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Monday, December 26, 2005

oH.......time reall flies...like whatsoever.

hahax. it is already the 26th december, this is my 71th post....which means that i within the 365 days, i completed 71 posts....

how 1 year goes...2006 coming, saying goodbye to 2005.
turning 18, leaving 17.

but...mabi i should not think of such things now.

christmas was nice this year still. though the actual celebration was onli on the 25th.

i had one on 24th, with my small JC clique...then xchange some "small stuffs"...but not bad lax. next year, i don't even dare to look. even though it is just 7 more days...

25/12...was CHRISTMAS! rebel met and it was all the 10 of us+ mother....:) i reached at like 5pm which was so late....but not the last! hahax. then by the time i reached, they were all squeezing in the room. okie, i am exaggerating. den gave out individual cards, den saw 'em reading...a bit farnie that they read in front of me. hahax. okie, den we ate pizza like 4 pieces each which was so much! but veri nice. hahax. den talk to melissa first. cause quite long nvr keep in touch with her...: ) den "jian jian" talk to the rest and all of them....it was a mini gathering. i suppose. after dinner, we started rotting and waited for the time for gift xchange! we started at 9pm +++ and i think quite farnie. that session. hahax. because we actualli even planned who is supposed to buy for who in 2006.... which is like so FAR...hahax.

den at 10pm ++ melissa and weiying had to go off first....they couldn't catch the midnight show...but then nvm, still got next time. didn't realli get much time to talk to them. lolx. haha. den left 9 of us, and jocelyn came at 12! hahax. den all of us rushed into the theatre, and i was clumsy enough to be holding on to a big drink and a big popocorn.... hahax. the show "the chronicles of narnia"....is not bad..though i thought the climax was a bit fast...hahax. but it brings you to another world of fantasy where kids can do wonder...hahax. not bad. at least i didn't sleep halfway like someone haha.

okie by 2:45 am, we were back at rachel house. i was definitely very very tired. but i was dramatic enough to be holding on to a "flower" and just fell from a bed to the floor. ern..quite childish...but at this age, at least i am still in the "teens"!.....i thought we maybe will talk and do something till the next morning, but as expected, one by one, we fell asleep....but that was like at 4am....(1st person sleep) i was the 2nd to lie down on the bed, listeing to mp3...den kep thinking abt next year.....................................................den i stopped.

i onli managed to shut my eyes at roughly 5am...and took a 4 hours nap. woke up at like 9 ++++ and den ate breakfast, and the 6 of us (rach,mervy,ll,elf, hh and me) left played UNO. hahax. until like 2pm....den we left. mervy had to go to his aunt house, i think. so left 4 of us. den we ne? hahax. we went to tpc to eat ban mian...den talk talk. so i reached home at near to 4pm. i guess the next meeting will be quite long...but i do precious this moments.

just as many of us would.

i guess we will be meeting maybe during someone's birthday den. when all of us 1 by 1 turns 18. hahax. except for joc. who is only 16 now...hahax. :)

right now,
rebel is moving on to the 4th formal year.
friendship is on the 6th year....
and counting up....

how wonderful digits can be.
hahax. just don get too mathematical. that will do.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
7:13 AM

Sunday, December 18, 2005

recentli i read a webpage that was send by my friend...abt controlling temper...

i think some suits me...heex

You are generally quiet and have control over your emotions. It is difficult to predict what will upset you, so when you do lose your cool, people don’t know how to react. Your temper is like that of a raging bull, and anyone trying to pacify you will be the first one to get a verbal bashing. You generally get upset when you are concerned or when people accuse you of doing something wrong. You also hate being reminded about mistakes you’ve made in the past. You also have the potential to be terribly vindictive if rubbed the wrong way.

erm...hahax...okie. so that was me.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
7:24 AM

Sunday, December 11, 2005


i am back to blogging again. cox didn't realli knoe wat to write previous days. now, at least i have something to blog about, something to recall...haven been blogging for quite some time, i guess.

holidays is moving on to the 4th week. 3 more weeks before school starts. 21 days. this holidays is especially precious to me. i cannot imagine how the 4 weeks have just flew past me. 28 days. this is the first actual holiday that i get to gather with my friends whom i might have lost contact for long or whatsoever. but i am now left with 3 weeks. and i still have so many uncompleted hols assignment. but if i don't make full use of the hols, i cannot imagine when will be the next time that i will enjoy myself. actually, this holidays, 1/3 of time is coped with working. so it is not that fun, actualli. but NO CHOICE. i guess. hax.

holZ has been fun and easygoing so far....it all started from going out wif rebel, den followed by class chalet at the end of november, then december (which is practically now) is gatherings with CCA friends in secondary school. as for JC clique, erm... ...hax. okie, don wan to go into detail actualli.

BUT chalet was not bad. got talk to kah yee they all. and den the rest also got. haha. 3 days 2 nights flew like 3 hours and 2 minutes. but XT is organizing another bbq on 27 dec! yea. haha. okie. and 26 dec will be rebel gathering. this year have to postpone right. erm erm. hahax. 28 dec will be with ex-co outing. that one is realli 1 year once de outing lo. hahax.

oKie. aniwae. all this are not the focus.
todae, what someone said realli made all my past 1 year memories flew back. suddenli...

todae, ratna was back!
ya. den me and aini and yiling met her first at 1130 hours...den we started talking a lot of things. say how long we have never met le.

ratna said "wa...1 year never see your le!"
aini said "ya lo! so long!"

in the midst of conversation...

ratna said "i am so old alreadi 20..."
aini said "ya...we are all 17 already!"
ratna replied "ya! 4 years really went so fast ah..."

and for 5 seconds, that particular moment, the atmosphere was so quiet.
i didn't say anything. just feel a tinge of sadness.
haha. this is my only holidays to get back the feeling that i had in secondary school.
but looks like time is going tickling fast....
it is so drastic...already 5 years...going on to the 6th year.

at the end of conversation.....

ratna said "ok...i go off first k. cya again! keep in contact."

i was actualli a bit upset.
don't know why.
it just sounded like what i heard a year ago.
time has again moulded us into a different person in 1 year's time.

but friendship still goes on strong. as far as i believe.

i realli cannot imagine how life will be for JANUARY 2006.
i will be back to the "me".
doing what i feel is right.
mabi what someone said to me was right " i can't adapt to changes."

but i think there is an error with the statement. if i was to amend it...it would be:

"the changes are too drastic for me to accept."


what is more worrying is i am more afraid that once i accept a new adaptation, i will tend to forget the other. but. i tend to prioritise in the end. so, i am not a type who can balance well. at all! hahax.

as far as i know....
this are the things i will remember

-->the canteen breaks (recess time)
-->all the dance practices....hahax.
-->the 700 morning
-->the interact meetings.
-->the ban mian "lao de fang"

and the person who seats in 4E1/04
at the 3rd column/4th seat---> who is ME!!

please pardon me for still mentioning the old days.

hopefully it would be my last.
oh no.
first of the last, then.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
3:04 AM