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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

todae is 27th december
2 days after christmas. feeling strange. hmmz. well just i don't know how to sae also. hAz.

at a point where i don't know what i am doing for what reason for what purpose. well, don't realli want to think of the past cause it will make me a bit upset. so, ya probably not think too much lo.
: ) : )

todae went out with rach, my and mervy to walk walk everywhere. walk all the way from chinatown to city hall! legs almost gone and it was raining quite heavily also. well, through the way just walked. i was asking myself what happened to the lively me. but i guess i was simply feeling too complex to have said much. i was realli a bit tired. but i don't know why also. but i am still quite : ) cox still gt do some stupid things on the way....the friends feeling is there still .....hahaZ. yea! hAhAz. rachel was tinking of how i would survive NS. ya, i tot so also. in my clique of rebel, i think i am the one who won't make it the most loz. hAHAz-but well i guess it will realli be alright (be it a self-console or wadever)....hAhAz.

was on my long way to chinatown to meet them...then my mind just kept thinking and churning.....den finally come to some senses. hahaZ. (as in some points.....come to senses sounds quite wrong)....hahaZ. should learn to see things @ a broader perspective. coMe to realise that i get tensed up too easily. so i am realli going to learn to relax well. hahaz. also give myself more "kong jian" in the meantime.




smile always
take care
(yX) 2006

Sweet-ed <3
8:17 AM

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

*it was christmas again*
hahax..... : )

2006 christmas was very heart-warming and : ) for me. i remembered 2004 christmas was also at melissa's house loz. hahaz and i was saying how am i going to move on to my new chapter of life veri soon. now the same thing applies again. hEEz. after this year's christmas i will be moving to another segment of my life, going to get down and one transistion and boarding at another stop which will be a veri tough yet one that could possibly be filled with learning experiences.

back to Christmas....

Christmas was fun!
rebel met at 6pm but mani ppl were late. heez. including me so we started our outing at settlers ar around 645pm and it was fun! hahaz. we had a total of around 5 different games for 3 hours +++ though mani of them were those which we played before....like the ring bell want (hahaz.....that game veri exaggerating loz. somebody from our clique even hurt his hand while trying to ring the bell) hahaz.....so farnie siaz. okie. but because we played in 2 grps (cox the grp was large), the winner for my grp was veri exaggerating....he held to almost all the cards. hahaZ. den also played UNO STACKO....jiamin was the final loser.hehez. but it was obvious cox everyone wanted to "sian hai" her.....hohoz. onli ard 7 ppl stayed (including melissa herself) and well....i guess it was quite okie la...hahaZ. cox we didnt sleep all the way until 5am +++ and we were talking....hmmz. hear some old and new things. some were repetitive some were surprising. hahaz. but it was still fun afterall. Just as i sae, i don't have to sae much but i can laugh all the way. hahaZ.

left at 12+ with mervy cox was too tired. didn't want to go for ban mian. probably my head would get stuck in the bowl because of my heavy head which was so sleepy. hahaz.

this christmas is : ) because of the cards that i have received from Rebel. this is the most number of cards i have received from rebel! hahaZ. but all is veri de short de lorz (hahaz...i too chang qi ba) hAHAz...but what comes after happiness leaves a tinge of sadness. time seemed too past too fast...well and just a twinkle of an eye the christmas is over.

well, may we look forward to the next christmas.
with lots of merry wishes

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
5:29 AM

Sunday, December 24, 2006

***mErry Christmas!

christmas eve was boring for me. i stayed at home all day. cox have no appoinments *sob*hahaz. so had to stay at home to finish the rest of the work and the little tokens i am going to present to my clique on 25/12! hahaZ. which is todae. 3 more hours and i will be out of home, on my way to settlers! this year gift is the most time-consuming ever. though it might not turn out well, but at least i have tried my best! hahaz. and i am quite glad i actualli did it lo. hahaZ. i think i can break the guiness records for the most no. of words ever written. hEEz. guess that christmas is simply an occasion for people to gather and have fun right! hOOhOOz.

recentli got a veri nice song. actualli not veri recent oredi la. heez. the show right.....actualli the nicest is not the theme song and the ending lo. it is the one called "parrot". though parrot initialli i thought it was a weird name, but the title of the song is "parrot" because it is trying to mean that someone is always repeating the same sentence of "I love you" to another person....hahaz. i read it from somewhere lolz. hahaZ. hOOhOOz.

oKoK that is the end.
and 18 more days onliz!!
but i think it will be all be fine ya?
hahaz. self console.
aniwae doraemon theme song hoh....
the ending part...it was the first time i realise the chinese lyrics.

it means that we all have different faces, some have triangle, rectangular, but if we all smile, we will be circular face like DORAEMON! hahaz. so cute right.....hahaZ.

yea. doraemon WAN SUI!

-smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
10:14 PM

Sunday, December 17, 2006

i thought i would be already sleeping by this time.
but then i actualli woke up cause i felt my stomach was too empty.
but i was too LAZY to move.
so my mum actualli went downstairs to buy roti prata for me.

it is just a normal occasion actually, well but because of certain things, it makes me feel i don't know what to say. i am still a bit touched actualli. though the mani things that had happened after a while. but then i am still clear-headed okie!

seriously i am facing the $ crisis. with tons of christmas presents and the last few outings i have before 2007 begins, this is really going to cost me like 3 bombs? hahax. but then well i just feel like going since ya....

this year christmas present is especially tough to make. er.....i hope it will come out alright. i have spent about 3 days (though not full days) but i am onli like 12% done? hahax. and the main section is still not ready. but i realli it wil turn out gd. besides, i doubt i would be making any in 07 and 08 as i would be so busy with army life by then. (sounds so Optimistic huh?) hahaX.

probably try to scrimp and eat bread everydae! hahaX. although i wll never do that to torture my stomach lolx! hahaX. it is realli farnie when you start to realise some things but then you noe u just can think abt it and well that's all. ya. hahaX. : )

to be remembered.

around 26 more days.
i will have to spend them veri wisely.
and i hope I WILL!

my sister is now having his wonderful reunion at BALI with her other 9 secondary sch friends. hope that she is having fun and importantly, not forgetting to get a present for ME! hahax.

think rebel shld go for JAPAN tour hahax when we are that old and earn our own $. heeX.

i am so glad that REBEL is finalli meeting in all on christmas. how long has that bEEN....
though i still get to see some of them in small grps, that is.


i regret watching the "fu zi" show. oh my gosh.
it is realli...well mabi i am not an artistic person la.
but except for the little cute 9 yr old boy who acted natural and well, and making you feel touched for that 0.05 seconds, the rest of the actors or cast are like.........

well, i promise not to challenge myself to go for such "wen yi bian" again. argh!!!
it is simply a waste of money. seriousli bad. deck of the halls could be a better show. shld have chosen that.


tmR going to walk walk with rachel and mervy! hahax. meiying joining us for dinner later. tuesday got 4E1 steamboat! spend money again!!!! so happy!!! hahax. okie, i admit that i am mad. but the spending $ part realli breaks my heart lo....just can't bear to part with it!


when 2007 arrives....
in 13 days time.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
10:05 AM

Saturday, December 09, 2006

seemed unable to find a suitable subject or title for my blog. hahax. but anyway. it is already 340am. hahax. just as usual, i am not sleeping yet. hEEx. i think i can be an owl. wonder how i am going to survive NS like that. hEEx. oKie La. but i am going to take it like how i take my studies. it is just going to be a bit more challenging. heeX. though it might not sound too convincing.

Recently listening to a veri wonderful song.....OST from goong. but not the main ones la. it is called "parrot" in chinese or Howl. hahaX. veri nice i like. hahaX. the background music is not too complicated but then it just has the feel. hEEx.

since it is late at night, so it is realli nice to blog @ this period. lazie to excercise so i have dragged the schedule all the way until like don't know when. hEEx. but cannot zhe yang xia qu de.

but if my going into NS will change mani things, i will be much happier : ) (provided they are gd)/
2006 hasn't come to an end, but i must say it has been the most exhausting year i had. mentally and physically. trying to pass my NAPFA and A levels and my Family. fortunately, i still have a veri supportive grp of friends who i can rely on. hAHAx. i am realli grateful for that. ehx..(.my brother talking to me) totally break what i want to type lo! hahax. but never mind la.....hahaX. i love my brother and my sister. hahAx. i think they are the most wonderful people in the world.....okie. probably i shld not type that but i just feel so. heeX : ) ehx....i think i have to take back this words...cox they are arguing again...at 340am lo! hahax. unbelivably....

