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Sunday, August 26, 2007

day 7.

***** ****

this weekend i thought i would practically just rot at home and zzz....luckily and fortunately i did not. cause most of good friends are quite busy with their own work. but saturday was still meaningful afterall. i went to my grandma house finally. i haven been there seriously for quite sometime. reached there at about 4pm. then just use the computer and watch tv. didn't talk much cause used to it le la. i think it is my presence that makes them feel happy. i hope so...hahaz. anyway, i didn't stayed for long left at around 730pm. cause of some reasons. hahaz. but they seem to be shocked cause they were like saying going off le ah? then i felt quite bad. hmmz. i can very emotional with anything regards to my grandparents. i saw my grandpa coughing a lot of times when i was sitting beside him. i hope he will be fine. seriously. erz. okie then he actualli asked me whether i had enough money for myself. then he say he cannot give me cause he also don't have. that few sentences just put me to a very emotional state. just felt like..haiz. how i wish i can grow up faster and work and let him know that i will be a good person that would success, so that he don't have to worry about me anymore. hmmz.

sunday thought wouldn't go out but in duh end wake up very very early at 930am to prepare to K BOX! hahaz. with elf, mw and melissa. it was quite good cause they are the ppl i realli enjoy being with. cox don't have to hide anything. heez. i mean rebel mahz. hahaz. er. i tink i did okie la hahaz. but some songs were terribly out of tune. ermz. ya lo. hahaz. den ate at this bun shop. seriously i would only give it 3 stars at most. it is not veri veri nice. average. somewhere located in the marina square. maybe i am biased ba cause i was seriously too full after k lunch. hahaz. den we walked around until 3 plus? then had to go home le cause was very tired le.

wonder what events will come out next week...one of our rebel members coming back soon! hahaz. so that means we can soon gather after prelims end for those studying? heez. : )







还是只是希望只有今天, 没有时间的今天...


smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
5:35 AM

Thursday, August 23, 2007

20th of August.
a simple date in everyone's eye yet a very commemorative date for me.
oh no.
definitely not what 1st day in relationship that kind of thing...
or what 1st day of whatsoever.hahaz.

aniwae 20th of Aug. where things start to get downloaded in peace.
where i become i.

looking forward.

smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
7:19 AM

Sunday, August 12, 2007

another chinese entry again cause my friend say if i dont use chinese, it will rust...hahaz.








smile always
take care
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
10:06 PM

Saturday, August 11, 2007

actualli not in the mood to blog. but i still feel i need to write something. hahaz. cox my sore eye is quite bad. erz...veri red. and like want to cry like that. but no doctor yet cause veri expensive...hahaz. erz. i am just such a person.

sometimes letting go of some thoughts is quite relaxing. i have given up on some thoughts. just don want to bother. i just want to keep upgrading myself. well. to keep myself busy. i have let go of quite a few things...

and i know a brand new night is waiting for me!
and the bed is also waiting for me to go and have a rest before i go to Airport....hahaz.

take care
smile always
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
4:08 AM

Sunday, August 05, 2007

another week is going to end in probably 5 more hours time. and another 4 days before national day.. hahaz.

before i start to blog some craps, here is what i did on saturday. it was quite eventful. cox i met my lovely clique at 6pm. erz...i mean rebel again. hahaz...we went to eat @ mos burger and went to giraffe. i seriously think i have no skills in ordering any kind of drinks. er...just taste simply quite bad. or probably i can't take the taste. hahaz. so next time i tink it will be better if they can order for me. : ) this time didn't stay until so late la....but then it was still veri heart-warming that we chat w/o any barriers. as in still so close la. hahaz! hopefully next week i will have a veri eventful week. at least i can confirm i have longer holiday. time to gather with interact ppl, jc clique, go grandma house etc....and ktv! hahaz. how i miss kbox manz. : )

i was just walking on my way down to get some things at pasar malam. and it is quite a long stretch loz. anyway, that is not the most important thing. cause you know when you are alone, you tend to think of some things. i was eating the tu-tu kueh and i realise that it is really veri nice! i enjoyed the 1st bite cause it was veri nice and the ÿe zi inside was quite full.... (Broken english again)....haven had such a feeling for a long time. it just tasted nice la. old days are still better...but the future would probably be more worth waiting for.

next week...what do i want to do? so many things...
i would want to go to HK cafe at Katong cox realli veri nice hahaz.
but then i am having symptoms of fever again. please let it go away
and return after next week, please?

that's all for today

take care
smile always
(yX) 2007

Sweet-ed <3
3:37 AM