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Friday, May 27, 2005

hahaX...it is me...back to blogging again.

well, today is like fridae..which means that another week is gone. This is the 22nd wk of the year.lame rite? haha...Some updates on the new events that happen this few days. First it was the camp....the so called training camp...(okie...tat is my opinion onli for what i am going to say next)....erN i tot the camp was like didnt teach me a lot of things though it talked a lot la. Also, the activites are quite sianX...day 2 was slightly better....i tot the trust fall was nice, but the rest were just well...so-so. Didn't expect to pay such an amount for such a camp.

then, went to interact dinner yesterday. Just had a simple yet happy gathering. I think this is the first time all of us felt we lack topic to talked about lo. we just got stuttered on what to say and really cant share something in common. It seems like talking about the past is not that important anymore. Mabi cox everyone is in different institutions, that is why we have different things to share but I believe things will eventually get better when time progresses... (what a word...haha) Anyway, i am supposedly to organise the next interact gathering with some interactors lo for the June babies...haha...got 3....must think of some nice surprises...: )

This week is veri busy...my weekend has been taken by CCA and well, birthday. YES, birthday again. hahaX. Then next week camp and i cant imagine i am still slacking at this cruical pt where my MYE is coming. Okie. i will try to work a bit harder todae. go do some maths tonight....say say onli....hahaX. will i put it in action? depeNds on later Bax..hahaX..Talking abt my CCA, i still feel weird tat i am onli the arts person in the com. den i scare i will get out of the grp easily...dunno lei....just feel that it is weird and i know communication will def. be a problem for me to them. I hope things just turn out fine when we meet tml.

Well...got more to say...but leave it to next time bax.tell ya more about my project work route and my CT next blog...and also updates on BIRTHDAY!

Best wisheS

Sweet-ed <3
11:55 AM

Friday, May 20, 2005

HmmX...realli veri happie...indeed veri happie todae on 20052005.

todae had dinner @ 6 plus with our grp called "Rebel"....this is i think the rare times that all 10 of us get together...though we didn't realli talk like very detailed or whatever...but i know everyone is happie that all of us turned up....: ) It is encouraging for it means that this group will be everlasting and be the best, always.

well, quite happie with the presents also lax...be it by NYJC de or Rebel de....no matter how ex or how is it, it is the tot tat ur have given me. For tat, i shld thank everyone a thousand times. I don know what else to say people except for thank you.

Anyway, we were at sakura eating. Initally, we were quite topicless as to what to talk about but then after like 5 mins, then we started talking a lot le...a lot of craps and rubbish...and i realise everyone is still the same...so good and nice...they are all the same, the people i know...jux tat some look better, some are more radiant..eth i positive...

i am realli HAPPIE todae
thanks for those who have made a wonderful day for me.

yan xing
best wishes

Sweet-ed <3
10:40 PM

well...tOdae is the 20th of mAy...guesS this is My blog for thE firSt daY of the birthDay...: )

OkiE....thiS wk wEnt quite fast and HappIe laX...realli. Though i didn't pass my NAPFA 5 items, but felt a sense of relief tat everything was oveR...

OkiE...aniwae...it was my birthday then i am really very touched la by a lot of people today. As in i did not expect that they would give me such an expensive and nice and sincere things la. first group of people i need to thank is is definitely in this blog my JC friends...which includes Serene, PS, HF, and SY and also not forgetting KY and ST, Amanda, Elyse....lots to thanks too...realli thankful for that.so mani la..thanks for that...i was especially shocked that some still remember it is my birthday. My shock here does not mean that i didn't expect presents la...cox it is like normally good friends will give de mah...( i am not trying to be thick skinned) just that didn't expect them to give me this things lo..Realli want to thank them a lot larx....coX i noe we onli know each other for 4 mths...den it is like ur are oredi giving me presents le....i am realli TOUCHED.... : )

Second group is my class larx....i realli want to thank 'em lo for singing 3 times of happie b'dae....in different lessons though i told 'em not to sing cox i am like 17 le...hahax...but i still feel grateful for that and what they did lo. Thank to a lot la..realli appreciate eth...i will not forget the birthdae of ur too...: )

ErN doN noe how to describe my feeling now...just veri glad to have this bunch of friends be in in NYJC or my Secondary School friends...realli don noe what to say....


