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Monday, December 31, 2007

here are some pics taken on 311207...with my rebel's clique againX! @ settlers and trying out veri best to create the atmosphere in Japan when it is at clarke quay...lolz!!! : )

i thought i must blog todae.

yes it is the first day of 2008
(ps haven change blogskin yet...give me more time. lolz)

recalling back 2007...

it is a year of uncertainty.
a year where i started a brand new chapter.
a year of wonderful friendships,
a year of unknowns
and a year of happiness and laughter,
tears and sadness.

to conclude 2007,

i think i am still alright. 2008 seemed more to be a continuation of 2007. i didn't get really excited when i knew that countdown was going to take place. it didnt seem to bother me for that moment once.

i hope 2008 will be a veri smooth year ahead.
such that i no need to think that much
and i can be happy,
happily moving on to my age of 20.
life still goes on,
and i just hope eth one that i treasure will be alright and doing finez.

well, i am still awaiting for that special someone though.
as for the other aspects, i think i am seriousli veri glad.
well, let's not be too complacent.
it is just the 1st day of 2008.


it will be a good year ahead i guess!

smile always
take care
(yX) 2008

simply too tired...so will do a good entry later the day on 2007 and 2008 events.... : )

Sweet-ed <3
9:49 AM

Saturday, December 29, 2007

-we celebrated jocelyn's birthday in advance...with a deuter bag and a t-shirt...i think it was around 330am then...and it was done @....-

MY BROTHER'S 21st!!!
yea!!! it was my brother's 21st birthday celebration yesterday @ Aloha Loyang. That place is really not very easy to access...But the place was okie la. nothing big to complain about...2 years later, it will be my 21st!!! : )

this is my cousin Kristine going to Primary.1 next year. lolz. 99% alike her mother. hahaz. she came to the party too and created a lot of "qi fen".

-the 21st birthday boy cake!!!-

-the very homemade food made by my Grandma! the curry is especially nice lo!-


Obviously, i invited my clique to come and stayover for one night since my brother asked me that time and i am so glad that they came! hahaz. it was a wonderful occassion as it was rare that we could stay over. it sort of also like compensated the stay over we missed on christmas! lolz~~~and we had loads of games...

-->in the photo: jocelyn, rachel, mervy, mingwei, jiamin, liling, alvin, melissa

they reached the earliest! lolz~they came even before my brother's friend came! hahaz! but their presence are so important! we spent 2/3 of our times in this room... 1/3 at the beach...where we celebrated jocelyn's bdae in advance.

the dolls from mingwei when he was in China...symbolizing the 10 of us!

*oops...a bit obscene but well all in the room...that is why they are able to win the most zuo zuo partners every year....* : )

*hahaz...trying their very best to show their jawlines...*

i think we played a lot of games...and many were very new to me...so i lost a lot of times. especially there was this one particular game which required loads of concentration....i think it was the 1st game...Number99 was funZ...and the sound games were interesting too! : )

and here were the punishments for those who lost...

-mervy drinking...with a santa claus mouth. lolz-

there were also other forfeits la. like erz okie like jumping jacks, saying who love who thruout the game and of course, jackpot! Here is a snippet of what is jackpot all about! : )

i thought beers are really awful. at least drinks like vodka and barcardi was much better. they didn't make you feel so uncomfy. lolz.

-group photo with my brother and my clique-
****I think we stayed up very late till near 6am and all of us collasped to the bed by then! But it is really a rare get together session that we stay overnight! will be looking forward to more of such eventful and fun occassions with my clique next year!***
smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
5:13 AM

Thursday, December 27, 2007

--> i finally watched warlords yesterday! to my surprise, the movie theatre was still like 85% filled with people even though it has already been screened for 2 weeks. this means that the show would have well...earned loads of $. lolz.

-->Warlords is a good movie. It is veri realistic. It is so realistic that it talks about how people can forget about their friendship and brotherhood just to move higher and higher. it is just that the setting is in the past. is it really true? all those logics that seem to be so undesirable suddenly turn to be so politically correct. only till the end, then everyone finally gets to realise what they had promised initially. is it true that when relations are put to test, everyone would only go for their own benefits? or is that human nature???

-->Andy Lau was the best actor in the show to me at least. i thought he really got a breakthrough. Takeshi is still very charismatic, and some of the scenes he did quite well showing his innocence to the whole situation...

i liked the show. : )

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
6:04 AM

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas... 25/12/07***

1130 hours
-woke up in the "morning" and started completing all the pressies that i have yet to complete...from yesterdae nitez.

1230 hours
bathe and then moved out city hall to meet my jc clique

1400 hours.
erZ...ate @ the food court at Marina Square cox veri veri broke leZ. and chatted with 3 of my jC frienDs. xchange gifts and it was quite a gd time to cactch-up though.

1700 hours
reached meLissa's house and i thought i was already quite late. in then end i turned out to be the 2nd earliest. lolz. but then it was okie la. cox i chatted with ll and mel also.