being happy is important and i know i will feel more optimistic. so i am going to do it. just for this month, i will follow what my heart says. hEEx. let my brain rest for a while. this 6 years of life has indeed been the most exciting life. but too bad, we cannot go thru' it the 2nd time. so we always think that we shld have spend it more wisely. but......that always come after when things are over. so, sometimes, we just have to move on to a better future. ya? hahAx.

i am going to type some things here.
probably it is veri complex.
i don mean the language.
cox i don even noe what am i trying to derive.






smile always
take care
yX 2006

Sweet-ed <3
11:30 AM

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

finalli back from 4E1'04 chalet! wa.....i guess this is the 5th chalet we had so far. hahax. although onli abt 20 turned out for bbq, i think mabi probably some of 'em are busy? but it was fuN still, though much tiring...... : )


DaY 1

dAy 1 was oKie. reached thE chalet at around 4 with xt, my, mw,wy and alvin. den we basically sat there and after tat watched tv. den started playing farnie concentration games....hahax all the way until 8pm. den we went for dinner. kah yee was oredi with us by then le. Ly's clique came except HY. cox he sick so i miss his treat. sianx. hahaX. so i tot the first day was going to be just like that. but luckily it wasn't. though TV was on all the way till 130am at the 2nd day.

DaY 2

this is indeed the moSt moSt tiring day. i totally didnt sleep a wink at all lo in dAy 1. by 430am, i was still awake talking. at 630am, woke jocelyn up and me, mw and alvin went to the Changi Airport to send joCelyn's friends off. i love the Changi Airport in the morning. though everyone seemed to be in a rush, but it is just veri speical. u don't get to see it often lox. but i must admit i was veri tired lEx. so at ard 8am, we ate at macdonalds at C.Airport Terminal. tat was not the end. cox we had to rush for our next programme at 11. so we met wy at 10 am at pasir ris and rushed to K BOX by 11am and then started singing. hahax. everyone was veri energetic by then. 4pm reach the chalet and time to prepare the barbecue. wa! finalli saw mani ppl coming by around 7 pm. pei shAn and eLyse cliQue camE. ehX. they plAyed some realli DARING games hahax. and they drunk quite an amount of wine. (for more info, check out XT's blog) hahaX. 10pm most ppl had already left, leaving 8 of us. rebel in 4E1 (which only gt 5 ppl) had to start re-barbecuing with the food left. hahaX. so we ate like crazy again and i tink i went to the toilet for 4 times at least. hAz. but it is realli fun with jocelyn they all. hahaX cox don have to say much, you can already laugh like mad. : ) the 4 of them were all veri tired by then after BBQ

Day 3

i was actualli veri tired but i didnt want to sleep. somemore haven go to the beach yet. so went with KY, XT and MY. we drew 4E1 using sparkles and used candles to wish for something gd. hahAx. but i must admit the candles and sparkles looked realli nice in the night. veri speical and ya lo. hahaX..
i slept at 630 am and had to wake up at 1000am to check out.........that wasn't the end. after that, rebel went to meet the other ppl in rebel...rach, ll, mervy. hahaX. eat at mOS burger. i tink the cashier got a shock cox of my big panda eyes. den went to rachel house. realli like rachel hOuse lo! hahaX. eSpecially her bed that is filled with lovely soft toys. got all kinds of cartoon la! so nice. nvm christmas go her house must take away all of 'em. hahaX. aniwae, realli must thank her a lot. she always remembers to buy sth for us when she is on holidAy de lo! hahax. christmas coming! rebel meeting as a grp of 10! wa. still got steamboat. so excIted! hahaX. i enjoy being with ''em because i tink it is always veri fun.....den have to meet 1 day earlier to get the ingredients...family shopPing.hahaX.

back to the more impt thing....chalet! hahAx. i tink chalet was still fun and i hope it will cont'd next yR...but must put iN wkenDs lo! hahaX. but i believe 4E1 will have a class outing again. since we haven paid up to the organisers yet hahaX. den we can den meet wif more ppl! hahaX......

update more soon.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
9:36 AM

Sunday, December 03, 2006

wanted to change my blogskin but because simply i was too lazie too changes and i tot i couldnt' find a doraemon blog that was better than this....hahax : ) okie la, but must thank xt for doing it for me the last time lox. hahaX.

someone tagged sae my blog veri pessimistic....hahax. it just happened to be so oKie....ya lox.....and this is the only way i can bring out my dissatisfaction. if not, how can a person be always happie? : ) hahax....

