so when i see there is nothing on my wrist, i actually feel very weird.

one of my tutees vent his stress on me. he said that tuition is probably a waste of time. and that what i taught him seemed not applying. and that i became the cause why he did so badly for his class test. because i told him the wrong thing. and afterwhich, he just looked the other way. said quite hurting remarks (at least for that moment i thought it was)...i wanted to just walk out because i was already very disappointed. because i actually walked with a limp for so far to his house, because i have always telling him what to do but he has never really paid attention to what i say...but i did not leave. that is because i know i am responsible partly for his results since i started tutoring him, that i am responsible to his parents. so i just carried on. but i told him he can always choose to terminate. and in fact, i am quite tired of tuition. all i can do now is to push his results so that at least he do much better for his final year.

when i was walking back home, all this just came to my mind.
keep running...just for 1 moment, i felt a bit helpless.
but i know very well that all i can do is work harder.

what else?

oh, please don't tell me that i look very free okie.
i admit that my job scope is so much more less tedious, but if travelling here and there everyday and having to........ok. stop me. i should not complain. i know that very well.

on a lighter tone...

i got my S.H.E CD! finally! i like some of the songs though. 7/10.
i still did meet some of my clique ppl this saturday.
i am making new christmas stuffs (ok, i know it is a bit early...but it makes me happy.)
i am resting at home on saturday...(Finally after few hrs of sleep everidae)
i finished watching Moonlight Renonsiance. (don't know spelling correct not).


smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
6:05 AM

Sunday, September 14, 2008

it has been raining for the past few days.
the sun has been cruel for the past few days too.
such a weather, unpredictable.

just like how a person behaves.
isnt't it? lolz.

this week practically did nothing much.
saturday was quite a quick day. tuition followed by grandma house.
brought my cousin to swensens for ice-cream.
and guess what?
someone thought i was a FATHER. i am shocked. hahaz.
well, it is good to be such a young father after all. haha.

everything is still fine. just feel low at times. but i guess that is just part of what is within me.
cannot be helped. foresee that i need to work really soon. and i am hoping for work too. not only because of money, maybe because it can keep me busy. i don't want to feel lost after 22 months. afterall. 20th month...okie. i should not talk abt it. all leave it to a conclusion and the 22nd month. i guess i wil have 10 pages to blog about. but probably not. again.

i am glad still.
because whenever i see rebel. i am still very happy.
i don't know why. but just very glad. don't know how to xplain.
hahaz. similiarly, i am very glad to see all my family members. though i am not a good member of the family. hahaz.

life still moves on.




smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
3:11 AM

Saturday, September 06, 2008

--> we sent mw off to changi airport today for his outfield exercise @ Thailand and he wil be back in 3 weeks! = ) guess that will be very fast! it will be just nice that S.H.E album arrives! also celebrated my jc friend's birthday todae. lolz~~





smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
9:37 AM