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Thursday, September 17, 2009

haven blogged for quite a long time.
yes! the recess week is here!
uni.life is actually much more hectic and stressful (much more tougher than i thought of).
probably because of the gear you need to switch, from gear 1 to gear 5.
it is like...wa. tired to the extent of having fatigue.
you can just fall alseep in lectures, when you hug ur pillow, when you lie on the bed...etc
especially when people like us who just had an 8 month break after ORD.
returning to school and study is not an easy job. But, i feel that is quit self-satisfying sometimes when i accomplish work. (even though i would never know how the results would be.) hahaha.

of course i am still contented with life. as usual. hahaha.
*and do you hear the bell ring?*
~it is recess week! a week to catch-up, not a week to REST. as what my tutor mentioned. lolz

smile always
take care

Sweet-ed <3
5:08 AM