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Sunday, February 27, 2005

well...it is finally abt 10:59pm of 27/2...

well, what is so IMPORTANT abt this time, this date...?


I can tel u rite Now i am VerI scared oF aniTink..everYthiNg jUX for a Certificate....A certificate?? U might be laughing @ ME now...buT it is BIG DEAL..at least to Me...almOst my HoPes are all put on tml, 28/2 in the SCHOOL hall...

what will i Doing?

where will I go??

What feeLings will i have???

BuT right noW, anXiety n feaR haS overComed Me...in aniWae...

Let's all HOPE for the BEST...

gd LucKX
smile always

Sweet-ed <3
11:02 PM

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I didn't realli noe why i wanted to type this blog...mabi to vEnt all my emOtions on the Scary anTiciPation of O's....well, i am PRETTi scareD actualli...or i would say so STRESSED UP tat i realli wanT to go iNto a sTage of "DecLinatiOn" (butler's curve)...hOping to rejuvenate My emOtionS sooN... :)

WeLL, liFe at wk 9 has so far beeN more orGanized (More updates on my nExt PosT)

AniWaE, i toOk an afterNooN nap toDae and hAd a stopiT dreaM or waT i would say a NIGHTMARE OF my O levels, failing 1 subject and onli to see 5 subjects on my cert....den only 1 A's the rest B's....and aggregate is like daMnx hiGh....

If I reaLLi do GEt thAt, i Realli doN nOe waT i wouLd dO to MySelF... :(

In ani case
Gd luck to everyone
on duh 28/2
eNjoy wk 9's weekend!
Smile Always

Sweet-ed <3
10:42 PM

Saturday, February 19, 2005

weeK 8 juX passed us...and NOW...as we go abt talking and talking...we hav finally and realli reached the crucial wk of weeK 9!...a lotza of thiNgs goNNa take place thiS wk..buT b4 i am goiNg to con'td let me talk abt How i sPENt weeK 8..

WeeK 8 waS rAther eXciting actuaLli though it was stIll goinG to scHooL...but Dere wAs an experiential LearNing on 17/2! to EscaPe!! hahaX... :) iT was verI excitinG and HappEning as we tooK on all the WiLd riDes (mabi not as wild compared to a lot of other t.Parks)...buT thoUght it waS quiTe niCe too! hahaX...homEwOrk caMe up and ON 18/2, the pRinciPal came to talk tO us abt LEP...i was thinking all principals wouLd bE talkiNg abt stayIng....tellIng us thaT well..hahax

BuT can I stAy? mabi mY results will not alLow...tat doesn"t mean i waNt tO stAe...WhaT a cOntradIction agAin...

WeLL..rumours are reSults will be OUT on 24 or 25 or even 28...but whether how the rumours will cont'd To sprEad, we Know foR sure, it is coMing...really coMing...

I aM veri Scared anD nervOus actualli..buT i aM tryinG to hide theM all bY talkiNg abt it in a fUnie way whIch makEs My FriendS more Worried anD tel me to Stop it anD i Keep SayinG i Will be VERi upSet if i dOn't meet my expt...weLL, i tinK i miGht eveN go to the ExtReme...i DunnO la...but i am Jux verI veri SCARED now..REALLI, trueLY...SINCERELY... hahaX

may everyone of us do well...
and get into what we wAnt...(though it isn't possible)

Smile alwayS

Sweet-ed <3
6:10 PM

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Well, tat was wk 7....an eventfuL oNe...: )

chinese new yr jus passeD us with excitement...well, the 2 days i went to my gm'S house, quite happie also coX i tot it was a veri family "moment" hAHax...Dad was back officially and well, did we talk well? i tot a day was not over 2 setence...but i realli didn't feel like talking to him..did he pretended? or it was real? well...guess onli he noes the aNswer...sadLy...

Had a veri wonderful saturday and sunday and it is soon 12 more days to the announcement of O levels...who won't be excited?{?hi hi.. ll here}tat was 1 of my 9 veri gd friends who typed In...
bUt well, as i was saying much exccitement can always results in total fear of getting the results...what if i get 20? i mean no one noes lolx...

coming up are few tests...well, quite sad, got test le...JC ones...not easi lo...still have not decided my route...JC or poly or NIE? can someone tel me? ....tat's y i am still studying...haX...sO...mabi fate will decide eth..Jux like wat I say...

