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Sunday, February 26, 2006

wa...my FREQUENCY of blogging is suddenly on an uprise...mabi because i feel like blogging bax. not because i have too much time to spare. i just need to take a breather from all the stuffs i have. todae i am veri satisfied with myself. haha. don't know why.




here i am still blabbering some nonsense. hahax.
but that is the purpose of blogs sometimes.
just to write something that i feel like writing.


it a sense of satisfaction.
i am grateful.

smile always
take care
xing 06

Sweet-ed <3
7:10 AM

Friday, February 24, 2006


是啊, 我不是什么好人
是啊, 我肯定不是超人



Sweet-ed <3
8:25 AM

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

i think i must be mad.

fancy waking up at 4am....
obviousli not because i slept too much
just felt guilty if i continued sleeping cause i went into sleep at 7pm yesterday.
realli too tired la. this few days.

ern veri stress lo.
cox the teachers and students all veri hardworking.
so, i know i must jiayou.
i cannot afford another painful lesson again this time.
though A levels is more impt,
but i believe consistency is the key.

Friday is geography test lei.
but i just can't read slopes.
it is so difficult lo.
hmmx. i doubt i will be able finish all the lectures by tonight.
later lessons still extra class until 530pm.

but i know there will always be a motivation that keeps me going on.
i will do what i can but as i do what i can, i still have to think of others.
ya, although it is competitive, but that does not mean i should hurt others.
That is out of the logic lo.

hmmx. i don't know bax.
but one my lep teachers say something which sort of worked on me.
ya, i think i really needed someone to tell me that.
i cannot live for myself.

later lessons actualli quite few.
GP plus PE plus CT.
dotx right.
but at least can sleep in between breaks lo!

haha.den 430pm got lecture.
hopefully i will still be awake by then.

till then,
smile always
take care
xing 06

Sweet-ed <3
1:41 PM

Thursday, February 16, 2006

life has been extremely tired this few weeks...
i think i am drained physically and mentally.

it's time for me to reflect on what i have done so far before i move to my next path.

i am tired actually.
and i showed it. i don't feel like hiding it at all.
it is making me feel sick.
really sick.

too many obstacles that arrives before i can reach my destination.

-commented by my cca people that i am half-hearted in cca. i was definitely disappointed.
-friends problem is too large is a mental burden. i want to kick it off and i really mean it.
i am tired of such games. it is just draining me. from my studies.
-i don't see my results at all. i admit that i am impatient. i admit that i want to keep consistency. but nothing has come to any good at this moment.

-some people say good news is no news.
- i beg to differ. i cannot continue like that. i MUST BUCK UP! so how many times of go go go must i say?? hahax. JC2 is really a test of friendship. i don't know. i am losing contacts with some of my friends already...so i will treasure the friendships that i still have now. interact should be meeting soon. rebel....everyone is busy i guess...only contacted mervy and elf this week. quite sad. but it is time to prepare for my examinations first, i guess. we don't have too much time left. i guess i have heard and said that for 1001 times. the main burden is still myself. it is because i cannot take off the burden i am having. argh. i KNOW i CAN DO IT. it is just whether when i want to start it. it is so easy. then i can free myself and be kept by myself. whatever i choose to do, i don't have to consider so much. but how can i? still have to think of others. it is true that we will not have very good friends in JC. maybe it only applies to me. okie, mabi just a few. i really want to say. but how could i? just think for myself? then i am not ME anymore.



smile always
take care

smile always
take care
xing 06

Sweet-ed <3
2:27 AM

Friday, February 10, 2006

oh...finally all the tests are first partly over...

heex. : )

we celebrated rachel's birthday yesterday. i think though simple, but quite grand le.....she must be very happy hopefully. heex. initially wanted to celebrate today also but everyone is too tired for any other activities. just a bit on the celebration. 9 ppl were dere....elf, hh, mervy,mw,wy,rachel,yx,jm and ll. i realise that the food was small yet expensive. but it is quite nice especially the "Bei Jing Kao Ya" so oily....hahax. can gain weight very easily. ern erm... : )
haven bought anything for friendship week....actualli have no intention of such a celebration but then it is like i tink jc has such a tradition? secondary school days like don have de lei....anyway, rebel finally met! in conclusion, i am stil very happy, a happy and fufilled soul. haha. friends still can stay close together, rebel are still very good...so i am very very glad. guess the next time we will meet will be march? hahax...a series of birthday to be followed up...

ya, and congratulations to my '88 friends who did well for their english! soon it will be my project work's turn. hope it is not too bad. but i normally don't have luck in those really big exams. well...actualli i don't know.

this weekend is finally free for me! i can just take a good rest an recharge myself to prepate myself for the next 5 days. sometimes, i suddenly feel that walking alone is something nice in the afternoon.....(but it must be windy!) i think i should really put my focus and concentration on work le...

with that,
i end my speech...(hahax)


smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
9:14 PM

Saturday, February 04, 2006

-->finalli blogging. just 5 days actualli. hmmx, todae didn't manage to celebrate rachel's b'dae...but den still Happy Birthday! we will make it up soon enough...guess all of us are busy. but never mind...rebel stays on... : )

life is leading back to normal after some small disruptions last week. i have been reading blogs these days. sometimes, i just want to follow my emotions, go as how my heart feels. but i believe we normally cannot do that? hahax. if i can choose to ignore the things i want to ignore, if i can choose the things that i want to choose, how great will that be! life should be led in an optimistic way....i have to "GO GO GO!"....(7pm show) hahax. i have to get my engine going le. i guess.

i don't want to be dragged by problems and problems. i don't want to get affected so easily. i am just me. i just need my family, my rebel clique, my interact clique and some other important friends and my doraemon to keep me going for A levels...that is all i want.
but i am not tired.

i will "GO GO GO"!....

i like this sentence a lot from a movie i saw recently.
i will try to live up to it!
aniwae, i still had a wonderful CNY this year!!
even though so much have changed...


smile always
take care
xing' 06

Sweet-ed <3
1:21 AM