1815 hours.
almost everyone reached. it was quite farnie because this time rach, mervy and mw wasn't aroudn. hmmz. onli 2 guys left. i just felt a bit weird w/o them la. cox they have always been attending christmas. bbq food was nice though. that was the veri 1st time i was so involved in the bbq process. lolz. chatted and bbq.. it was quite simple but nice still.

2100 hours.
finally completed bbqing. took loads of picture. and it was time to watch the video. some parts were not cut veri well. but i guess the memories are more important.

2200 hours.

gift xchange time! mervy didnt turn up but he still brought us a lot of sweets and chocolates! : ) will be eating them on 28/12. jiamin also gave each of us a "Cake"...i think this cake is quite popular as a christmas gift bAz..even my sister got it. lolz. i also gave mine "wood"...erm. ya loz. then the rest of the X'mas xchange will be done on 28/12

2300 hours.

still at mel's house crapping. erZ. but wy and mel was clearing up the mango pudding cox there were too many left. like housewives. lolz. elf was trying out his cap and beanie. joc surfing the net and i was simply taking photos here and there. hh, ll and jm talking abt the next outing...on 281207.

2325 hours.

rush to catch the last bus! in the end there was no bus and we had to cab home...but then it was stil fun afterall!

i tink 28/12 would be even more fun coz all of us will be coming...erz though my brother's birthdae is still more impt. lolz : )

*thanks for the xchange gifts and the t-shirt i got. erz. yupz. that's all from christmas. ***


i think i am quite easily affected and swayed by what people do and says. sometimes the way they put their words make me feel no sense of importance. it is actualli quite tiring sometimes but i don't know how to put it in words also. sometimes just feel that i am quite insignificant. feeling inferior is already bad enough i guess. some problems seem to be never-ending. sometimes i hope i will never get angry which i am always trying to but it is so hard. well...probably i am doing well enough as a friend. that is why i am not still not veri important to mani people. i thought i could rely on friends sometimes but sometimes what i expect from always turn out to be a disappoinment. i cannot feel the sense of attachment and belonging at times too that i feel like crying. well. i guess this is life. okie. i realli shouldn't think so much. but why does the question keeps bothering me? probably i am the only one with so much time. i think. i think i should stop if not someone anonymous would tag my board and complain about me again.

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
1:00 AM

Sunday, December 23, 2007

todae has been a tiring day for my legs. i guess they are complaining quite a lot now cause they are aching..hmmz. shopping is never a FUN word to me. (unless i am buying my stuffs la...hahaz!) todae went out wif mervy, elf, mel, jm and rach to walk walk, buy christmas gifts. erz...from far east to wistma and from wistma to taka back to far east and to taka...practically like a circular motion. lolZ.

feel so much like going to KboX worz...wait for mingwei to come back then we should go 2gether! lolz. christmas is just 2 days ahead and i think i would be celebrating christmas eve at home tml. i wouldn't want to crowd around with "N" people given the crowd i saw todae @ Orchard. i would just drown inside...erz. i am NOT exaggerating okie.

sometimes i can't help to hope that i was born rich. so buying things wouldn't be hard. i wouldn't have to think too hard and consider that much. but come to think of it again, i wouldn't want to sacrifice the : ) that i feel with my friends and siblings and family as compared to all those...

practically speaking, i have so many wishes that i hope will happen...lolz. i will work hard, i guess. life...i think it is a very funny thing. hmmz...indeed. we are all never-ever satisfied with ourselves, yet we always try to tell ourselves we are satisfied. hmmz. simply too many ironies in life.

but i am glad who i am.
i wouldn't want to change the way i am.
at least for now.

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
4:44 AM

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

~~~i need sometime to change my blogskin. hopefully i can achieve that by 2008~ i am a veri miss oldies person. lolz~~ so i don't like to throw away a lot of things. even though they could be with me for at least 10 years? 15 years?

~~~my little little cousin moving on to primary 1 has officially moved out from my house back to her house. hmmz. she drew a dark cloud todae. unlike the past where she would usually draw a fine day...hahaz. okie la, she is quite nice and it is fun to have her in the house...much livelier. lolz. but life has too many hi's and bye's that sometimes i am too lazy to think abt. most imptly, it is sth circular isn't it? can always go n see her dez. haha!

~~~todae cooped at home to do x'mas stuffs. finally i can see some work done. december is a thanksgiving month. to me, at least it is so.

