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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

well, today is juX 2 days after christmas (Monday) and To be more exact, this is the last week of December Holidays! ('',) Well, I am realli going to move on to a trial period of my life soon on 3rd January where I will meet some of my old friends, be it the good ones or the bad ones...Gonna see a lot of primary school friends again!

To be true, actualli i am quite upset over not doing well for my preliminary or in other words, I could say i am rather unhappy about my results performance in the 2 yrs...you could say i had too mani commitments or something like that but I still feel that all this results just because I didn't worked hard enough or maybe, I am that kind wif not talent to show at all with no potential...Well, maybe i shouldn't be too pessimistic about it also.. :( Sometimes, I do feel that I must realli do well for results lo...Why? Many ReasonS.... Some people say that results are not the most important thing in life, but to me, it is at this point in time, well, the most important priority>>>Anyway, jux heard some of my old friends getting many A1's for prelims la....haha <>>, but well as the saying goes "ren bi ren, qi si ren" hope some people do realli get this idea, though a friendly competition is a MUST in life.... (Contradicting ah?) Haha...Just like what one of the Beatty teachers say in graduation day, life is a contradiction.... :)

Anyway, let me move on to the next thing...Sometimes, I feel that habits are realli hard to change...Well, all human beings have good and bad habit..And I am definitely not an exception to be...haha :) Okie, let me move on...I do have some bad habits which I hope when 2005 arrives, all of them will juX vanished!!! haha...what a ..................................DIFFICULT wish...:)

Well, today something rather infuriating and quite stupid happened actualli...As all of us should know, it can be quite irritating if there is someone who actualli always boasts in front of you, be it whether the reasons are reasonable or not. Well, in life, there are jux such ppl. For instance, an accquaintance called you and asked you how you are lately...but listen to me...this is not what she actualli wanted to ask...Then she move on to say how well her son did, how tall her son is, and how proud she is of her daughter and how well her son is being in one of the top technical schools when that is nothing to be proud of....and when u try to talk back, she will spill the beans back to you saying abt how unchange ur daughter has been of still not growing and asking how ur son is doing....with an L1R5 of 16 whereas hers is a 12 when actualli it is 14 coZ' she insisted a bonus deduction....hahaX...and she ended off the call, leaving you feel so irritated.............BUT, if you ever feel irritated, juX like what I would, I have lost....totally, because I believe that was the person's aim of making such a haughty call...haha....So, in this circumstances, what cna we do? Well, as for me, I will get infuriated for a while and afterwhich, .......prove that person wrong that I will do better.....hahaX :) but that takes time.............so let time prove everything (lame) :)

OkiE, enough for today le....talk more the next time i am on blog again!!!

*PS: Visitors can drop some little comments and I will be so thankful!

Sweet-ed <3
3:18 AM

Saturday, December 25, 2004

I haven sleep yet when it is oredi 4:15am le...well, guess tat is the plain logic of staying overnite ba...haha quite happie actualli....the 5 of us staying back..okie let me cont'd to talk abt wat happen in melissa's house...well, after dinner, then we cont'd to play decks of cards, had our gift exchange which was quite fun and true...Anyway, after that, Jocelyn joined in and then Wei Ying, Rachel and Mervy plus LL had to leave cox they can't stay... we watched a DVD introduced by WY which was considered to be humotous but i tot it was okie onie....nOt tat funie actualli...:)

Now 2 out of 5 have climbed to bed....:)

Well, time to talk abt what i realli feel duRing this deCember holiDaYs....I see a lot of Sec 4 graduates start to have BGR...sorta of like a relationship le..And people start to ask me whether I hav ani one in mInd...soMetimes i juX have to force myself to give a rather Okie Answer, whicH is onie not totally tRue...the Reason is tHe time is not right and I don't have anyone in mind....Not for the moment, at least...:) Life is actualli very fufilling already...Ya, maybe having a BGR can create some excitment in life...but I juX feel tat if U are realli not going forTRUE LOVE, then think twice lo...Why hurt yourself? Some might aruge that happy processes do come by...well that is true and I can't deny...:) But, it really depends on whether a person does have the commitment or not, and it is true.Just like one of my friends who have a BGR for 2 yrs le...that is real commitment...and i am very "pei fu" ! So, realli, think hard...

