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Saturday, January 27, 2007

hmmz. 1st weekend of book out realli goes veri fast....

i have finally stepped into the 5th chapter of my life. to be true, it hasn't been easy at all. i would sae tough actualli. probably it is still okie for some ppl, but for me, i am realli having so mani difficulties. even with the stimulation..... sianz. but then i noe i have to go on. feeling veri tired. i cannot even find my identity now. i guess in the first place i don have such time to do so. everything is routine le. all my bunk mates are nice ppl. friendly too. i am adjusting, doing my veri best to adhere to the new lifestyle.....but i don even know what i am doing and feeling right now. mabi i am just too exhausted for words. but i certainly feel like stopping @ certain stages.....glad that i have motivations to push me on.... next week is going to even tougher (shld be de....) but i noe some of my other friends are also feeling the same as me. so well, we are all going it through 2gether....yupz! i realli hope i will stay STRONG. too tired to tear also. sometimes waiting for R.O hahaz. look forward to meal times and wadever. but my engine must work by monday....hahaz. just as what one senior said, try to enjoy this period cause the future will be even tougher....
so i will TRY.
as the road moves on,
we will all turn to be stronger.

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
7:35 AM

Thursday, January 11, 2007

we always say it is coming...
then we will say chey still got N days...
and finally tmr is the DAY!

this will be my last part of the 4 section entry but it is not going to be long anyway.
well, in fact, i have nothing much to blog about already but thanks for all the well wishes and stuffs and messages. i believe i will do quite fine! hahaz. probabli still able to catch S.H.E Singapore concert...if not go and buy the CD lo....hahaz.

todae has been raining realli heavily. i hope it rain tat heavily also tmr. though it makes ppl feel lazy, but then comfortable for sleeping and resting. hahaz. the 5th chapter is going to be something brand new, but hopefulli something that i like, and something new to experience.

eh, walked in the rain just now to pass some stuffs to some friends. hahaz. feels quite comfortable (obviousli it is with an umbrella)...it makes you want to hum the song Ÿu Tian....hahaz. love the messages by mani ppl and smses too...hahaz.

i guess we are all making a difference to one another. and probably that is the way of life. hahaz. okie. i think that's all.

to be updates in 2 wks time....

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
6:01 AM

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

this is my 3rd part of my entry...and it is just 1.5 more days to Army! : )

so fast....
todae met JC clique and Alvin they all met them at KFC at heartland mall @ night....it was continuous eating....but was still memoriable and fun no matter what. now i am seriousli tinking abt how NS is going to be. well, i just feel too complicated and perhaps a bit tired to sae much now. hahaz. i am realli going to embark on the 5th chapter of my life. and i do hope that ya memories are memories.....they do not continue in the present. yupx. they will just be part of my experiences. : )

i am realli glad to have met mani wonderful friends on my way especialy during part of my toughest times. it is realli something special to cherish and treasure. especially REBEL. hahaz. i don have to say much more than that. i guess.

i seriousli hope that al my financial and family problems will be settled soon. hahaz. just got to realise my electricity got almost cut off this morning. this always happen in January. but well, i always think that i will have a future and i want my family to have gd fortune. yup. so i must work hard. just like the way i have endured in JC, i need to work doubly hard in NS. for that, i will realli try hard too.

i guess 2 weeks offline will be sort of a bit bu xi guan. but soon will get used to it and adapt to such a lifestyle. sometimes realli wonder what i am doing. but suan le. hahaz. i just want to stay happy lo. FRIENDS are important to me. FAMILY too. hahaz. ok. i am beginning to crap hahaz. am starting to realise the importance of friends, family and so much more as my holidays are ending and moving on to the 5th chapter. but i am not going to be too sentimental here. heeZ : )

Sometimes i guess we tend to get blurred by friendship and relations. but come to think of it, friends are more important in my life no matter what. don't know what else i should sae, but well i am getting a bit tired now. haahz .(as in sleepy).... : ) i don't know how the 5th chapter is going to be like but i hope it will be just like what my friends say, positive and interesting. though interesting does not seem to be the right word to use. i will have to slowly adjust my emotions and mental thinking to get ready for the next 2 years. hahaz. a period for me to grow, and a period for me to know the me in me, and the period for me to face brand new experiences.

i bet all will be fine. just like all my friendships. they will continue as well. rgt? hahaz.
thankful would be the best word to describe how i feel now. : )

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
6:17 AM

Sunday, January 07, 2007

section 2 seemed to arrive too fast. so i have decided to extend it to 4 parts. hahaX.

