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Thursday, April 30, 2009

yes!!! it is finally another long-weekend!
i have been waiting for it like...oh yes!!! haha***
and it means that it is MAY! woohoo!

things have been going fine. there is nothing really to update about and i am glad to be having what i have now. just need more money, probably. yes, more $. haha.

i was watching amazing race season N on channel 5. then it was about to be left with the last 4 pairs and i am seriously, seriously amazed by their determination and their limits that they can stretch to. their last challenge was the swimming part where they had to swim in this really huge pool that michael phelps swam in. then there was this girl who had a phobia for swimming and just kept crying. only until at last, she finished it bravely with the encouragement of her sister. (of course with a life jacket). that makes me think of the fact that i am a bad swimmer. okie, i mean not even bad, in fact i don't really know how to swim and i am quite disappointed with that fact. because i love to be in the waters, but fear of drowning. so that is really something ironic. well...i guess this will always be a problem. i remembered how i was push into the waters when i had the first touch of swimming lesson in pri.3. i can still recognize the voice of the really fierce coach...that really bad incident that instilled a fear in me at the last few lessons...and the fear of drowning. i guess it will be a pyschological problem that i will never be able to get over. just like how one is afraid of heights. never mind! at least i love to drink soup. though i know they have no link at all...haha. since both are in liquid state. hahaha. ok. i am mad.

well, that is all!
smile always
take care
(yanxing) 2009

Sweet-ed <3
8:14 AM

Sunday, April 26, 2009

~star awards 2009.~
i can't takeaway the fact that this year's star award is one of the most boring out of the many held. and i guess the best actor and best actress didn't feel the sense of winning and glory. it flashed so immediately that i was like "huh?"...as if the importance of the award was simliar to a best newcomer.

and "super star" have so little time to speak ah? in the end become under-run...worst than over-run. lolz. all the winners probably deserve a title. though i thought the newcomer and best actress won much more because of luck and their roles that they had. pagie chua & chen liping deserved better. never mind~ i believe that they will do gd next yr.

guo liang finalli won. but i seriousli feel that the host programme that he hosted was definitely not his best shot. he should have gotten this award for other variety shows he hosted last few years. this is much more like a ok..."finally it is your turn" kinda thing.

talking abt hosts, the whole world seemed to be ignoring Kym Ng for the whole night. probabli she is wearing all black? that is why even the guests did not introduce her when commenting on each nominee under the best variety host category.

and for goodness, please stop that BELL sound. make the whole awards ceremony so unprofessional. i expected much much more from this ceremony.

even the guests who was supposed to liven up the atmosphere failed quite miserably. i wouldn't expect zoe tay & ethan ruan to have any chemistry giving out awards. wondered who suggested such a match. at least chenliping & chewchormeng had a more interesting speech that was short and sweet.

and i had enough of little nonya. it doesn't seemed little anymore. don't belittle it okie. haha.
star awards?

please have a much more interesting one in 2010.
oh, by interesting does not mean to have more parrots and magic performances.
it means more laughter and hilarious speeches and a fair-award giving ceremony.

smile always
take care
(yanxing) 2009

Sweet-ed <3
7:41 PM

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i was reading the papers and i realize that our avg temperature will be about 35 degrees Celsius. i am very shocked that singapore is SO HOT. even the water that runs from the hose is warm.

how i wish i can just jump into the waters and swim freely. but the unfortunate thing is i am really quite lousy in swimming. childhood memories do play a part in our lives.

went to tampinesOne today and the weather was frustrating. i didnt really think that the shopping centre was any great. in fact, i found it realli normal. are all shopping centres like that-as in all went through a form of Mcdonaldization process? the same merchandizes, the same food outlets, the fast food restaurants etc.okie, probably there will be a few special outlet hiding in some other places...BUT, well, i must totalli agree that this country is flooded with shopping centres. and when one is newly opened, it will be Flooded with people. okie, i am just being complacent. the weather is really bad. haha. okie, that is all i want to rant.

smile always
take care
(yanxing) 2009

Sweet-ed <3
9:11 AM

Thursday, April 23, 2009

this is my 300th post. wow! = )
but i am posting this on a very very early morning.
cause i am very sleepy and i wanted to take a little break. lolz.
and i am really happy yesterday.
something that made me feel that studies are really important.
even though nothing has been confirmed, but getting the opportunity is already a fantastic thing to me!
i was like "shouting silently" when I read the news in the morning. had to keep low profile.lolz
i called my mum immediately. i thought she would be really happy to know about it. = )
but that moment passed rather quickly, just like how I felt when I received my A levels.

anyway, i have an interview on monday for a job @ NEA.
because i am actually quite tired of my current job.
need to earn money.
will see how it goes then.

smile always
take care
(yanxing) 2009

Sweet-ed <3
6:11 PM

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

todae took one day leave. haha. worth it?
anyway, this is something for a friend.
so to whom it may be relevant, take 1 min to read this and hope it helps:

即时是, 难道以后就没有其他更好的吗?

smile always
take care
(yanxing) 2009

Sweet-ed <3
8:11 AM

Saturday, April 18, 2009

had a slacking saturday. okie. probabli not to the extent of rotting at home.
at least i watched tv, did some writings, went for a run...
but everything is near home.
the torturing is however, the really bad weather.
i wish i can know more about what is wrong with the climate. gosh. humid X 1000.

-->and it is alreadi april. which means i have worked for 5 months. with the exception of the long break @ taiwan, i haven realli had a good rest. erm...with the exception of taking mani 1/2 days. hahahaz. but well, we are still young, we need to work, we need to earn, we need to carry responsibilities on our shoulders...okie. haha i think i am going too far-fetched.

i do like the times where i get to stay alone. but this miserable weather has spoiled it loads.
the time where i can just really rest. and not think. 沉淀. walking that far. heading to where. goals...i can all forget. and just let my brain sleep. haha. temporarily of course.

-->天气实在恶劣得离谱。虽然还不至于中暑。 想着想着,这样的天气,和社会的一部分是一样的吧。或许,也和人的情绪起着异曲同工之妙。天空的二氧化碳,潜伏着的危机,让地球暖化,就好像人的情绪被压抑者一样,殊不知那一天会爆炸。。。两人的差别在于,如果是前者的话,那世界只会面临末日的一天,而后者呢,就算爆炸了,最后理智的人还是会回到原点,就好像一种循环。至于好坏就得看个人的处理方式了。。。


smile always
take care
(yanxing) 2009

Sweet-ed <3
8:34 AM

Sunday, April 12, 2009

然后也发觉自己离大众的视界越来越远了。 慢慢地,开始不明白很多的所以然。
我也不想去猜测, 怀疑,就是开始了解放空的道理。
最好可以做到与世无争的境界。 哈哈。

(希望听起来不要太虚假才好。) 说到这里,我实在对一些事情有百般的无奈。

很多事情天生就是如此。 对于很多无聊也很无奈的误解,我实在懒得多作解释。 我真的很想脱口而出,说出我有多么的不满。 虽然说我从来也不介意当小丑,可是至少给我一些台阶下吧。 (当然,这指的并不是我最要好的clique,所以请不要误会。哈哈。)

就好像我已经听过无数次人每次在听电话的时候说“ma'am”这样的答复时的无奈。。。 请问这是我能控制的吗?还有很多诸如此类。。。 还好我还算开朗,对于着一些废话也懂得一笑置之。 不然我早就冒火了吧。 算了。 真的,懒得理。 只求那些人能够离我远一点。

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
1:41 AM