EnoUgh of that...anyway my group had a session where we talked abt each other's flaws...and I must realli say all their pointers were quite right at me..Actualli i don't have a definition for myself and I am a realli contradicting person, ya...I think my life is mixed up of a lot of puzzles..at least for this moment, i am stil a happie person, but the next moment, i can juX be sad again....Anyway, some people say i am quite noT myself, well, actualli who dun want to be themselves and just onie themselves?? Me too...but sometimes circumstances make us not ourselves...I just dunno why sometimes I tend to get veri lame, sometimes I tend to get attention, sometimes I tend to want to mix in to some groups, sometimes i tend to be split-personality....Realli dunno...I am neither here nor there lolx....But all this are realli not the ME...maybe part of humorous, part of cracking jokes and part of being talkative and part of wanting to know more friends is me...but, what is the REAL me? Beats Me....haha :)

Still trying to think hard ba...
Maybe, one day if i find my identity, I will tell everyone... : )

MerrY X'maS and HoPe all wisHes come TRue....InCluding Mine!!! :)

Sweet-ed <3
4:34 AM

Friday, December 24, 2004

-->Haha! Today is Christmas Eve...the 8 of us are now located in melissa's house, awaiting for the other 2 girls..Meanwhile, we are still playing bridge...(poker cards) :) and well it was a rather quiet afternoon with realli nothing exciting going on...Just a few laughs over here and dere...Mervy was playing X Box..LL looking at smses, Rachel walking around, Melissa using her computer...well, and the rest will plaing decks...I thought that this Christmas is realli a white Christmas...Simple yeT quite peaceful @ the samE timE...diNner Just enDed....so mAni stuFFs haha quite bloated le...now all of them are eating pIzzaS.. :( too bad cannot eat but never Mind! actualli wanted to watch but it seemed tat all the ticx are sold out le....

Sweet-ed <3
2:38 AM

wow....i am realli glad tat i finally can post le...my computer realli very lag todae...haha! Anyway, today i am a bit boring at home but it was quite nice to hav a slack afternoon and playing with the toddler who is already 3 years old now...haha! Well, tml I thiNk it will be quite a happy day to be able to go to friend's house and celebrate a wonderful festive occasIon...And to all friends out dere, Merry X'mas!!!

Well, let me just give you a brief summary of what happened in the 4E1 chalet and some of my experiences....I thought this was my best chalet I ever had lo....This chalet helped me to Know more abt Yvonne and XT's grp and Judy they all also..I also knew more secrets and also feel that in fact, 4E1/04 is really a wonderful class with many fantastic people....haha :) We had played games like Bridge and "Da Lao Er" and even went to the beacH...I remembered the 3rd night vividly that onie "Ding Dang" group and XT, AZ, YO will left....ThEn JoCeLyn, Me, Alvin and Melissa weNt out to talk until the next morning....iT was a Realli wonderFul feelinG...talkinG out heartS out...and telling eAch other How we feel abOut one anothEr...though it waS damn Cold...acTualli wanted to wake WY and MW up, but They will SleepinG like LoGs....hahaX....I tHink thIs chrIstmas gatheRing will be A good Time for thOsE stayiN' talk their hearts Out ba...The barbecUe was quite a Success thOugh i could tell you thAt the fooD was definitely not enuff for around 30++ of us....haha :) Mr Tan came and I was quite touched actualli....I believe the rest were too....As he was the onie teacHer that made his waY to our Invitation....

DecembeR holidayS is coming to an end soon, but I realli hoPe that beFore iT ends, our Last wk will be filled with GreAt fuN!!

May Wishes Come TruE....

Sweet-ed <3
1:16 AM

Thursday, December 23, 2004

hello...haha... this is my 2nd blog le.....the Last Blog i was really too lazy to update anything due to the O levels! But fortunately everything is over and this is my new blog! Though simple, but I liked it a lot. December Holidays has been enriching in the first week and with gReat fuN due to ChaLet and GatherinGs...BuT thingS went for the Worst whEn i got Sick badly, Wallet Lost...tHat were mY worst DayS....These Few dAys stayInG aT home to Be a gOOd boY...hahaX....LooKing ForWard to ChrIstMas, JusT like wHat everYonE doeS...aNd WelCum me Back into the Blogging FamiLy..!!!

Sweet-ed <3
3:11 AM