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Friday, May 20, 2011

i neeD an esCape.
anywhEre is fiNez.
from weird people.
especially people with LOW EQs.

i mean seriouSli.
what else can theY do besides scolding people for nO apparent reason.
i mean there is a difference between telling and scolding FYI.
u don't just scold people as you wish just because u are feeling lousy.
do u know irresponsible that is?
and what, when u need to get favour from someone else, u immediately turn into a bootlicker?

stOp scoLding someone when u have the same mistakes and u are 10 times worse okie.
that is like so unconvincing. seriousLy.
and fyi. do u just know that i just turned 23? oops. or that is just an excuse is it.

i just forgot, u don't feel for people actually. u only feel for those that are outside of u.
speaking of which, don't give me BIG LOGICS seriously.
i wish that u find urself someone that would be able the share the same frequency as u.

just let me grumble on.
PLEASE do not tell me how good life is for me.
seriously, take off that.
of course i am already veri fortunate.
yes i know.

if i can be stronger.
i would.
but this world has too many things, people that i need to give in.
i just feel like puking if someone comes ard and tel me that we have a gracious society.
what is gracious
when u can't even do it to people around u?
expect them to be a big balloon and swallow everything
until they just die quietly one day
and shed a few drop of tears for them?

or are u thinking that u are being "a big deal"
by being able to handle things well only after when someone has passed away?
oh mine gosh. wake up that idea.
life is to be treasured when ppl are around. make time.
don't give rubbish excuses seriously.

SICK of it.

we are all selfish afterall, arent we.
if i had no responsibilities now, seriousli i wish i can just vanish
and disappear
for a few days.
i mean for a few mths even.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
12:03 PM

Monday, May 02, 2011

have you thought of what you wanted in life?
or was study-getting a job-married-growing old
always part of the pre-planned cycle that has been going on in ur mind since young?

i bet 90% of the people living on earth wouldnt feel this way.
but 90% of which are leading such a life.
and yes, that is life.
depending on we see it, it can be great; it can be a misfortune too.
well, at least, it is a sign of stability.

of course stability doesn't necessarily mean good things.
it captures the fact that everything is going the way it shld.
so it is kind of a pity that we are not having BIG dreams.

technically speaking, when we are living under a certain place,
working for a certain organization, or studying under a certain institution,
we need to abide rules. but rules make people dumb. sometimes.

i want to be a bitch for todae.
u know like those kind who will talk abt the neighbour in the next block or next door.
probably because there are a certain group of people.
who seriously have low EQs or simply, they do not have any etiqutte.
i doubt it is their parents' fault or anything gt to do wif upbringing.
they are probably just. venting their anger. and making dumb remarks. seriousli.

please never ever provide:
1) fake smiles- it is so fake that the whole world knows.probably they can win the razzies.lol
2) crude remarks- i mean leave it to ur son/daughters next time. cant ppl just have a better tone. oh pls. the whole world is stressed up. are u like the only one!
3) knives and double-heads: please stop making life miserable for urself. i bet it is tiring to live this way. but it seriously puts people off.

luckily the world is still curable.
at times.

but come to think of it,
ppl climb this way.don't they.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
7:19 AM