(bEst wisHes)

Sweet-ed <3
4:19 PM

Friday, May 13, 2005

hellO...okiE thiS is a re-tyPe of My blOg...realli got no mOOd to TypE another Long OnE...toDae Is realli fRiday the 13TH....HAHAx

anyway, i don wan my blog to rust so i tot i might as well typE iN a new PosT sooNeR...oR elSe there will BE lotza of coB weBs...:)

well.....let me jUx tAlk abt my woRking Side firSt okiE...hahaX....okie had a lot of tests...all of 'em will like daMn diffiCult.....Jc life is like tat...mabi tat is the way i shld console myself...hOmewoRk are piliNg especially ChineSe anD ProjeCt woRk....projeCt work is a tough One loLx....cOX we realli got to think haRd our grp....everyoNE la.....BuT we caNnot giVe up and forSake eth.....it conceRns our A levelS...hopefUlli eth will tuRn out fiNe....no...it shld be DEFINITELY.

as For my friEnds side....if u hapPEn to read thIs.....dOn fiND ME weiRd...okIe.....my frIEnds, my CT...i can jUx tel u this 2 or so wks... i gt to NOe the Zhonghua ppl better like YX, XY (hahaX....contradiction) AdelIne, Celia...veri fRiendLy lo and dEn veri sociable and veri hilarioUS la....haHAx....

oKie...here moveS on to the maIn poiNt....it is diffiCult to Cope with a groUp oF my cirCle of friEnds...not tat i am popular...nvr of tat sort....mabi the other end...: (

i like my CT bUt u nOe i am trYing My Best Le.....do U get waT i meAn?

**Just takE for toDae....i was so Hungry and i wanted to go for My luncH after a tutorial....dEn we were left with 10 or so minutes...so i asked my grp of friends whether want to join me Not..they Say.....no cOX they can eat at a later tiMe...and time was ruNNing out...so i jUst Ran to the Canteen....ALONE...as i as queuing uP foR my foOD....i received a call and my friend actualli said sth like tat "Where are you ah? wHy u so ruSh?.....watever la....up to u" the toNe was huRtinG....tat is what I can say...she might not HAv meant it But the Person whO listenS to it....tat's a different thiNg...deN i wenT to tHe benCh, alone and gobbled up the plate of food within 7 minS..not bcOx i was Hungry...i didn't like other benches ppl seeing me being alone and mocKing at mabi bCox i am UnpopuLAr....i doN like it...at tat pt in tiME....i felt like bReaking dOWn...i was veri uPset.....after "losing" my Secondary friEnds....now i am in a class already adatping myself to a class with 2 boys and 23 girLs...it iS not eazi....bUt i noE there are their advanatages...at least i find joy in talking to them....maBi to soME of tHem.....i dUNno....I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT I DON WAN TO BE TREATED AS A GURL JUST BECOX I AM IN A CLASS OF ALL GURLS...BECOX I AM A BOY and for one day...i will be a gUy....how Shld i Put It??? i would be so glad if u hav oredi understand how i feeL...But soMetimes sOme tOpics tat girls talk u jUX shouldn't interrUpt deN where u shld u go Den???hahaX.... : (

laughing at my plight....But i must stress tat i am realli glad to noe the 23 gurls in my class....realli cox they are realli fun ppl....mabi it is me who cannot pass my own barrIEr....: ( i am TryIng...Realli

next week
will be a week of test
tat's all
best wishes

Sweet-ed <3
11:22 PM

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

decided to givE myself a frEsH start on 2nd May...wHeRe everYthinG wouLd Be New and FreSh to Me...Sounds stopit but i neeDed such a thing though.

Okie...so far, i am getting adapted to my CT class and many things in NY. Well, 24 gurls and 2 guys. I must admit that i have admitted to such statistics and maybe, it is realli not such a bad thing. Because the gurls there are not those who were discrminate guys. They are veri nice ppl and that is true. DEFINITELY

My project work group was a good one, i tot. The members there were veri friendly and i tot i could know more about CH, YX, YY and SK. They are easi tO talk to and veri direct people, like me who do not try to hide our feleings. Though obviously we don't approach a person and tel him or her how bad he or she is, but at least we discuss sometimes in our own conversation during PW. guess the Pw would not be a torture like what some mani ppl say.

my GP test should be a failure. Cox i tot i flunk the paper and i wrote out of point. Even if my content manage to pass, my language would be extremli bad. hahaX. but never mind, there is always a second try. Think it is impossible that my Gp tutor will thrash me.hahaX. My tutors are all veri good actually. Veri friendly though some of 'em look strict. Becox we nvr judge a book by its cover...so chim! hahax.

Todae, i read one of my CT friend's blog which she told me nOt to read and haha, i saw what she wrote abt me during an assembly morning. i think there is still a need to apologise for that. hahaX. anyway, i am a guy. so what si wrong of sitting in front? haha..but i jux didn't feel like actualli. but any case, mabi i should not hav dilly dally. so, tat is an apology.hahaX

Next, My PE....NAPFA is like cuming 2 wks later....hav been training like crazi...for pull-ups especially hopefulli can do it....hahaX....but chances are slim ...but at least i put in my efforts..

i am feeling much better
i want to thank the NEW FRIENDS i know

Sweet-ed <3
6:58 PM