well, todae went to VIVO! first time lei. never go before...a bit slow hohz. but never mind la....i can see that it is reall so big lo. oh gosh. i don tink i will be able to walk finish! rebel got 9 ppl come todae...not bad...hahaz : ) we went to carl's junior for lunch and waited for mervy den later we went to the arcade!! wa...and stayed veri long and we kept brushing high scores at the concentration 4 games! woo! jocelyn came too later....den we also played the hockey want...wa exciting lei! not bad not bad....hahaz. but hand will be quite pain de. : )

hmmz...abt 4 more days? well i am not prepared actualli. but i hope that i will enjoy myself no matter what stil. heeZ : ) well. i don't know what i am feeling rgt now actualli. sometimes wonder whether i shld wonder too much and or just let my mind wander. hahaz. looks like everyone have their own "fan nao"...so we all got to see things at the brighter side. i just got my specs! hahaz. but veri qi kuai actualli cox a bit "toot" ....never mind but i like the "toot" look : ).......but den it must not look too weak @ duh same time too. : )

well. what else shld i sae or shld i leave them unsaid? hahaz. okie i dont noe wat am i talking abt now. it is alreadi 1:14 am and i am quite tired oredi. my brain cells are not working too well. hahaz. come to think of it, i realli don have much talents ah. but nvm. hahaz. i noe i am my gd points to balance all this!!! hahax. i am still young and smart! hahaz....

as for now, i am still a : ) little boi.
heez. :)
i like the word boy at this instance. hahaz.

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
9:05 AM

Saturday, January 06, 2007

i have decided to divide my blog into 3 sections for this special blog entry before i go into NS on 12th Jan 07. i think many ppl would be actualli going into this date so seriousli i don't think it is ani special.

A Levels ended on 16th nov..so far i had almost 1.5 months of holidays....though i did not work (ok for 2 days) hahaz, but it was still quite fun. just that now i become older. when i tap the ezlink card onli 1 sound...well sometimes just hope that time does not pass by so fast...but this is not a fairytale story...so definitely no way. haZ

actualli a bit worried. i would be joking if i said i am excited. hahaz. but den i keep telling myself it is going to be fine. so i got to believe in myself. and i hope my i can take my brother optimistic viewpoint and be stronger. yup, that is the aim of going to NS. become a stronger person. that is what i hope to achieve and that is one my motivations for going to army. : ) mabi it will also be better. so that i do not have to see things i don't want to see and keep myself busy with just work and work. hahaz. more importantly, i hope that things will turn out for the better when i go into army, be it financially or mentally. and tat i too, can play a part in contribution to the family, though it is quite marginal.

hmmz. realli quite touched by some things and some people around me. come to realise that i should not be too sentimental. realli hope to make it to University especially after this few days of thoughts. Then to think of all this, i have seriousli not regretted my educational life so far. hahaX. i am in fact so glad about it. because of so many things.

this week is quite busy actualli. hAhA. fridae was interact dinner and also celebrated wahid birthdae. saturdae (which is todae) had dinner with my family, but a bit sian at the start...don't know why....the appetite is just not dere. but well, my stomach still got bloated afterall! hahaz. tml going to meet REBEL! yeayea!!! they are forever part of my motivation...hahaz. (ok....veri exaggerating)...haven got a chance to meet up with my JC clique....hahaz. have been absent for quite sometime, probably get a shock when they c me? hahaz.

so this is my part 1.
a bit boring hoh
hahaz.but it can't get any much exciting too.

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
8:56 AM

Monday, January 01, 2007

well, i woke up at 4:45pm todae. hahaz. broke record lo. sleep for so long....realised i actualli wasted some time.....when i onli have a veri short holiday break now. heeZ. aniwae, happy new yr to everyone!! : )

celebrated jocelyn's bdae...but i was late...so reached at around 830pm....den walk walk and went to esplandae (not exactly dere) to watch fireworks. well, this is my 2nd year of fire-works watching......well, i must say it was so tough to squeeze with the people, especailly some realli horrible ppl......but the fireworks made everything worth it lo. rachel told me that disneyland every dae also got de...i promise i must make a trip to DisneYLand when i HAve tHE money to tour around lo! hahaZ. disneyland and doraemon land----wait for me!!! hahaZ.

afterwhich was a midnight show at cathay cineplex....confession of pain by tony leung and takeshi. well, it was at 2:15am....but the show was something i liked. it brought out the title of the show. though the plot is not too complicated and u can oredi find out who the murderer is in the start, but the way the characters reveal the truth and the stories behind....the show is realli quite good. well, at least i liked it. it made me feel quite sad right after the movie. especially the last part. the atmosphere was well....sad lolz. hahaZ. but it was worth it la. Tony Leung acted realli well...veri natural and it didn't made u feel like he was faking......4 stars!!! hahaz. luckily i finalli caught a movie i liked lo. heeZ. back in the taxi at 4:30 am. was realli tired by then. yup. taxi fare was ex. still owe ppl $. hahax must quickly pay back lo.

so here are my 5 new year resolutions.

1) i hope to become richer mabi not reali but financially more independent so that i would not have to hear my family complaining abt bills not paid yet and worried abt spending an extra 1 or 2 dollars.

2) hoPe that i can become much stronger both physically and mentally. well, i am seriousli not a veri strong person. still like to cry sometimes for no particular reason. hOpe that i will learn how to be an adult provided that the reality becomes kinder. : )

3) i hOpe the perIod i am in NS, all my problems will be solved themselves....

4) that i can bE more optimistic and be more truthful to myself cox i realli need a bit more confidence....

5) more importantly! good luck in this year ahead!!!

may all our resolutions come true ya?
smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
1:41 AM