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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

oh. finalli giving myself a break just to de-stress for a moment. cause a lot of ppl are saying i look stressed up. but seriousli realli not a lot la. hahax.

ehx. i made a weird dream todae during my afternoon nap. den i realise that many a times our enemy is ourselves lo. actualli the most difficult circumstances is to cross your own hurdle. we will never be able to know ourselves totally, so what is the point of trying to fight with one another when you cannot even fight your own "heart devil"? hmmX. sometimes realli shldn't think too much. as in what is the point lo. think and think, then u get further and further, and finalli u let your emotions get ahead of you. ya lo. i just think that we must be able to deal with ourselves first before we can even move on to do other things. sounds abstract not because the rule is complicated, but because my english expression is simply terrible. hahax.

it does not matter whether what people do. what people say might matter to some extent. but i think mabi we shld not be affected by actions sometimes. cause it could simply not be intentional. hmmx. i am being complicated. okie, anyway, what i am trying to say is that we must learn to cross our own hurdle before we can even proceed to talk about others.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
6:32 AM

Sunday, July 16, 2006

yEa! taking a short break before i move on to other things.
have been thinkinh of changing this blog skin cause seriousli it has been with me for 3 years. but then i was thinking will i be able to design another nice one with such cute doraemon pictures??? hahax.

i have been 2gether with doraemon for like 8 years since 1998.
my first doraemon gift was a key-chain from my aunty and i simply started liking it after that.
sadly, i lost the 1st gift. hahax.
never mind, at least i hope to see my 1000th collection soon.
though not that fast, but i think i have about 600 to 700 doraemons??? hahax.

: )

i think that life is realli moving according to your own pace.
everything should be done at a progressive steps.
A levels might be threatening.
but then that does not mean we need to make it equally hateful.
at least i think we have to try our best to enjoy it.
whether what the results are.
mabi it does not sound too convincing.
but at least this is what i feel.
just move according to how you feel like.
since we have been already taking 12 years of exam.
this is just to be much more challenging. (obviousli)


smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
1:12 AM

Saturday, July 15, 2006

studying in a JC is not just studying only. i guess. you learn a lot of life skills and problems that you would never encounter as you move on towards your life. and it seemed that everi exam is something to be learnt. not onli academicalli.

now i come to realise the importance of pacing. hmmx. getting seriousli upset sometimes when i see some weird things happening around me. but then i cannot prevent them from occuring right? for every action would have its causes. and i just need to know how to pace myself. so that i do not get affected by anyone. i am still a happy soul so far. and i want to keep on with such a life. ya.

whether you are good or bad, people will still comment on you. that's one thing i have come to realise so far. that's why i think the world is fair to a certain extent. it gives people different better capabilities at different aspects. we have 110 days left to prelims. it is veri short, but it also means we have 110 days before graduation comes. so fast. 2 years le. how shld i feel?...

this week is packed with a lot of homework and tests comin up...ya it is realli a lot. but then i will still keep to the habit of blogging cause i seriousli don't think studying for 24 hours without stopping will make things better. i don't intend to pressurize myself too much, for if not, i mught just collapse and fall sick again. ya lox. sometimes i feel that i simply think too much. that i would get my emotions over my head and then it goes worse. but i will learn to control all this because i don't want such distractions to come and affect my life which is already hectic enough. hahax.

aniwae, this thursday met secondary sch pplx of interact club againx!!! yea! abt 6 ppl lo. we ate at KFC!!! hahax. the new chicken chop i didn't try cause i did not knoe how it taste. not a risk-taker so i still went for the budgeted student's meal. hEEx. k. and den we just walked around the supermarket to find out limited edition of sweets!!! den waiteid for aini to arrive and went to macdonalds again. talked for like an hour plus and as the clock strikes 10pm......all of us were simply too tired to continue. for me, i was simply dragging my feets home and tried my best to focus badly on the test for the next day. den within 5 seconds after i lie on my bed, i simply dozed off. hahax.

for one lesson i have learnt this week?
don't think too much.
which i am trying to do so!

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
1:54 AM

Sunday, July 09, 2006

holidays are often fun and special.
holidays are meant to be days for rest.
although i just had 5 short days of mid year break, i am glad that i had all this coming.

: )

it was a celebration of 4 person's birthdae todae on 9 july. mw, elf, mel, wy. so our celebration was at settlers and we met at 4:30pm. the presents we got for them were okie la. though some are realli veri last min. haha. but i am sure they will like it. it is so difficult to meet nowadays. i am glad 9 ppl still turned up in the end. hahax. aniwae, before we reached the place, me and mervy and ll went to buy the cake for the 4 b'dae ppl. so as we walked out of the cake shop, there was a row of ppl sitting in front of us directly. and i just almost fell down on the spot but managed to pick myself up with a "trying to act nice" position so it won't be so embarrassing and i just ran off immediately after the "sudden fall". heex. i am a seriousli directionless person. okie. nvm. aniwae, let's cont'd so we played at settlers. gave out presents like Santa Claus, then started eating dinner. afterwhich we played 3 kinds of games. i think the games were okie. deN we cuT the CaKe and by then it was 815pm lex. thOugh it was sundae, but den afterwhich we still walked around the night streets of Clarke Quay and landed at Liang Court Mac in the end. den started talking abt our recent life and some news updates. obviousli some gossips and craps. all of us have grown in some way or another but the friendship still holds for long. it is just something great. hahax. okie. and about onli 930pm we left the area for home. took a lot of photos and alreadi decided we will be meeting this coming national day. hahax. so it is exactly 1 month later....

i am seriousli feeling veri happie and relaxed when i get to meet rebel. aiyox. the feeling is just veri gd lo. come to think of it, we have known each other for 5 years. so long lex......we have kept such a friendship so far and i believe it will continue to move on. they are my motivation for JC life ahead. it is like recharging my battery. hahax. k. a bit exaggerating. but i don't know how to put it. aniwae, just feeling thankful to know them. it is a beautiful end to my mid years break....

