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Saturday, June 17, 2006

i am blogging. i tot i could seriousli start studying after 10/6 cause it was like the last few outings that i would have. but i was wrong. i don't know whAt happened to me. i felt terribly upset for 3 days.

cox i got a normal fever on wednesday. so i tot mabi it was just cause i needed a rest and i sleep for like the whole day. den i realise it seriousli did not get any better. den i got worried. hAiz. oKie. nvm. Tat is not the end. lolx. i went to the doctor and den rest again on thursday. i felt much better on friday so i went to eat with my secondary school cca friends on friday. ya. but i must be realli stopit to do tat. todae morning i woke up i felt terribly bad. the room shaked and i trembled. tat was how i felt. den i tried to stand up and felt seriously giddy.

ya,den i was feeling giddy lo. den i weNt to the toilet and felt bad. i onli ate 2 mouth of noodles onli and den went to sleep again. and 5 mins later, after i sms my friend, i vomitted on the bedroom. i felt horribly painful as if my lungs were gushing out. (ok, i noe a bit exaggerating) but i really felt like tHAt. and den i went to sleep again for like 7 hours. hahax.

so tHis 4 days i was practically sick. i don' know why i become like that also. and when i am sick, i think of the 1000 things i have not done for mye, my heart would just beat faster. i must seriousli learn how 2 pace myself up lo. haiZ. i seriousli hope i will nvr face this encounter again. plz.

even when i sleep i sometimes dream of exams. i realli hope i can sleep peacefully. hahax. nvm. i will try to not stress myself for i don wan to vomit again.

i must admit mabi It was a combination of my own health and pyschological thinking.
i must realli learn to balance.
so to find a happier me.

i jusT want tO be hAppy!!! : ) argh. hahax. hahax.


: )

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
10:56 AM

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

102th post.

i have decided to continue blogging. because i cannot imagine the aftereffects of studying at home and not doing anything else except for eating, sleeping, studying and watching tv. what a lifestyle. seriousli hope to give myself a day of break once a week. if not, i think i will do some more knock my head on the wall again. hahax. (jkjk).

okie. the start is always very painfui because have to learn to be self-disciplined. it is seriously difficult. but okie, bear with it, everything will be fine. ya, just like what i have been doing to other matters too. heex.

recently a lot of nice albums released! like a lot of the songs but no money to buy. hahax. $, the world revolves around time and $. yes. $. even though it is nvr the main thing in life, however, you cannot do w/o it. (cliche) hahax. but isn't it true? how far can u go w/o it? to eat, u need $ also. hahax.

my brother is going to the army soon. 9/6. i guess not long after, probably less than 9 mths it will be my turn. i think i will most probably go and look at him on his 1st enlistment bax. hopefully he will be happy in the army. seriousli i don't think he will face as much as problems as me because he knows the world better than me. his perspective is much bigger. but then still hope that he will be okie in his next 2 yrs. it is going to be tough. i guess. but i know he will be able to clear it, for he is a strong person. hahax. i am not so worried yet because A levels is more worrying. hahax. just don have the time to think of 2 things at the same time.

oh, and my sister is going to finalli clear her last years of education journey. she has come so far and finalli going to throw the hat in july. hahax. she is realli veri smart. tat's wat i can sAy. hahax. think she managed to get her job already and i think it will be okie for her. hmmX. den it makes me wonder whether i will get the chance to throw my hat also. but then entering into JC means u want to move to somewhete to throw your hat. just where it is. hahax. but looks seriousli difficult. try. try. try.and more tries.

next outing will be probably soon. oh. finalli. can go out.
it is like 3 days= 3 years. hahax. lame rite.


that's all
have to do other things le.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
11:20 PM

Saturday, June 03, 2006

101th post.

okie. i said that i will not blog from 4 weeks onwards.
but i realise that i need to update some new events especially june i guess there will be a lot of birthdae to updates. hahax.

oKie and breaking the the month of may during the 1st of june (okie...broken english) was mervy's birthdae! okie the celebration was simple but better than last year....cox it rained. hahax. we went to bowling though i was veri late and my bowling score remained veri low. the birthdae boy was veri lucky and his score fabulouly high eh. around 200? hahax. 5 of us were there that includes mw, rachx and elf. oKie la. crapped a lot den we saw the duck tat his class gave. veri cute! like can float in the air and can stand de. after tat, we went to ajisen for dinner den melissa came! but i met her first because of some last min work. realli last min lo. okie the food was nice, at least i tot this was the most decent birthday dinner i ate. cox i did not had to wait for veri long and the food though was ex, but nice. especially the tofu and the chicken! okie...den we went to swensens and waited about an hour for the ice-cream. guess there were simply too mani people squeezing in the place at around 9pm! ya lo...i tot i should not have ordered cause the mango was realli.....amazingly too much. hahax. : ) so we left at about 10pm. by the time my pocket was already burnt or even scorched. including the presents.....

i think i am going to scrimp more during this period. somemore, got 4 more birthdae coming up! aiyOx. no $ le. never mind. kkx. interact going to meet soon for 1 of the 25 june holidays we have. at least i need to go out. i don't want to be stuck at home everiday. it will just become "fan xiao guo" of self discipline. hahax.

hmmx. i realise that i must progress with time. but i am not going to be realli bothered about that. just want to be myself. the way i like to be. but that is in control in some ways. ya. must learn. not only learning to study, but the way of a life alsox. and yup, being happie : )

take care
smile always

Sweet-ed <3
5:57 AM