So, to everyone out dere
happy wk 8
and let's look forward for a beta future (so political) :)
smiLe always

Sweet-ed <3
8:45 PM

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

well, that was on 8/2...juX the eve of chinese new yR..cOx our class met at 730am....and me and a partiCular preTTI gal was late UnfortuNateLy coX the Bus was going reaL sLow...well, if u believe me oR noT..:(..i Tot nth wouLd happEn but tat frienD of minE reminDed me, sayIng tat he will suRely be anGri wiTh uS...i didN't take thaT inTo minD coX i dIDn't bElieve hE wouLd be aNGri in the FiRst pLacE..

thEn we sAw 'eM in the Hall, anD the first tiNk he toD me "wa, ur veri early hoh?" i toT hE was juX jkjk..deN i realiSe thiNgs tuRneD souR whEn he Started not tO talK to me and onli Calling other ppL's naMe...mine was totally ignorEd in the MorniNG and aFternOON...i tRied to talk tO him duRing thE perFormaNCe but to no avaiL...nO doubT, i gOt verI upSet and a BiT iRRitated too...hahaX..buT weLL, i diDn't wan it to SpoiL my MoOD...bUt i juX can't be HelpEd lo...

OkIE...nVm, dEN I hearD froM my FriEnDs he waS angri bCoX i was late frequEntly...well, i cAn agRee on tat to a CerTain pT...anD i can"t alwAys be eArli...iF i gO ouT eArLy, mY pareNTs will wanT me to gO HoME eaRliEr...juX like the SteaMboAt...i came at 6 ++ or EvEn 7 not bcoX i was dilly-dallying coX i haD to lasT Min ask My muM tat i wAn to sTae oveRniTe and hAd a littLe scoLding from HEr coX shE had tO iroN my cloThes...thiS souNDs stOpit ritEx...weLL, it is up to u to bEliEf...anD ouTings i am late reAlli not bCoX i hav nth BetteR to do tO Make ppl aNGri...

anIwae i hav sms hiM 4 timEs but agaiN, to no avali (vocab limited). And thEm it striKed me thAt he SaiD i nVr reply his sms whEn he sMs me buT MosT of 'eM are coMMAnd sMses Or juX soMe reMinDers..sO obviOusly i tOt there was No nEEd...mabI i cOuld be biAs to onE or 2...buT foR tAT, obViouSly my reasOns are vAlid! juX likE why hE couLd still be aNGri wif us nOW...

If he iS now readIng thIs paRticuLar BloG, hoPe tat hiS angeR have CeasEd...anD re-ConSider tat suCh a friEndSHip is noT easiLy bUiLT... :( :(
i Can tRy to Be puNctuAL...buT iS tat realli the onli ReasoN?

WaT a unluCky "chu Xi"

to one and all

Smile alwaYs

Sweet-ed <3
12:08 PM

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Well, a Sunday...a VerI NorMal suNDae with tOns of aNticpAtion and UneXpected eVenTs..be it gooD or bAd..

Jux upDated my blog and Hope it gives U a clearer View and more favourable Compared to the prevIous template coX i myself like it verI mucH...though i am a fan of dOraemOn, but i can't seem to fInd sucH a Template, the beSt i could geT was anoTher of my favoUrite-forever frieNds...ya...in suCh a tiMe of 1st 3monThs...onli den u were realise who are ya forEver frieNds..and as foR minE...i KnoW 'em....and hoPefully dey nOe taT too.. : )

7th week will pass veri quickly...as i guess..coX it is Chinese New yEar...what a WonderfUl holidaY! But, the atMosphEre seems to be duLling every yeAr...iT seems liKe tellinG me...okiE, tat is anOther new yeaR..mabi TIME juSt flies at suCh a speeDy rate that i Can'T eveN noTicE the ChanGes..oR maBi the 1st 3 mths had beeN too peAceful foR me...bUt isN't peaceFUL gd? waT a contradictTion agaIn...

CominG up sOOn as thE whole worlD knows..is vAlentine'S daY..and then it Goes on to Tat mAjor evEnt of SingaPore-release of O's well everyoNe knOws that and everyOne is tensed up...I am reaLLi waitIng in anticiPaTion..not bCox' i tink i will Do well, but i dOn't noe wHy i feeL like Tat...as for now, suDDenly i doN't wanT to get it BaCk...coX i duN tink I will Do well, SeriOUSLY...and well, everYone is scAred of taT, aren't dey? I haV beeN tryIng to teL myseLF to gEt the woRst menTal prepAration..bUt u See.."live" thiNgs can cReate grEat diffErence and eMotioNs...hahaX...sO, well everYone let'S hoPe for the BEST...

oredi thinking of what to Put up Next wkeNd foR my BloG....

Smile alwAys
(yX) : )

Sweet-ed <3
4:45 PM