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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

to know the definition tired...

12:21 am. still not asleep cause i have not decided whether to go school or not. and it is often because we hesitate, time just passes us unthinkingly. todae is a stressful dae undeniably. hahax......

i ate a lot of things between just an hour:

-2 packets of wang wang
-hello panda (strawberry)
-thailand lime and ginger tibits
-a packet of bee hoon with fried chicken wings

at 11:15pm. hahax. eating is my onli way to keep away from all the stress i am facing. i am building my happiness on my face. hahax. ke lian my face, have to suffer with me. Eating is never a chore. hahax. still caught in a dilemma. but todae a bit unhappie abt some stopit stuffs. seriousli need to tape my mouth sometimes. but then some actions are just too.....watever. i shouldn't comment any further.

happy teachers' day to all teachers whom have worked hard this year.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
9:11 AM

Sunday, August 27, 2006

2 to 3 more months to go.
and i think it will be a BIG milestone over.

13/10 is my school graduation day. so to mark it off, i have been studying for 14 years.
which most of us would have or some 15 yrs if it includes nursery. hahax.

today i went to somewhere to seek some peace.
finalli i did went out and with my aunty, grandma and mother. not bad though it was just a veri normal outing that we had in common.

hmmx. a bit lazy but no choice. i thought i wanted to pack my cabinet so to make it look neater. but the pile there simply looks too much for me. maybe not todae. it will take at least 2 hours. and by 3 days later, it will be messy again. hahax. so might as well leave it there. see how ba. haven type the SGC yet. but starting to find such things realli ridiculous. hahax. cannot imagine i am praising myself. it is simply veri weird and sounds so untrue. i know i will have little things to type because i simply have nth much to write about, furthermore, the limited vocabulary i have. hahax....

haven met rebel for long....wonder how all of them are getting along..........all of them are doing fine? i guess?? hahax.
hahax. 4E1 people also veri long nvr see le.....
i think we are realli too busy this period>>

haven like prepare anything for graduation day.
but think no need la. hahax. since the atmosphere isnt there.
maybe after A levels then more important lo.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
2:44 AM

Sunday, August 20, 2006

i am SO tired.....okie i must realli blog already. who says i must bottle up everything in the journey already. i just need to bear this period for 75 more days and everything will be over. and i know i will try.

but no doubt, this period is so exhausting. it is just like a piece of land going through intensive farming without any time for it to lie fallow at all...yes, something along that line. it is that exhaustive. but then at the same time, this must seriousli not add too much pressure cause it seriousli won't make things work at all... this period is crucial yet tormental. so all of us are trying to change it to a simpler and more enjoyable way....but then the onli way to make me feel better is to say!!!

-->just cannot imagine that i have 5 tests coming this week! 5...FIVE. wu. can u imagine that. and1 week later it is prelims already. this is the first time in life i am experiencing such a stress. imagine u are a runner and u are competing with the speed of train so as to compete with the tremedous times of the train. no matter how hard you are panting because u seriousli have too much homework to do. you cannot blame anyone because this is the way....just like wat my teacher say, it is gd to learn to enjoy studying...i am already trying le. but....okie, i hope things will just get better. my brain needs to rest at times still...

hMMX....but i knOw i havE toO many causes to keep me going oN. yA.

and may all of us who are all studying from the thick moutains of papers and books reap our rewards.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
2:44 AM

Saturday, August 05, 2006

111th post.

i like the number. veri de consecutive. haha.
must sae this is a realli busy term. before u know it, another day has arrived.
even though i am still sleeping like what i used to do, but i get more and more tired everidae.
but then, now, it is already not my choice to get tired le.

since i have already decided on this path last year, i cannot afford to take a wrong step.
must be very very very careful. ya lox.
hahax. my first poem will be published in a book soon! though there is nothing much to be proud of because it is not like going to be on sales, but then i will never expect that to happen...haha. cox i know my language is not fluent.. hahax. okie. nvm. that is seriousli not veri impt.

hmmx. 1205am le.
isn't it scary to hear that there are onli 89 days left.
but that seemed to be fact. oops no. 88. hahax.
no choice le la.
walk until here le.
we seemed to have been educated for near to 14 years.
wow. what a journey. it must be the longest path i have ever so far.
but through it, i have learnt so much.
besides just education.

hmmx. suddenli have the motivation to work even harder when i saw someone todae.
a bit touched.
for the sake of them, i will work even harder.
i know they will be happy if i can do well....

and may all of us do as well!!!

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
9:04 AM