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Saturday, January 19, 2008

this is my 1st saturday spent in january that i was really busy. but quite happy. lolz.

fridae was exco outing...didn't go settlers in the end but went to somewhere else for dinner and after tat to yoshinoya....lolz

saturdae was quite a packed day! but it has been so long that i experience such a pack yet fufilling day.

1200 finally woke up from the bed and preparing to go for my volunteer service.

1245 had lunch at my house downstairs quickly and was rushing to the venue.

1330 i realised i wasnt the latest...there was someone even later...reached at 2pm! lolz : )

1430 the 1st experience started. though this is not the first time doing volunteer work, but probably it has been so long, and i finally get to do it, so i am really quite looking forward. things were much better than what i expected. people were really nice...hmmz. but just feel bits of sadness in them. don't know why. sometimes, i feel that Singapore is simply such a stressful place to live in, that is why...will be going back again April! it was nice also because i worked with aini, sandy, wahid and mervy once again! hahaz. though different groups, but well, it was : )

1700 the whole event ended and then it was time for me to go and meet elf and mingwei for dinner at botak jones. botak jones food is actualli not bad, at least the price is quite alright la. but i thought the serving was a bit improportional, too much fries and coleslaw but still not bad la.

1930-2000 headed to Icekimo.

2030 ICE CREAM TIME! : ) i had the wild strawberry and vanilla with waffle...a bit too "ni" but still not too bad. deserves "wow...wow..wa." hahaz. rachel and mel was there too. had a little mini-chatting session though.

2200 time back!

See...one day just pass like that. it is good to be busy but then afterthat u realise, oh 1 day is over....and it is a saturday!

okie. may everything be fine tml and always
still got loads of things not done.

take care
smile always

Sweet-ed <3
7:16 AM

Saturday, January 12, 2008

~phew...it is finally 1 year. for those who get what i mean. lolz. but on this weekend, i am on duty again. erz. okie all my fault for not behaving too well in this area ambushed. i saw a lot of "familiar faces" in my camp...some of them have already turned into officers. hmmz...i am actually a bit envious of them...i wouldn't deny that, but when i thought what they had gone through for the past 1 year, well, that idea immediately went away. i guess they deserve what they are getting. lolz! i just don't like the fact that why the "boot-licking" system is still so impt in this well.."civilized" society. aren't we always talking about being meritocracy and democratic? lolz...

though it is seriously a bit down to be doing duty, but i guess this is like the best officer i meeting cause he actually got breakfast for me in the morning. at least we are classified as "humans" and not given names...okie, i am exaggerating. oh. and i am going 20 in 4 months + time for those who don't know...hahaz.

next week would probably be a busier week. but sometimes being busy makes time faster...so yep, it is sth gd also. already 19. oops. sensitive age. hahaz. i don't know. i just feel that 19 has always been an embarrasing age. neither here nor there.

well. i hope i can be financially more independent. never have i bought my own clothes before. okie. that sounds exaggerating again. i mean i haven bought clothes myself at those u-know-what shops before. like the GXXXX. TXX-XXXX. yupz. a lot of times they are presents. hmmz. i am not being materialistic okie. just that sometimes, i can't even feel their existence and it is a bit sighing. but okie la, FOOD is the most impt to me. having nice food is veri impt to make me contented. they need not be expensive though.

*oops, i have yet to change my blogskin. wait till when i am real free baz. and as anyone would know, i am someone that don't like changes. yepZ. : ) = lazy

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
3:06 AM

Sunday, January 06, 2008

*todae got a bit moody. dont know why. i think it is probabli because it is the start of a new year and everything starts from weeks again. January just sounds like another beginning. hmmz. i met rebel for lunch todae. from their expressions, i can see that none likes january. well, i have the same sentiments. but i am trying to like la. hopefully. lolz.
left from bishan at ard 3 plus and stayed at home to watch the Ch 8 repeat show . i tot this show is quite nice leh. especially Xie Shao Guang. good acting!. i did went to run @ ard 630pm cox the weather was good. there was 2 guys who seemed like trying to overtake me, hahaz, but i just didn't like that feeling. so i just keep running. bleahz. hahaz. i went to cool down after that and just lie flat on the floor of the cemented seats. wa...the wind was like so cooling and i just felt like continue to stay there...listening to the songs in mp4...tsk tsk tsk...veri nice!
but then realise have to go home for dinner le...so just walk home slowly. dragging my feets. oh. it is going to be Monday again. may the coming week be just as fine. awaiting for CNY then!!! : )
i like this song. both versions. be it by eason or the Xing guang bang one. lolz
smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
4:32 AM

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

the first day of 2008 has been a peaceful day. with some disruptions.

someone said i have a bad temper. ya rgt. her temper is like 100 times worse than me. i am so angry. some ppl are realli veri unreasonable. when u ask them to do things for you, they seem so unwilling, so when you hear that, obviously u will sae never mind. but when they ask you to do things and repeat for the N times, obviously u will get irritated rgt. then who knows this person sae u are veri impatient...wadever. please la.

okie. aniwae this is not what i wanted to say. but it really irks me a lot. damnZ.


i realli cannot imagine that a new year is beginning when i don even realise it has ended.
mabi because i am going to grow older. i guess. time doesnt seem to affect me.

talking about 2007...

2007 has been realli an emotionally challenged roller-coaster right for me.

it was the first time on 12107 that i went to BMT, started my life as an NSF and still learning how to adapt to all this military lifestyle. it was the first time i felt my family not being a family anymore...it was the first time i learnt to be more grateful as things in my life starts to get distorted...it was the first time i felt that so many things were just downpouring for me...

but it was also the first time i felt the strength my aunty gave me, the first time i re-realised my grandparents are so impt, the first time i felt that there are friends out there who will alwaz be there to support me, the first time i realli treasured so many simple yet things that could made me contented.


i hope it will be a good year, really.
it is a year...
where i hope i can start teaching tuition,
a year where i will be so looking forward to ORD,
a year where i can pick up books and read again,
a year where i hope to grow stronger and tougher,
a year where i hope to stay happy,
a year where i have strong friendships,
a year where i will be happy and proud of,
just like 2006.

take care
smile always
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
5:34 AM