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Sunday, February 24, 2008

nothing much to update.
there was so much i wanted to say.
but it is already quite late at night.
secondly, i don't want to sound too complacent. lolz

but sometimes i just hope
that ppl could be more careful with the words they use.

i know that i always have good ppl around me caring for me.. : )

smile always
take care
(xing) 08

Sweet-ed <3
6:15 AM

Sunday, February 17, 2008

this weekend has been especially fast. probably because of the after-effect that came about after the long break from Chinese New Year Holidays. this week is Valentine's Day. nothing special. just that flowers are everywhere. lolz.

sometimes, giving a deep thought or maybe just a thought to things will make a person happier and more easy to be contented. i have just got to realised what i am suppose to do now. That is why it always best to be kept busy. You don't have time to think of other things. it feels good to be behaving like a student once again. well, maybe just partially. it beats anything than to make my brain rust.

what i want is actually to earn loads of money and buy things that i should already have but i don't have them. i need to be independent once again. well, i strongly know that i am not the kind with any in-borne talents at all. i am those that rely much on hardwork. so jiayou loz!

= )

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
6:12 AM

Saturday, February 09, 2008

i have decided to post this entry a bit away from the CNY entry because the following has gt nth to do with CNY at all. just feel like pouring out things.

will be in chinese. hahaz. as encouraged.


"压抑", "逞强"




渐渐地, 形成了一个保护层.
于是, 慢慢地,



smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
6:54 AM

~~~~Chinese New YeAr~~~~

i guess this is possibly one of the longest CNY in the year with a longer holiday. 4 days continuous. but oh mine. it is already the 3rd day. but my CNY this year was quite alright.

the 1st day was at my grandma's house. which is practically the only house i would go. i don't have loads of relatives. just probably less than 10 at my mum's side. (not including their grandsons...lolz). it is both a gd and bad thing. gd, because i feel close to them easily. bad, because not a lot of red pkts. hahaz. steamboat was nice as usual. my grandmother cooked extremely well, considering that she rearely gets a chance to display her skills. hh. staying there for 8 hrs wasn't boring at all. tv and practically "in-between" was fun. i liked the kind of get-together.

2nd day. no more houses to stop over at. so i went to my grandma's house again. haha. to eat, grow fat. ate a lot la. 4pm~noodles. 6pm~new year goodies like love letters, sweets etc. (don like pineapple tarts) 8pm~eat again....wa nice dinner! 9pm~eat bah kwa from lin zhi yuan! not bad! then my ah ma and aunty send me off as usual ard 11plus like that. they always do though sometimes i think it is ma fan for them. hmmz. which makes me quite attach to them already. hahaz.

3rd day was meeting rebel! i woke up at 11 am. hahaz. er actualli had a teacher's visit but i just felt a bit awkward. 1pm we met. wanted to have dim sum but everiwhere was practically packed with people. erz...so in the end, swensens. 1630 was Cj7. i wouldn't say that it is not nice la. but it is not one of stephen chow best production, definitely. then some had to left 1st. this yr was a bit special cox we didn't go to anione's house. though i actly prefer that. next year lo! den jm, mervy,elf,mel and i went to eat teppanyaki. hmmz. nice but not fulling. 3 stars la. i give. somemore, a bit no show also. haha. not veri jing cai. i mean the chef's performance. a bit too boring. not like the opposite one. got loads of fire. lolz.

and here am i back home.
oh mine.
okie. another day flies.

this is my new year blog.
another entry to be updated in 10 mins.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
6:41 AM

Sunday, February 03, 2008

hElloz....veri long never blogz le. : ) hao kuai it is going to be a brand new year! = ) hmmz. was actualli sick from thursday...den a bit food poisoning on fridae...wa double sickness...then heng....i had my wonderful grandmother. cox saturday i went to ah ma's house. hahaz. veri you zai xian zai. hmmz. i stayed quite a while...i tink 6 hrs? lolz....wa...den my grandma quite nice la. hahaz. help me rub my stomach because i was in pain. hahaz. den always don want me to pay for my own food, send me to the bus-stop...hahaz, i will be always be a kidult. hahaz. hmmz. i am realli = ) to have them as my veri wonderful family. okie. and it is CNY soon! STEAMBOAT TIME!

and todae is 3/2/08! we celebrated rachel's bdae at ichiban boshi @ suntec. this is not the 1st time we went there but the food is nice la. rachel treated us to desserts! and this will be our traditions follow on.... = ) for this year since the budget of presents has been lowered down. oh...we are all going to be 20. going to meet them this sat again! cox it is CNY! and we will have more fun again!

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
4:18 AM