HAve been sLacking much these 2 days. basically doing nth much. no projects = no work. hahax. but aiya, i rather not work now and do some other things lox. hahaZ. but when u are too free, u tend to let ur mind think too much. ya, i guess that is probably not something veri gd. hEEx. :)

orh. class chalet coming. interact outing coming. finalli rebel outing coming! shld be la....hahax. so :)

i dont like to stay @ homE. i like to stay at home. hahaX.

it is weird isn't it. with such a contradicting statement. but if u were living in my house, u were know what i am trying to say... just don wan to see history repeating itself. but i love this home. because i have 2 veri wonderful siblings. hahax. though they seem to be always short of cash. i guess the 3 of us have one long-term goal: that is to be RICH. hahax. we are just so practical. but isn't this life? i realli don understand why there are ppl who sae $ is not important at all. oKie. probably u need not get veri rich, but at least u need a sufficient income.

okie, for the next few statements if u don't agree, it is okie. but it is just my personal opinion. ya... my personal opinion. cox there are girls who will sae sometimes "i dont mind if my partner don't have money at all, even if he does not work also nvm, what matters is he like me.....".....when i hear this, i just turn off lo. hello! excuse me. so are u going to live off by eating the air? i mean it is okie not to be rich, but obviousli there is still a need for basic income right. so, i just don't get it when some ppl actualli sae that. are they living in their fairytale stories? yes, there are fairytales stories, but don talk abt it w/o money. hahaX. i noe this is veri practical .but isn't this a practical world we are living in? probably i will believe all this in my 3 yr old bed-time stories, but now? forget it....all this just cannot stand at all.

so, my conclusion is that ya we are living in a world of reality. we can get off to our own world sometimes, but we still have to get out of it and adapt to this society. ya lo. can we always living in our own world? no obviousli not. then u will realise that u will have to migrate to other countries lo. hahaX.

oKie...forget abt all this talks. probably they are just craps.

more importantly,
happy 2nd anniversary yr to my friend and her boyfriend okie! hahax.
get married soon la. hahax.

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
4:14 AM

Friday, December 01, 2006

toDae.went out alone for 2 hours. though veri short. but it was enuff for me to tiNk abt toA payoh central...well, many many thingS.

actualli didnt do anitink much. just went to cut my hair....den walked around in tpc....went to library to return books that were not mine...den went to eat ice-cream. the ice-cream is veri special cox it reminded me of mani things. this ice-cream vendor has been there when i lived in toa payoh in Primary 1. i remembered clearly that he was the onli vendor then who sells HK traditional ice-cream. now, all the other brands come in to fight business with him.....but all not veri gd. hahax. his is still the best no matter whAt. ----

so i went to the vendor and get the cone. i remember my 1st ice-cream on the street was from him. the same type. just that now there are 2 more flavours. initially in the past, there was just durian, chocolate and strawberry. now he adds on to chendol and ah-tah chee flavour so it becomes 5......

the ice-cream still tastes wonderful while i was walking down alone on the streets. it wasn't lonely mentally cox i was tiNking of too mani thIngs. i remembered that was like 6 or 7 ba.........how i miss those family days...though i was still a cry-baby who likes to get scolded and ya....but it beats now. though it is still a family. family??? hahax. but i have moved out of that terrible stage already. i will never forget the day when i called my aunty.......it was the worst day i had when it totalli clashed with my A's preparations...but everything is over. though the ending is not gd. but at least i noe that everything is finalli over. hopefulli.

of cox TPC was my hangout for my 4 secondary sch years. but there are too much to remember such that i tot aiya, might as well forget it. since next time still have loads of time...hahax.

life is so unpredictable.

smile always
take care
(yX) 2006

Sweet-ed <3
7:25 AM