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Sunday, March 11, 2012

left this place for such a long time.lol~
my mind went blank when i was thinking about "password".
gosh~ what is the password to blog.
guess memory really has a certain amt. of storage.(though i seriously feel that the capacity to our memory is unlimited. it is always up to someone to choose whether they remember certain things. or not.)

2012 has been over for almost 3 months. slacking and rushing seem to be the best terms that i can use to describe my current lifestyle. sometimes, time progress so fast that i think most of us do not even have any time to just sit down and reflect on what we have done. We just keep moving on and on and on...gosh~and one day, we don't even realize that we are already XX old. ~lol~

i am of course filled with gratitude for living in Singapore(Though i often grumble and complain about the fact that the disparity in income within our nations is impossibly large- and it makes me even more agitated looking at the buildings @ keppel bay~) I wish i was one of the residents too, seriously~

come to think abt it, 23+++ is a pretty embarrassing age. in some other countries, people are married or already working; some might have already set up their own businesses or whatsoever~ where i am at 23? well, it seemed just the same as when i am 16. maybe not that true, because i am no longer that "innocent"-so it gets kind of tough to keep this kind of energy u have at 16 going on. and the nice virtues. but well. we have to. too many things in life that is going around us have proven to us we need to make life more beautiful. especially towards people and the environment. [ok, this is kind of getting boring] lolz.

oh~ and i think i am learning to balance many things that i need to commit and work towards in life. i believe many people are facing the same issues as me. let's all work together and try our best to resolve the difficulties we might have. and maybe before we grumble, we should for 1 moment, be thankful that we are living in, Singapore. not trying to be patriotic but comparing to the world, it shld be a whole lot thankful to be part of this countrY.

smile alwayS
take cAre

Sweet-ed <3
6:58 AM