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Thursday, April 22, 2010

took a short break b4 moving on to another cycle.



smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
1:59 AM

Monday, April 12, 2010

exams are coming. so to distress. i thought it would be a good habit to blog before i sleep every night. but i really have nothing much to say. my life is quite bland actually. lolz. i mean. as compared to those who are always going 呼天抢地 when life can be much more peaceful.


somethings in life just need that key to solve the whole issue. i guess if the key is never right, cycles become vicious. that is really bad.


that sounds redundant? hA.


smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
12:02 PM

Saturday, April 03, 2010

it is finally april.
and semester 2 will probably end soon.
i am actually quite glad that it is ending cause this semester has really been quite "unusual".
"unusual" in the sense that actually i have a lot of "spare time" but i have been using it to do many "useless" things like "staring into the empty space". ha. very unhealthy. sleeping late. like 6am yesterday. and luckily my mum woke me up todae at 12pm. if not i think i will just WASTE the whole day.

i spend the entire afternoon till evening trying to complete a paper and this one is probably one of the toughest i have met. ironically, it is my declared major. but then it gets a bit interesting when it is ending. hahaha. though i am only 2/3 done.

oh~sammi cheng's concert was quite good. it was quite *WoW* i suppose; though it was a bit short and i was seriously hoping that she would sing 出界。cause it is like my one of my top 20 favourite hits in my lifetime. thanks to 933, i got the tix free and i hope i will be able to win another pair of tix soon...(though it is really quite TOUGH.)

Shero is quite a radio-friendly album. My personal favourites are 《你不会》and 《爱上你》。i have listened over my player for 100 times at least. hahaha. *a bit crazy*.

Had chomp chomp last fridae with a great group of friends. *rebel*. just feeling a bit grumpy that i am growing older day by day. but well, i thought it is always a balance. since i wouldn't want to go through the primary to tertiary education route again. imagining spending 12 years of your life studying. oh~~~no doubt it is fun and you have nothing much to worry, it can get quite tiring sometimes. i believe everyone who went through would understand.

i had a chance to come across a few really irritating strangers this 2 weeks and i was kind of fared up by their "gross" look that they give me. but well, i guess everyone is just tired. that is why they need to find a punchbag bob. (*neopets*) so i can understand. i am trying to find one too, but i guess that will be really selfish. so i will probably pour my sorrows to doraemon in my dreams. grrr~~~and someone actually laughed so loudly when i said i like doraemon. i am quite taken aback by that.hello~u mean that u don't have a favourite cartoon character that lives in your heart? that goes to show how OLD a person is okie. hahaha.

i hope that all my great friends are doing fine and that they will haVe theiR briGht future anD find thEir loved Ones soon. meanwhiLe, i guess it is time for me to look back at the piLe of books that is lying on top of my sofa (*20 storey high*) lolz~~~

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
4:55 AM