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Thursday, December 08, 2011

haven't really blogged for sometime. also because sometimes blogging has lost its meaning. how "private" can it be? or do we really blog the truth? i would always try to hang on to the latter. though. it is not really tough to be honest. actually.

and since it is the holidays, i am really glad that i have 6 weeks to take a break. slack around. do nothing. (okie. obviously i can't be doing "nothing".) lolz. am suppose to complete 2 assignments by the end of the holidays but i have not started a single bit. i am practically lazy. well...i will start soon.

i am doing quite well. listening to nice songs when i am free. lying in the bed as if everyday has 240 hrs. of course, there are many things in life waiting for me to initiate or to start off; but i am too lazy to do them.

for the past semester, i have been pretty stress for no particular reason; feeling kind of down for no particular reason; and i would like to thank my friends for always being around. despite the fact that we are getting older, shouldering more responsibilities and having more important commitments in life. so i am always thankful for the support that they give. be it just a simple outing or a chat via wadsapp or a buffet lunch. everything is too precious; such that i should never ever take them for granted. be it which grp of friends, they make me forget about things which are in my mind subconsciously and let me stay the way i am.

as for the other aspects of life,
i am too timid to bring them on as of yet.
living my dreams would probably be the best thing i can try to do currently.
though i believe this route is never going to be easy
will still move on and try...

for one day,
i hoPe, i can do what i waNt and

a very nice song~~

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
6:19 AM