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
9:28 AM

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

2:37am. hahax. but just cnt get to sleep. already used to the cycle of sleeping late lex. have to try to sleep veri earli when sch realli re-opens den....hahax.

hmmx. i tot since i cannot sleep, might as well blog. lolx.

start with some minor things first. i miss mother's cooking for like 4 months le. she haven been cooking after she met such friends. obviousli i am happie tat she has her own friends but the fact that she hasn't been cooking for so long simply make me feels quite weird. it is like you don't get to taste your mother's home-cooked food. and i have been eating so much "za cai fan"....i dont mean it is not nice. but it is simply just different when it is home-cooked. mabi she is happy with her new friends. i shld feel happie for her but i don in fact. okie, i will try. hahax.

my brother is in NS for like a month le. he is not gd with words but i was so surprised when he actualli left me a testimonial. he is realli a veri gd brother. hahax. my sister obviousli also veri gd la. hahax. okie. stop saying all this lex.... : )


so i thought since i haven been thinking abt the past, why not let me have this little time to type some craps??? u can seriousli stop reading from this point because the next few sentences are all about memories. just to pace myself down to remember the happy things to move on. so if you realli think that we should lead life forward without thinking at all about the past at once in a few months or years then i suggest you better not scroll. if not you will be saying why is this blogger so boring.....

ya sometimes we just need to stop ourselves from progressing so fast. mabi it is just for a few mins or a few hrs. but it is just a fact that we need to pace ourselves down at times also. hahax.
(Even though i haven finish my xam).
hahax. and so happie tat we will be going out again!!! hahax. dis sundae. with 4 ppl birthdae altogether. den it simply just reminds me of the secondary days again. but den it just reminded me. i won't think too much if not i will be so sad....hahax. and such kind of timing. when you have nothing better to do, then you will think of all your friends...ya lo.

talking abt the secondary school days........

do you still remember.......

-the first time we were all in secondary one and queuing up for our books?
-the first time when we took our class photo?
-the first time we had to take our exam in the container classroom?

or do you still remember.......

-the interact camps we held?
-the numerous meetings we had every saturday?
-the lunches and dinners that still continues till now?
-the times where we had to sell our goodies during Valentine's day, National Day and almost on every special occasion?

If Not, what about the memories of.......

-the prefectorial room where we have to report at 720am?
-the 6 checkpoints that was located for the old school?
-the canteen duties and the the arranging of chairs in during assembly?
-the numerous usher duties?
-the new council room?
-the prefect investiture programme?
-the special unqiue mixed dance that went all the way to 11pm?
-or even the booking quota that we had to meet?

Too vague?
what about the class?

do you still think about....

-the times we had our physics lessons?
-the times we celebrated numerous speical sch celebrations in the class?
-the times where we had the funniest english lessons?
-the times where no one would go for recess and stay in class to do maths?
-the times where we were formed into different groups during chinese group?
-the times where we celebrated onr chinese new year in class?

if all this is still too much,
then i will still remember.....

the times where

-we had in the canteen talking just for 15 mins and gossiping non-stop
-we went to each other's class and cotinued talking
-we took photos on the staircase
-we always went out for TPC banmian after school.
-we always had the favourite malay stall food.
-we had before graduation........

surely you remembered some?
me too.
but this are all memories.
it is just meant to flow out at such a late night.
we still live on the present to create better and nicer memories that await us.
isn't that so?

i guess we will create even better memories ahead of us.
everyone of us.


take care
smile always

Sweet-ed <3
11:38 AM

Monday, July 03, 2006

okie. just 11 more hours ++++ to my next paper.

or i shld say last paper. ern mabi not but the last formal one.

realli didn't know what to do before i sleep so might as well blog. hahax.

seriousli veri bewildered now. confused. complicated. just hope eth will be fine later on

would not want to comment about the past papers.
cause whether i do okie or not,
it is seriousli a matter of whether i did work hard or not + my luck.

but i seriousli hope eth will be fine
just like tomorrow.
and i will be so happy and contented.
that i can fly! hahax.

finalli can have a short break before i run through the last 2 laps.
seemed realli tough. didn't expect it to be like that.
but maybe i should try to enjoy and think abt the fun i am going to have after all this.
besides, i have so mani other things to take care in my life.

my famliy life is getting a bit bored though.
cause my brother is in NS, my sister started working, and my mother has her own friends.
so now home is filled with the "ME"ness...
ya, i am seriousli a slient person at home.
u just cnt imagine how quiet i am when i am at home.
just like what my brother says. hahax.
i like to stay quiet actualli.
but then
sometimes we need to know how to walk in tune with the world.

but thankfully of my family
that made me walked so far.
cox they are always there
even w/o saying anything.
that is gd enuff.

shld stop lex.
guess it is time to sleep.
if not no energy liaox.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
11:16 AM