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Monday, July 25, 2011

my 20 days of short internship is over. though i did not even complete the full 20 days to be exact. lolz.
i think i am kind of not very lucky this period.

i am been facing many tiny health issues that moves around the different parts of my body.
after struggling a few days with my foot, yesterday something came into my eye.
i hope it will recover soon. it is just unknown to the problems with my whole health system this year.
hopefully it will turn better.

internship was really a very short stint.
i wouldnt say that i manage to get a full experience of school life
but it kinda of made me more certain that this is what i want to do.
not 100% of course; but at least i am not rejecting it. lolz.
it is kind of fun to interact with students in general, teachers in general and the school management in general.
so within 1 big compound, u get to meet people all of walks of life.
isnt that quite a nice thing?
i had really good friends too. really nice ppl that i met.

because of this internship,
i was kept rather (in fact extremely busy), kept occupied for quite some time.
so i had nothing else on my mind.
in fact i wouldnt say totally nothing,
but just that working made me see more things that i anticipate in the future.

of course i am not a fortune teller of any kind.
but to a certain extent, what will probably happen in the near future
let me reflect on the things i have done.
whether the right or wrong decisions have ever been made in life.

i guess some routes are tough to take.
or a challenge to move on.
we still need to walk across afterall.

there are just certain things in life
that i ought to give it a miss
or probably never get involved with.
i guess a gd friend of mine would say that i am deluding myself.
once again. lol.
such that i am so tired and worn out.

i guess there are people who knows me well enough.
but even if no one does, i don't blame them or i don't really bother. in fact.
i just need to ensure that whatever i am doing is right.
in my perspective.

so moving on to the future.
i guess there would be 1 thing i will never want to be involve in.
at least i can promise myself that quite certainly.


i am apologetic to the people around me who has been once
hurt by the times when i put things into actions too quickly.
without thinking of the consequences.


2 more weeks of holidays.
i will be reaDy for school.
it is sucH a lonG time...
and so manY things have haPpened
within this 8 long months of hoLidayS.


smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
8:50 AM

Sunday, July 03, 2011




我给你的你用不着了 你也是去该有的快乐
付出的温柔在不属于我 你无福消受谁应该难过
没事了 没事吗?
脑袋空空 难道是我要的结果

爱给了我什么 没沉沦就超脱
爱不能伤害我 还是我没爱过
我没做错什么 却把一切错过
你是爱不起我 我也对不起我

不敢看你就尝试看破 别让伤口有机会发作
为小说剧情而惊心动魄 好证明泪腺还没有萎缩
没事了 没事吗?
一身清白 难道是我要的结果

爱给了我什么 没沉沦就超脱
爱不能伤害我 还是我没爱过
我没做错什么 却把一切错过
你是爱不起我 我也对不起我

爱偷走我什么 没损失更失落
爱不能伤害我 是福气还是祸
我没胆量犯错 才把一切错过
我没能留住我 我也对不起我

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
1:22 PM