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Thursday, March 10, 2011

living in contradiction.
do we always face that as part of our lives?
always trying to achieve a balance in life.
it is sad. triggers a bit of upsetting moments.
when you know that what you want is essentially covered up.
due to realities. due to practicalities.
isn't this world revolving this way?
when you are jammed. when people move around at high speed.
when you are thinking that you need a space to breathe.
and when the population density is so high.

are we suppose to learn the art of living in the society.
indeed, we don't expect the world to change for us.
only we, can learn to adapt to it.
be it any unwanted feelings faced in any part of our life,
we. are. always learning. to. be patient. to be well-learned.
but how many actually give up in the process.
and get swallowed by their ugly side?
becaus of realities again?

no fantasizing.yes.but definitely not just being too realistic.
we are not born with good tempers. but we can learn to train ourselves.
but this isnt important. cause some of us dont even have the time to learn.
what a gracious. world.
time is moving. so that would be the best excuse. i suppose.
so no one can afford to rest...
unless u are living
in the world where ur prince or princess will make u happy with tons of money.
and u can just. splurge.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
7:45 AM