~~~2008 is coming. how fast time flies. i like fish leong's new album. veri nice. veri simple. and rather touching. songs are good. it is not easy to K but then after a few times, you will be able to remember the tunes and hum in together. lolz. what does 2008 beholds? it means much to me...awaiting for a brand new chapter 6 to begin in meantime, leaving chapter 5 behind, a yeat when all of us step into 20...~~~oops! lolz

~i am still quite childish. hahaz. that is why i am not moving 2gether with time. "feng zheng you feng, hai tun you hai, wo cun zai zai wo de cun zai" ~

okie. i think that is all.
nothing much to update also.
just glad that i am still blogging.

~~~Christmas is coming!~~~

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
8:21 AM

Sunday, December 16, 2007

here are some quick updates.

todae practically went to shop for christmas stuffs but sadly onlt 1/5 done. hmmz. i hope i can rush them all out before christmas comes. it will be an occupied week. lolz. watched star awards too. er. okie lo.

then yesterdae was CLASS GATHERING!!! yea. veri long never meet but got 18 ppl came worz! realli a lot loz! we had steamboat which i don wan to comment too much. though it is located at bugis, but it didnt turn out to be the one i tot it was going to be. den was to TCC. i liked that place too. lolz. 133 was veri veri crowded. i was practically squeezing with 1001 people. hmmz. i think that is about it.

yea. next week got public holz.! hahaz.
yea. next week starting to clear leave le!


smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
7:19 AM

Monday, December 10, 2007




Very tired today because was on duty the night before. so this will be short entry. my grandmother and auntie came! hahaz. so : ) ... a bit paiseh also la. nvm, this sat shld be going oredi. as for imh, next time la. hahaz. family...a bit too impt for me. : )

Christmas is around the corner and i haven done anything yet. hmmz. need to go round and shop soon orediz. hopefully this year i will good D.I.Y though it sounds tough. wellz. okie. that is all la. nothing much to update also.

everything is pleasant so far.
even though there are upsetting things that come along the way,
let's just put them behind us.
in that case,
days will pass faster.

on our way--> 11th month.

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
6:38 AM

Friday, December 07, 2007

todae is fridae. 7.12.07 also my sister's birthdae! hahaz. but never get her anything. also no wishes la. but i think she understand de. hahaz. next time la. when i am rich. lolz

todae went out with my clique *rebel* to attend jocelyn baptism. can see that they are very happy and i am glad for jocelyn that she is doing something that she wanted to. just that we missed her life story sharing. next time baz!~~~

afterwhich we went to prata shop @ boon keng. the food there is not too bad. especially the mutarbak laz. however, it was oredi near 10 by then la. ate all the way until 11 plus near to 12. was still fun to talk to them. hahaz. as funny as ever. though sometimes all of us are in the wrong frequencies. lolz.

i wasn't feeling veri gd actualli cox i got 2 extras for next month. but i didn't want to say i feel a bit sianz also. but this feeling sort of eased away when i saw rebel.

i am still feeling a tinge of weirdness in my body flowing. i don't know why. but i think everyone think i am leading a veri gd life. i hope they don't see it this way. even if yes, i just want to sae it is still the perspective you perceive. i just want to see the happy things, that is why i would never want to be angry.

i overheard a song over the radio todae and it reminded me of BMT...i always listened to that song when i sleep. i admitted i cried at least twice during the first few days cause really couldnt adapt. but then it was okie after that. so when i listen to this song now, it reminds me of the days there. i saw this in someone's mail in his ORD message...here it goes "i will never forget.....bla bla bla bla...." and ended off with "love and tears"...

i will not comment.

i am starting to get a bit worried abt my current life. especially...hmmz. i really think Singapore is a very realistic country. it is so meritocratic. i just hope i can ORD soon. again, it is the mental pressure that is creating the hurdle. how i wish sometimes i would so decisive. how i wish i would behave like an adult. how i wish i would take more intiative. how i wish i will be able to do things like what anyone wants. how i wish. but would that be me?

okie. enough sulking.
i noe i will still be a happy person at the end of the day.
christmas is waiting...
jingle bells...!

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
8:49 AM

Monday, December 03, 2007

oops. i am starting to blog lesser. and lesser updates. intending to change my blogskin soon. but a bit lazy and i cannot find one which is something i one...still with doraemon though...but maybe it should look more mature a bit...if someone could design me a blogskin, i would be so glad! lolz. hahaz.

this week and last week had 2 outings with my jc clique. one was cycling @ ECP, the other was just a simple dinner meet-up at suntec city. obviously they had a programme earlier on, but i was not interested at all. shopping~~~.not because i don't find the joy in shopping okie. i don't have $...so don't expect me to window shop and expect me to say "Wow" or things like "er...that is so nice ah!" after that i cannot buy...that is quite sad. lolz. but i am not really that practical la. To me, buying clothes and stuffs like those are probably a few months once. or even half a year once. $ constraints is one thing, the second thing is i know i would want to spend my $ in what i think is meaningful...

December is probably going to be quite an exciting month. Not only because 2008 is coming, it is because december itself is a thanksgiving month. i hope there will be loads of things coming up~~ i mean fun and happy things here though...lolz.

2007...it is ending...i wish i would be able to catch the glamorous fireworks just like how i did last year...it is quite sad actualli when some ppl always ask you..are you intending to go overseas this year? and for around 19 years i have been saying "no"...erZ..okie la. but i am quite contented with what i have now though. lolz.

~~~Santa Claus is coming to me...hahaz. (okie...veri lameZ).~~~

Smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
2:00 AM