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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

almost forgot to blog.
ha. i told myself to update. but i guess i just can't find things to say.
or because i simply know that someone will read this blog.
so i "Self-censor" unknowingly.

School is okay. just that it is really amazing how the pace gets people irritated and bad tempered easily..i hope i am not one and will not become one. i am trying not to complain to people (though it is really hard) but well at least i am trying. my targets are or my target is my aunty. ha. cause she will listen to what i want to say. (But then she will add it on with another 500 sentences. hahaha. ok. she is always positive i guess. = ) )

i love to eat but that is quite bad cause it will be really bad if my stomach becomes big. hahaha.
sometimes it feels really dumb to behave like a 12 year old when you are a 21 near 22. but i thought it is ok when you are with really gd friends. that is practically how i behaved yesterday when i was at a birthday celebration at kbox. haha. though it is quite obvious that we are al getting old. lolz~

it is getting difficult to know and understand people. so i rather not do it. what else?

actually nothing much to talk about.
that's life. actually. haha.

but this song suits me...


smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
8:46 AM

Friday, March 05, 2010

wow. 415am. yes and i am still not sleeping. still dared to use this time to blog.
haha. but i thought i needed to write something that would motivate people like me. who are always in need of motivation.

just wanted to drop some really short messages that hello there, our shoulders do get heavier with more responsibilities. we are all trying to learn as we grow. For those (especially the friends whom i am concerned about), setbacks are always around to test us and our patience. don't give up ok. though i am in no position to give better comments, it feels not too good when people around me are not doing too fine. we will pass through. and i believe we always share some similiar incidents (or even though they might be very different), we do share the same emotions at the same time. so do take care...

i admit that it is good to be busy, but do let it out once you have reached the threshold. i understand, that it is not easy, definitely. to all my friends who are facing any difficulty in their life at any period in time, let's all hope for the better and may such negative incidents turn us all into someone stronger.

(*ps: i have 350 rounds of dark circles overcrowding my eyes. i think i will get the champion. haha.)

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
12:16 PM

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

recess week came too soon. so i have quite a long part 2 before the semester end.
hmmz. but i am glad that things are still alright so far; though it can get a bit stressful, especially with the really humid weather that gets people very irritating. but, yes, i must overcome this really scary weather, just like my modules. haha.

take care
smile always

Sweet-ed <3
7:50 AM