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Friday, May 26, 2006

last day of term 2 school week 10.

so we moved on...

and move on...


just realise we should make use of big fonts. : )

suddenli i think my face give people a lot of misunderstanding.
turning back the 1.5 years in JC, what have i achieved?
as in intangible things... ...

hahax. i doubt i will know the answer.

before the JunE hOlidAys StArt....

here are 5 things i want to blog about:

1) i am actually a very normal person. so don't take my face as my emotions. that is superficial intepretation.

2) sorry to those who i have talked about you before. my words are just moments, they don't stand.

3) friendship are to be cherished.

4) apologies to those whom i have actualli got angri with you before.

5) i am learning to become a better learner

pArt (ii)

okie. this blog is crappily long because i don't know when will it be the next time i will blog. cause it might be like 4 weeks later. hahax. suddenli i tot of a veri farnie question my secondary sch friend ask me. soMetimes, i do think of my decision but theN this decisIon had me learn new thingS, get to adapt to a different environment and learn how to adapt to such situations. nExT, i am grateful for all the hAppy eveNts that haPPened thiS teRm (especially XXX). i realise i don't know how to treasure a lot of things. the things i have now. i seriousli don't wan to turn to regret. Futhermore, i don't want to waste my life in JC even though i have a packed schedule for the next 6 months. Yes, i need to work hard, but i need to rest well too. hahax. till now, i still cannot give the answer to my friend. i have cOme to no concLusiOn. so muCh tHankS at this critical period for understanding me as what i Am. cause i know sOmetimes i am realli veri bo liao. hAhAx.

oKie. i noe this is quite dotx....but i seriousli but thank REBEL and interact!!!
don't know why.cox they are still the energy that kept me going so FAR.

i got my BEST gift in term 2, and hopefully i will get such NICE SURPRISES every TERM!!! .... : )

when i feel tired on the route, when i feel pressurized by my surroundings, there are always people and things that support me to move on. i have so many to be grateful of....



I will MoVe On.
though tHis jourNeY will be toUgheR.

to be continued....

Sweet-ed <3
7:27 AM

Saturday, May 20, 2006

it is 9 more mins to the end of my fantasy...


veri glad on my b'dae. this is an especially special one.

celebrated a bit earli wif my family on the 18/5. ehx. a bit touched ern ya. actualli is veri touch don't know why veri simple but actualli veri touch cox too mani memories flashback.

19/5. was withe REBEL!!! ern thiS time got 8 came. already veri good le despite their tight schedules. DINNER was at galiee cafe (ok i forget the name, may have mispelt); was quite delighful. i always feel veri stress-free with them....hahax. ern. it is just ...SPECIAL. the hAppier thing is that i will get to meet theM more in june hoLs! ...hahax. cox got a lot of b'dae! hahax. but aniwae, we had "n" games of UNO non-stop and my eyes were already swelling by the time the game ended at 10 +++. theN we headed for the nEoPrint shOp....yea! the most Special One!!! can take props and that costume and take neOprints! erN effect was just hAHAx. i just feel so gLad with them Lo. hahaX. thAnks. and ya the gifts also. heeX. : ) cute and practical. simple but i seriousli feel so HAppie for that first time. almost wanted to tear wheN i was in the buS. cox i am realli happie that we are still together for so long. b'dae celeb is not the mAin thIng already; gathering becomes more impt.

20/5. started with an 3 hours paper of exam. anti-climax. den college day lasted until 6pm. was veri veri veri tired. but den my class did sth a bit surprising. blindfolded me into the music room and had to touched 5 different things only to realise some of them were my presents. den played a classical "instrumental piece" worldwide for the 1st time right in front of my ear drums. hahax. but at that moment just feeling pai seh. cox i seriousli don thInk i deserve that much. but i am still veri HApPy. den at night went fish and co and waited until 9pm for dinner to start. at 10pm, i was standing on the chair carrying the sparkles and wished my wishes. great thAnks for all this preparation and time : ) 05A7B. hAx.

all my wishes are almost the same. hahax.

loads of thAnks.
loads and Loads of thAnks.

waving goodbye to the memories of 17
welcoming the new sTart of 18.

i will still be the waY i aM.

haPPy b'dae to ME!


Sweet-ed <3
8:50 AM